BeastMode Branding Brilliance

February 9, 2016 Leave a comment

BeastModeSeattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch “announced” his retirement on Sunday during the second half of the Super Bowl. And he did it in consistent fashion….without words. The entire staging of this whole event just goes to show how smart Lynch is when it comes to business.

It’s all about the brand, boss.

Here’s the deal – Lynch knows that today’s athlete is more than just someone who competes in a team or individual sport. Each athlete – especially the high visibility ones – are a brand. Brands have longer life spans than athletes; they can be forever. Brands are critical to obtaining endorsements, creating intellectual property, manufacturing and selling proprietary products, writing books, giving speeches, and a multitude of other things. The real “action” here is about advancing the brand. Here’s why BeastMode is so brilliant:

  1. He stayed consistent with his persona. Instead of holding a press conference with throngs of reporters, he tweeted out his signature green cleats hanging up – i.e. “I’m hanging ’em up.”
  2. He used only visuals. Heck, even is “peace out” was an emoticon.
  3. He “announced” during the biggest sporting event in the world – and it happened to be his world. Right in the midst of the Super Bowl, where everyone in the sports world in on Twitter, he subtly announces his intentions and it catches fire.
  4. Just days earlier, he had the grand opening of his new BeastMode brand store in the Bay Area (the same location as the Super Bowl).
  5. In the following days, both the team and his agent confirmed his intentions. No words from him…just the people in the know, assuming that the speculation was completely valid.
  6. Suddenly, there is a just a ton of buzz – gratitude overflowing on social media, highlight videos being created and promoted by the team to honor his accomplishments, and national stories circulating about his greatness.

Finally – and maybe most importantly – the timing is perfect. Let’s face it, Lynch will be 30 next year (ancient for running backs that have endured the pounding he has over the past 9 years). He just had his first major surgery and all signs indicate the team was moving on with a younger running back. Based on his personality, it’s unlikely he would find a good fit with any other team that has any Super Bowl aspirations. He’s saved his money brilliantly – reports are he hasn’t spent any of his nearly $50M earned from salary, living off his endorsement money.

Waiting one more year would not have advanced his brand; in fact the opposite was more likely. If he had an injury-riddled year, played poorly, was viewed as a malcontent, or even was just mediocre, his BeastMode brand suffers. If he walks away now, he’s still BeastMode. he’s a legend in Seattle and his hometown of Oakland and a sports figure that’s last memories are basically from the 2 Super Bowl runs where he played a dominant part.

Here’s your BeastMode lesson for the day – Build your brand. Be consistent. Make waves. Have others talk about you and your products or services. Create a buzz. Be visual. Be innovative. Be bold. Have good timing. Be BeastMode in your world. Be Unleashed.

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Extra Points: WIIFM

February 8, 2016 Leave a comment
Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Dogs are often very focused on their own self-interests. That’s especially true of Captain Jack. A few years ago, he managed to escape and ran into the greenbelt behind the house. Knowing that I am ill-equipped to chase him through blackberry bushes, trees, and stumps, he figured this was the perfect location to be “unleashed.”

I walked across the street and asked our neighbor Karen if we could borrow her dog Charlie to help us retrieve our AWOL pooch. She was happy to help, but I could see from her look she was unsure how Charlie would be of assistance. My wife Barb escorted Karen and Charlie to the back yard along with a couple of dog biscuits (Jack knows that Barb is the nice one in the family). Barb then asked in a loud voice, “Hi Charlie, would you like a cookie?” Suddenly, just like a whack-a-mole, Captain Jack’s head popped out of the bushes. Barb asked, “Jack would you like one, too?” He bounded out of the bushes straight to the waiting arms of Barb.

You see, Captain Jack is all about the “what’s in it for me” concept. Had I chased him or barked at him in anger, he would have run. But the minute he thought Charlie was getting something he wasn’t, his emotion got the best of him. We “influenced” him home.

If you’re in a position where you must influence – CEO, sales professional, executive leader, parent of teenagers – then you need to keep the WIIFM concept in mind. It’s not about manipulation; rather it’s influencing for the betterment of someone else. What is the outcome you want? How will they be better off? What will motivate them to take action?

Bottom line – Logic makes people think and emotion makes them act. Uncover what motivates, why it’s in their best interest, and how they will be happier. In our case, it was simple (food and jealousy). The more biscuits you uncover, the more dogs you’ll be able to beat out of the bushes.

Quote of the Week:

“You can never plan the future by the past.”

~ Edmund Burke

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Projects vs. To Dos

February 6, 2016 Leave a comment

One of the biggest takeaways from my workshop on Thursday with executives and entrepreneurs was this…

There is a big difference between projects and “to dos.” Many people lump them all into one category, become overwhelmed with the work, and get frustrated when “to dos” don’t get done.

Calling your insurance agent to add a new company vehicle is a to do. Creating copy for a website revision is a project. The latter demands allocating time, putting it on your calendar as a client meeting (with yourself), and perhaps leaving your office so you won’t be distracted.

Don’t confuse the two. They have very different priorities and implementations. In fact, many of the former can be delegated. The later require rime and intentional action.

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How’s Your Team Doing?

February 4, 2016 Leave a comment

20140508-111455.jpgThe National Football League is a results driven business. Teams are judged weekly on wins and losses. How much a team wins or loses by really doesn’t matter. Did you win or lose? The tally sheet is your win-loss total at the end of the season; the end game is were you good enough to at least make the playoffs. Players, coaches, and General Managers are critiqued on how this plays out over years.  Results then determine people’s bank accounts and future employment.

Are you a results driven business?

Are you a results driven individual?

How would one be able to tell?

Your wins and losses are tallied in a box score somewhere and in a form based in your business. Individually, someone is keeping tabs on your record, whether you’re an employee, a “hired gun,” or even the big boss.

How can you or anyone tell if you’re winning?

Bottom line is you must determine if you’re winning, how you can tell, and how to be even better over a long period of time.

If you’re good at constantly being committed to a results-driven mindset, your results will be remarkable.

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Flossing Your Business

February 3, 2016 Leave a comment

58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30I remember having a discussion a few years ago with my dentist. I asked him, “Do I really need to floss my teeth every day?” He answered, “Only if you want to keep your teeth for the rest of your life.”

I hate flossing. I don’t know why, but I do. It only takes a few seconds, isn’t labor intensive, and doesn’t require much skill. I had gotten in the habit of taking days off in the process in the name of “saving time.” The reality was I was being lazy. Based on the conversation with my dentist, I wasn’t the only one that fell victim to sloth when it came to daily flossing. While flossing ones teeth isn’t difficult, it does require motivation and discipline.

My motivation quickly became keeping my teeth. Both parents had full dentures, and that end result wasn’t appealing to me. The discipline was (and is) the harder part. Every time I consider taking a “day off,” I force myself to think of the consequences. It’s easy to say, “It’s only one day.” But that’s how bad habits start.

I always talk to my clients about metrics. I needed some qualitative results to measure improvement. My last cleaning several months ago provided that. The dental hygienist exclaimed, “This is the best visit you’ve had. Your teeth and gums look great!” To add to it, my experience was less uncomfortable and basically painless. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

I’ve often heard my professional mentor Alan Weiss say that logic makes people think and emotion makes people act. I expressed this yesterday at a client workshop I was giving for their leadership team. If you want to be influential with your direct reports and staff, then you’d better fully understand the concepts of motivation and discipline.

That being said, it starts with you. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What are you not doing now that you need to start doing (e.g. delegating, training, your own professional development)?

What are you doing now that you need to stop doing (e.g. worrying, over thinking, procrastinating)?

What can you do today that is repeatable that will help you grow daily both professionally and personally (e.g. reading, marketing, publishing, reducing distractions, etc.)

What’s your motivation? Is it increasing revenue/income to improve your lifestyle and reduce your stress? Is it uncovering discretionary time so you can focus on the things you like and are good at doing? Is it simply having more fun?

Now you have to implement. That’s the discipline part and this is harder. Heck, I had to talk myself into flossing my teeth this morning (which made me think of writing this article)! You need to find some internal trigger that forces you to take action. It’s usually that motivation that drives you. You can use external forces like business coaches and mentors or accountability partners. I’ve had coaching clients admit they hate the idea of not being able to be accountable to me when we meet, so they force themselves to get the work done. Whatever it takes…you need to find it for yourself.

Final piece of the puzzle – once you’ve figured it out, you need to be able to transfer that to people you influence. The best way to do this is not the old school authoritarian approach (i.e. “I need you to do this…”). You must find what motivates them and encourage them with that result (i.e. “You will be better off because…”).

Flossing isn’t hard, but it’s imperative to retaining your oral health. Your professional disciplines are also not hard, yet imperative to your professional growth and development, and that of the people in your company.

So go out there and floss daily…and be unleashed.

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Extra Points: Say Yes to the Dress

February 1, 2016 2 comments

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This Week’s Focus Point: Say Yes to the Dress

I was invited to go wedding dress shopping with my daughter Mindy last week. I was part of her entourage along with my wife Barb, and our other daughter Kelli. I’m not sure what role or character I represented in that entourage, but suffice it to say I was the one responsible for bringing the credit card.

I’d seen portions of the reality television shows about wedding dress shopping. I decided to eschew all that “Intel” and approach it was a tabula rasa mentality. I figured that ignorance was the safest way.

The entire experience was a blast. Mindy found the dress she adored, and not one fight broke out. A television audience would have been disappointed. One thing that I found fascinating was that I was the only man in the store. In fact, according the the dress stylist, fathers never came to these. I was something of an outlier.

My guess is that many men have either been discouraged from attending by the female side of the entourage, or they feared being bored, frustrated, or getting in hot water. While the latter did cross my mind, I figured I’d take the risk, especially since I was encouraged to participate. I’m glad I did.

We are faced daily with opportunities where a decision must be made in moving forward or not. If you allow outdated norms, naysayers, past experiences, or fear guide you, there’s a great chance you’ll miss out on something special. As importantly, you will often get the chance to encourage someone else to be bold and take a risk that you think is worth taking. That source of inspiration may be just what they need to boldly move ahead.

Quote of the Week:

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”

~ Winston Churchill

Other Cool Things
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Do You Have Spirit?

January 29, 2016 Leave a comment

JackI was at a client meeting and was asked a very good question – “How can you tell if someone has an entrepreneurial spirit?” This inquiry came out of a conversation around perpetuation planning.

The question is really about knowing how someone is wired. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. While some employees show the “spirit” part, many are averse to the risk side.

Here are the 5 qualities that I described about my take on how it is evident that someone does have a bent towards being an entrepreneur:

  1. They have high self-confidence. This is imperative. Just like major league baseball player, an entrepreneur will often get “up to bat” and either strike out or ground out weakly t second base. In order to be successful, one must have such confidence in their own abilities, perspicacity, and value that they can’t wait foe the next “at bat.”
  2. They are risk takers. This doesn’t mean they are reckless, but rather open to every opportunity and willing to bet on themselves.
  3. They make quick decisions. Just as with the last example, this characteristic does not imply impetuousness. They can do a very rapid “pros/cons” list and make a decision either way and feel good about committing to it.
  4. Fearless. Well, at least they are willing to fail. Perfectionists struggle with this. We all will fail; nothing is perfect. In fact, the faster you fail, the faster you will grow and be better.
  5. Natural Influence. Being influential is a skill, however there are people that through a combination of words, actions, example, and presence manifest a high level of influence. This is a key ingredient in leadership.

If you own your own business or consider yourself an entrepreneur, my guess is you resemble many, if not all of these characteristics. The challenge is being able to embrace all of them – especially self-confidence – so that the results remain high. It can be easy to get down when bad things happen. The BONUS quality for entrepreneurship is resilience.

Bottom line – if you want to be your own boss, decide that you will be the best boss you ever had. Focus on these qualities and you’ll be well on your way to achieving it.


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