Extra Points – April Showers

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Dan Weedin Unleashed-40You’re familiar with that old axiom of April showers bringing may flowers. I can say that at least here in my area, we’ve not yet seen too many showers yet, but I know they are coming!

Rain brings life. I often have to catch myself mid-grumble about the rain and try to remember that it’s essential for new growth. All the beautiful flowers and vegetation that I enjoy in the summer is because of that necessary precipitation earlier.

If you want to be enjoying your own summer cornucopia, then I suggest you start making it “rain” now. For most business, the fruits of your labor often will take time to develop and sprout. What you’re earning today was planted weeks or months ago. So if you’re not satisfied with your current state of affairs, then you need to see how to become a “rainmaker.”

Of note, I’m not just referring to revenue. I am more focusing on your activities and behaviors to improve yourself personally and professionally. This means your health, your fitness, your discretionary time, and your volunteer activities, to name a few. If you’ve lagged on asking for referrals, creating new products and services, or taking time to strategize and implement initiatives and projects, then this will be the time to begin raining so you can bloom by summer.

Bottom line – nothing grows without “rain.” That includes you. If you don’t want to be in the same position in 3 months as you are today, then do something about it starting now. Those that don’t do anything become stagnant just complain about it and decline. Those that do commit to active rainmaking get to enjoy their just rewards and bask in their gardens.

Which one will you be?

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This week’s quote –

“It’s better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep all your life.” 

~ Elizabeth Kenny

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Unleashed Review

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Here is the latest review of Unleashed on Amazon. Do you have your copy yet?

“This is a book that disguises powerful life lessons in the guise of entertaining stories. Be careful or you may learn something about yourself while reading them. Unleashed is not the “typical” business or self improvement book, but is instead a very entertaining read that for me at least, tends to drive home its message much more effectively than many of the other business texts I have read. It truly is one of those books in which you read a short chapter in the morning, and then spend the rest of the day thinking about it.”

You can read more reviews here.

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Cover Art

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Weedin Unleashed Recording – Who’s the Boss

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From April 6, 2015

16 min. 30 seconds

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Who’s the Boss?

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This week’s focus point…Who’s the Boss?Dan Weedin Unleashed-40

I recently had a conversation with someone regarding an opportunity to improve their skills and boost their growth and revenue with a very small investment. They work in sales for a company that allots them a budget for professional development. This individual declined to move forward because they didn’t have enough room in the budget and couldn’t be reimbursed by the company.

Here’s your revelation for the week…

You OWN your your personal growth and development both in business and as a human being. You take personal risks with your investments every day with your 401K or other retirement plans. Why not make the same investments with your own time and finances on something even more valuable – you?

This is a consistent theme I see from those that are employed by others. Entrepreneurs are used to paying for themselves because they have no other place to go for funds. Employees often get the misguided notion that somebody else should foot the bill for their improvement. I was guilty as charged when I was an employee, so I feel confident in that statement. In the end, take responsibility for your own personal and professional development. Invest in tools, resources, workshops, programs, and coaches that will rapidly advance your condition and not only return your financial investment quickly, but also return a just as important metric, ROT (Return on Time) as rapidly.

You are the boss. Act like it…

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This week’s quote –

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

~ George Bernard Shaw

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Gator in the Grass

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This video was sent to me by my colleague and friend Noah Fleming. Noah was vacationing on beautiful Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina a few weeks ago. He knows I’m an avid golfer and sent me this video via text. Take a look, it’s only one minute long…

I viewed it for the first time on my mobile phone. What do you think my focus was on? You would be correct if you said the tee shot. I was looking at the lush green fairway, the clear blue sky, and the danger on either side of the fairway. As a golfer that hits the ball right to left, I was wondering, “How the heck would I play this hole?”

My myopic view completely missed the alligator strolling right in front of me. It wasn’t until later that I watched it on a larger screen that my focus changed to the reason Noah sent it me to begin with.

Do you have a myopic view of your business, your company, and your career? Are you not seeing the gator in the grass?

In my consulting practice, I hear constantly from people that are so focused on increasing sales that they miss the peril that might actually put them out of business that is right smack dab in front of them. An example is the cyber liability peril that goes along with their mounting technology exposure.

In my coaching and mentoring practice, I talk to consultants and other professionals about increasing their peripheral vision. Many become so laser focused on their methodology and what they do, rather than how they are actually improving the condition of their client. The peril in this is that you miss the mark on engaging new prospects so they never engage with you!

Here’s the deal…

It’s easy for all of us to miss the gator in the grass. It’s human nature to become so overly focused on what we like to do and what we are good at doing, that we forget the perils lurking waiting for the unsuspecting. You have exposures to all sorts of crises just becasue you are in business – economic, physical, and reputation – and that’s part of the risk and reward of your craft. However, you can avoid a lot of gators if you slow down enough to identify your perils, assess how you can best prevent and mitigate them, and then go out and do what you do best.

For me, if I could only hit a nice easy fade like Jack Nicklaus…

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Fooling Yourself

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Dan Weedin Unleashed-40April Fools Day is legendary for its practical jokes, witty and amusing (and often fabricated) articles and stories, and jocularity. It’s also my wife’s birthday (I can’t leave THAT out).

The really foolish thing however, is to continually fool yourself in your business and career. The reality is that many of us simply lie to ourselves about a lot of different things until we actually believe our foolishness to be true.

Here is my Top 10 Tomfoolery List of things you say to yourself or activities and behaviors you do or don’t do (in no particular order):

  1. You say, “I’m not good enough to (fill in the blanks)…”
  2. You don’t take charge of your own professional growth and development. Example – you won’t attend or join something because your company won’t foot the bill. Pay for it yourself. The investment is in you!
  3. You continually listen to unsolicited advice and make decisions based on them.
  4. You tell yourself, “I don’t have time to market my business.” Of course you have time…you just haven’t made it a priority.
  5. You convince yourself that you don’t have time to take care of your health and fitness. See above in the “invest in yourself” and “priority” bullet points.
  6. You avoid being bold because of fear of failure, rejection, or being “found out.”
  7. You tell yourself, “That problem will just go away if I don’t do anything…”
  8. You start your day groaning instead of grinning. This is an intentional act on your part.
  9. You fool yourself into thinking work isn’t supposed to be fun.
  10. You say to yourself, “I’m too busy to try anything new or make changes. I will wait until the right time…” There is no right time.

Stop fooling yourself and hand yourself out some tough love. Foolish thinking like what I described above doesn’t lad you to your hopes and dreams. It keeps you from unleashing your talent and skills. And, it affects every relationship – both personal and professional – that you have. Don’t allow the joke to be on you.

And that’s no fooling….

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Coach

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

58842033-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-21I’ve been asked recently what are the factors to consider when choosing an executive or business coach. In case you are wondering for yourself or someone in your company, consider my Top 10…

Here is My Top 10 Tips to Finding the Right Coach or Mentor for You:

  1. Read Testimonials and Call on References. People aren’t coerced into giving a good and honest testimonial. Watch video and read written testimonials and stay alert for key phrases that hint at results.
  2. Referrals. You use referrals to buy cars, homes, and hire insurance and financial brokers. You should utilize the knowledge within your community to find good coaches and mentors, too. You may be surprised as to how many of your colleagues, peers, and friends use coaching. They may be able to quickly point you in the right direction.
  3. Talk. Call the prospective coach. See how quickly they return your call. Have a conversation rather than an email exchange. This is not about prying free advice out of them. It’s about determining your ability to communicate effectively. Rapport is important, but results are more important. Discern what you can gain in both categories the old-fashioned way…. by talking!
  4. Ask Questions. Ask about fees, expectations, accessibility, and anything else that is important to you. Candor, trust, and transparency are crucial for a successful engagement.
  5. Fees. Lower is NOT better. You’re not buying bananas at the grocery store. You’re investing in your future. Coaches that charge what you might consider a high fee get big returns on investment. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t still be in business. If they charge by the hour, watch out! Don’t trade time for money in this case. You don’t want to ever be put in a position where you are worried about the meter running. Know your investment up front. The best coaches in the business charge high fees, but on a set and agreed to amount.
  6. Accessibility. You’ve hired a coach or mentor to have access to them. Make sure they are giving it to you. I return all calls and text messages within 90 minutes, and reply to all emails within 24 hours. These are my guidelines given to clients. Any coach you are working with will have some similar guidelines to accessibility. You may need answers fast. Make sure they are there for you.
  7. Been There, Done That. You want to choose someone who has done what you want to do. If you want to have someone coaching you on speaking, then they need to be a professional speaker that gets paid and speaks all over the world (or at least country). If you hire someone to help you publish a book, they need to have commercially published one themselves. If you’re starting a consulting practice, hire someone that has excelled in his or her consulting profession.
  8. Watch & Read. After referrals, speaking and publishing attract the most new clients to me. It would seem logical to believe that you can find good coaches and mentors by watching them speak and reading their work. Attend their speeches, seminars, and workshops. Go with an open mind ready to learn. Read their work in trade journals, publications, and online. I often receive calls from interested parties based on an article or column I wrote for a trade publication. You should feel confident in speaking to experts that make the effort to give value to you though their work.
  9. Search. Google was actually the way I found my first mentor. I performed a search for insurance consultants and viola, Scott Simmond’s name popped up. Scott is in Maine and I am in Washington State. Regardless, I called him, we talked, and I made the decision within about 10 minutes to hire him.
  10. Cyber Stalk. Once you’ve found them and talked to them, do a little research online. Check out their websites for resources and examples of work. Read the testimonials and list of clients. Does their web site look professional or built by the neighborhood kid in their basement? Look at social media platforms, not for ratings, bit for presence. Most specifically, find them in Linked in and Twitter and read what they post.

Don’t leave the very vital task of choosing a coach or mentor to chance. Do some research first and make an educated decision. The good coaches make it easy for you. And remember, just like wine and dress clothes, you most often get what you pay for.

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