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Weedin Unleashed Recording – Are You Paying Attention?

June 9, 2015 Leave a comment

16 minutes

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Horrible Bosses

58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30I was skimming through Facebook one recent Friday a few weeks ago and came across a very brief but telling comment by a person I know as an entrepreneur. It read, “Weekend? I’m self-employed. There’s no such thing.”

If you’re self-employed, an entrepreneur or a business owner and you believe this to be true, then I have four words for you…

You’re a horrible boss! You’re doing something wrong. And, you need to change it if you ever want to maximize your talents, skills and value to others.

You started a business or a practice because you wanted to control your own direction and outcomes in life. Why is it that you would treat yourself worse than anyone else that you might employ?

I don’t know what purpose the author of the statement on Facebook had for making it. Suffice it to say, that I’ve heard this proclamation many times and admit at times in the past have made it myself. What I’ve learned and implemented in my life has come from work with my own mentor to the betterment of my business and personal life. Allow me to share with you my thoughts on identifying and exterminating this dangerous myth.

How do you know you’re afflicted? Do any of these look familiar:

• You resign yourself to the fate of working late into the night or on weekends to stay “caught up.”

• Through your actions, you demonstrate that working “hard” is better than working “smart.”

• You hold up working long hours as some badge of honor. In fact, you love this badge so much that you post it on your social media that you’re working late hours and weekends!

• You don’t consider taking time off during the week just for yourself because of how it might look to others.

• You start losing the passion you once had for your craft because it now has become a “job,” rather than a vocation.

If any of these resemble or sound like you, you have Horrible Boss Syndrome. There are more telltale signs to this malady, but I don’t have enough room in this column to share them. Let’s use the rest of the space I have to offer you solutions. Here are my Top 7 Ways to purge Horrible Boss Syndrome:

1. Consider yourself a peer. That’s right; consider yourself a peer of yourself! Too often, Horrible Bosses think they are unskilled labor and perform tasks and activities below their talent level. This starts with a mindset of abundance, rather than one of scarcity.

2. Delegate. Once you’ve convinced yourself you’re a peer, now you have to unload those tasks and activities. That means delegate. Delegate work that is beneath your skill level, above your skill level (e.g. bookkeeping and web design), or that you just don’t like doing.

3. Uncover discretionary time. We all have time in our day to unburden our mind. Get away from your desk and take a walk, read a magazine, run to the café for a coffee, or hit the gym for a quick workout. If you don’t allow your mind to breathe, especially during the day, you will burn out. On days I’m in my office, I force myself to change my activity about every 90 minutes to do just this.

4. Just say NO. Politely decline requests from others to do things or join committees that you don’t have a passion for or simply don’t want to allocate your valuable time to. Stop feeling guilty or obligated. If it doesn’t make sense for you at this time in your life, just say no.

5. Say goodbye. If you’re currently involved in something that is mentioned above, be strong enough to leave. Being active in a role that requires your time and labor intensity and that has become a burden only makes your life more taxing. My guess is all of you have at least one of these. How much time can you free up?

6. Reward yourself. You undoubtedly reward your employees and your clients for work well done or for thanks. How about you? When was the last time you rewarded yourself for doing even small things?  Create a list of small rewards to pat yourself on the back when you do well. Horrible Bosses are demeaning in their language (check your own internal words) and Great Bosses offer rewards and kudos.

7. No Unsolicited Advice. Solicit advice from those people you trust and want advice from. Don’t allow others to give you their unsolicited opinions. It’s usually more for their benefit than yours. Unsolicited advice tends to lower your confidence, increase analysis paralysis, and increase your workload. Seek out those that have your best interest at heart and have the knowledge to help you improve, and discard all unwanted counseling.

Here’s a bonus thought for you to add to this list. Have fun. You put yourself in this position of being self-employed because you thought it would be fun. Whatever you’re doing should be a passion. It should provide you with joy and rewards. It should be FUN!

Take a few minutes after reading this to do an honest self-assessment. Are you exhibiting signs of Horrible Boss Syndrome? If you are, then resign from that wretched boss and find a new one that will encourage and reward you. The good news is that it’s the same person just with a different mindset, attitude, and charm.

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Gator in the Grass

April 2, 2015 Leave a comment

This video was sent to me by my colleague and friend Noah Fleming. Noah was vacationing on beautiful Kiawah Island Resort in South Carolina a few weeks ago. He knows I’m an avid golfer and sent me this video via text. Take a look, it’s only one minute long…

I viewed it for the first time on my mobile phone. What do you think my focus was on? You would be correct if you said the tee shot. I was looking at the lush green fairway, the clear blue sky, and the danger on either side of the fairway. As a golfer that hits the ball right to left, I was wondering, “How the heck would I play this hole?”

My myopic view completely missed the alligator strolling right in front of me. It wasn’t until later that I watched it on a larger screen that my focus changed to the reason Noah sent it me to begin with.

Do you have a myopic view of your business, your company, and your career? Are you not seeing the gator in the grass?

In my consulting practice, I hear constantly from people that are so focused on increasing sales that they miss the peril that might actually put them out of business that is right smack dab in front of them. An example is the cyber liability peril that goes along with their mounting technology exposure.

In my coaching and mentoring practice, I talk to consultants and other professionals about increasing their peripheral vision. Many become so laser focused on their methodology and what they do, rather than how they are actually improving the condition of their client. The peril in this is that you miss the mark on engaging new prospects so they never engage with you!

Here’s the deal…

It’s easy for all of us to miss the gator in the grass. It’s human nature to become so overly focused on what we like to do and what we are good at doing, that we forget the perils lurking waiting for the unsuspecting. You have exposures to all sorts of crises just becasue you are in business – economic, physical, and reputation – and that’s part of the risk and reward of your craft. However, you can avoid a lot of gators if you slow down enough to identify your perils, assess how you can best prevent and mitigate them, and then go out and do what you do best.

For me, if I could only hit a nice easy fade like Jack Nicklaus…

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Fooling Yourself

April 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40April Fools Day is legendary for its practical jokes, witty and amusing (and often fabricated) articles and stories, and jocularity. It’s also my wife’s birthday (I can’t leave THAT out).

The really foolish thing however, is to continually fool yourself in your business and career. The reality is that many of us simply lie to ourselves about a lot of different things until we actually believe our foolishness to be true.

Here is my Top 10 Tomfoolery List of things you say to yourself or activities and behaviors you do or don’t do (in no particular order):

  1. You say, “I’m not good enough to (fill in the blanks)…”
  2. You don’t take charge of your own professional growth and development. Example – you won’t attend or join something because your company won’t foot the bill. Pay for it yourself. The investment is in you!
  3. You continually listen to unsolicited advice and make decisions based on them.
  4. You tell yourself, “I don’t have time to market my business.” Of course you have time…you just haven’t made it a priority.
  5. You convince yourself that you don’t have time to take care of your health and fitness. See above in the “invest in yourself” and “priority” bullet points.
  6. You avoid being bold because of fear of failure, rejection, or being “found out.”
  7. You tell yourself, “That problem will just go away if I don’t do anything…”
  8. You start your day groaning instead of grinning. This is an intentional act on your part.
  9. You fool yourself into thinking work isn’t supposed to be fun.
  10. You say to yourself, “I’m too busy to try anything new or make changes. I will wait until the right time…” There is no right time.

Stop fooling yourself and hand yourself out some tough love. Foolish thinking like what I described above doesn’t lad you to your hopes and dreams. It keeps you from unleashing your talent and skills. And, it affects every relationship – both personal and professional – that you have. Don’t allow the joke to be on you.

And that’s no fooling….

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Madness Unleashed Journal #2 – Confidence

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Why is it that so many lower seeded teams in the NCAA March Madness bracket upset the favored team?58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30

These are all factors…

3. Lower seeded teams tend to be more “mature.” They have juniors and seniors, whereas many of the “better” teams are younger due to the “one and done” players. This ultimately means better decision-making.

2. In basketball, often you just need one really good player to carry you. Many teams can ride the shoulders of the “hot” player and overcome more talented teams.

And the most important in my mind…

1. Confidence. When teams that aren’t “supposed” to win get to hang around for the entire game, they get to a point where they believe they can and will win.

Confidence for leaders helps you win your own “championship games.” Confidence allows you to say both YES and NO when each are appropriate (and you will know the difference). Confidence allows you to ask tough questions, make bold moves, take risks, and meet people you might ordinarily be fearful of reaching out to.

Confidence wins in March Madness. It wins in leadership, too. It allows you to be “unleashed.”

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Within Decay…Rebirth

March 20, 2015 Leave a comment

58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30I’m thrilled and honored to be today’s guest columnist on Alan Weiss’s blog, Alan’s Blog. The blog is geared to consultants, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Today’s blog article is about how in your own business and career (just like in nature) that within decay, there is rebirth.

Please read and share your comments here on my blog…or on his!

Read Article on Alan’s Blog

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Branding Iron Hot

March 12, 2015 5 comments

TWoodsTiger Woods has not been the best golfer in the world for about half a decade now. For a period of about 8 to 9 years, Woods was the game of golf. He owned it. He was being hailed as the greatest ever, and for the period of time he ruled the sport, he probably was. When you consider the global talent that has come on the scene, it’s arguable that he did what nobody else ever did in golf, and perhaps all of sports.

However over the past 5 years, age, injury, and scandal have taken their toll on Tiger. Not only isn’t he a factor in the game right now, he literally can’t seem to make it through a tournament because of injury or poor play. Yet in spite of all of that, his brand is still strong. So strong, that he doesn’t even own his own name.

Woods is building a restaurant in Florida near his home of Jupiter. The restaurant will be called The Woods Jupiter: Sports and Dining Club because apparently Nike owns the rights to the words “Tiger Woods” as relates to business property. Don’t feel bad for Tiger; he did it to himself and probably pocketed a gazillion dollars from it. This isn’t the point of my article; so let’s get to it.

Athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have become so powerful within their own name, that they’ve become a brand themselves. Arnold Palmer (at 84 years old) made more from endorsements in 2013 – $40,000,000 – than the great soccer stars Renaldo and Messi. That’s brand!

I have two questions for you – what’s your personal brand worth and is built to be sustainable?

How do you build your own personal brand if you’re an individual? You create an intellectual property empire with words (books, articles, blogs, etc) and voice (speaking). You deliver such incredible value that your name will soon precede you. You build “armies” like Arnie did by being charismatic, engaging, and the ultimate object of interest. You continually evolve, invent, create, and grow.

How does your company or organization build a brand? The same way, except that it is manifested through your employees and by your leadership. You create a culture of “playing for each other;” you encourage ideas; you build leaders within your organization; you collaborate; and you never stop growing and developing yourself.

Here’s the deal. Regardless of whether you are a brand of 1 person or a million employees, “branding” has become the most important business strategy you must focus on. It projects your reputation and your value to others; and it is what will protect you from any economic crisis or the winds of change. Tiger Woods has kept his brand strong even has is golf game withers. Michael Jordan hasn’t suited up for an NBA basketball game in nearly two decades, yet sales of his shoes are monstrous. The majority of golf fans in the world never saw Arnold Palmer play; yet his brand is still legendary. What about you? What do you need to accomplish to be branding iron hot with yours?

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