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Extra Points ~ Discipline

September 8, 2014 Leave a comment

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Discipline

The difference between being wildly successful in any career and not, is one of two things…lack of talent or lack if discipline.

This I learned from my mentor, Alan Weiss. My experience tells me I haven’t met anyone that lacks the talent to succeed….but we all struggle with discipline at some point.

I had planned on accelerating my Spanish skills…not only for comprehension and skill, but also to be better conversationally. The work is simple – 15 minutes a day on my Rosetta Stone. To say that I’ve been inconsistent would be charitable. It’s a priority, yet my discipline in sticking to this through lack of remembering and scheduling is a clear lack of discipline. I re-start tomorrow.

What about you?

What skill do you want to improve? What behavior do you want to change for the better? Want to be healthier, yet haven’t met your goal? The bottom line is that first it must be a priority and second you need to be disciplined. That means schedule it and stick to it. Don’t break appointments with yourself. If you find yourself doing that, it’s not a priority. If you find yourself slacking in scheduling and forgetting, it’s lack of discipline.

No matter your business or industry, lack of discipline will keep you from squeezing every ounce of talent and skill out of you.

¿Estás listo para tener éxito?

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This week’s quote -

 It’s always one’s virtues and not one’s vices that precipitate one into disaster.”

~ Rebecca West

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Breathing Your Own Exhaust is Hazardous to Your Health

August 5, 2014 2 comments

We all know that if you park your car in your garage, shut the door and leave the car running, you have problems. If you stay in the car, the carbon monoxide will overtake the oxygen and very quickly suffocate you. Breathing your own exhaust is fatal.

The same is true in business.

If you continue doing what you’ve always done (sitting in your car); never take any input advice, coaching, mentoring, or any kind of professional development and solely listen to yourself (exhaust); and close out all avenues of risk (closed garage door); you will also suffocate your career. It’s called “breathing your own exhaust,” and the concept was fist taught to me by my professional mentor, Alan Weiss. I was reminded of it during my live broadcast yesterday (watch recording below ~ 24 minutes).

It’s easy to become a lone wolf. You can be sole practitioner consultant or an executive in a Fortune 500 company. It doesn’t matter. If you spend too much time listening only to yourself, you can’t grow and expand. You have to bring in some “fresh air.”

This week, I have started a campaign to call people (that’s right, call NOT email) in my community to ask what topics they want to see me address in my newsletters and videos. The response has been fantastic and I’ve picked up some new ideas that I’d never considered. It’s one of the ways I try to take in fresh air to keep my intellectual property relevant and fresh. What can you do in your business to do the same?

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Extra Points – The World’s Greatest Martini

March 31, 2014 2 comments

The World’s Greatest Martini Martini

Last week, I was in San Francisco for a meeting with Alan Weiss and two of my colleagues, Noah Fleming and Gary Patterson. We were having a cocktail in the bar at Ame, which is a fabulous restaurant in the St. Regis Hotel at Union Square. While sipping a wonderful concoction by the bartender that wasn’t on the menu, I decided to see what other libations were on the docket. Then I saw it in big, bold print – The World’s Greatest Martini. That grabbed my attention!

Turns out they use a unique and rare bottle of gin from Holland ($700/bottle) that’s been aged for 80 years and infused with saffron, among other things. The martini is a normal size, yet due to it’s powerful and rare attributes, comes at a high cost, but with tremendous return on investment. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be selling 8-10 of them a week.

If you don’t consider yourself your own “world’s greatest martini (insert your value)” then you will never be unleashed. You will never believe your own worth is as valuable and be afraid to “overprice” yourself. Look people don’t buy this drink because it’s dubbed the world’s greatest. They buy it based on the price. If the cost for a drink is $125, then it must be some heck of a drink! That’s the same with you. But the first sale is to yourself. Why would anyone else believe in your tremendous value if you don’t first?

Morale of the story is this – go mix your own drink and believe what you have to offer is worth it’s weight in gold. People want to work and be around the “world’s greatest.” Time for you to belly up to the bar. 

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This week’s quote - 
Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life.”

~ George Bernard Shaw


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How’s Your Portfolio Performing?

February 11, 2014 Leave a comment

I read this on Twitter this morning from Alan Weiss…

“If you hesitate to invest in yourself, you don’t need an investment advisor, you need a shrink.”

Too many business professionals have a poor investment portfolio when it comes to themselves. They either demand that their company pay for it or they don’t think they need it. Way too many entrepreneurs and executives don’t ask for help for fear if looking weak. The reality is that the very best always make investing in themselves a priority.

Apathy, complacency, and arrogance are hard too overcome because these are individual disorders. Hesitancy is a lack of confidence that just needs a push through that open gate to opportunity.

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The Super Bowl Edition

February 1, 2014 Leave a comment
At my Rotary meeting on Friday

At my Rotary meeting on Friday

I have to admit, this Super Bowl week has been exciting for me. I’m old enough to remember the Seahawks coming in as an expansion team in 1976. I was 11 years old and they became my favorite team for life. I was in New Jersey not far from where the Super Bowl will be played tomorrow. I was there on a business trip, so it was a little serendipity that I flew out when they were flying in.

I watch a lot of football “stuff” on a regular basis throughout the year. My wife Barb thinks I have a screw loose and way too much useless information floating around my head about sports in general (though I will note she is proudly wearing her Seahawks gear that she “borrowed” from me). I must admit staying focused has been a challenge this week. Since it’s only our second trip to the biggest game in 38 years, and our first in the last 8, this isn’t old hat. The fact that it’s being held in the grandest city in the world and the center of all entertainment, business, and culture; well that just adds to it. As I signed off from work last night, I knew this weekend was just going to ramp up. Barb and I have a party with friends tonight to celebrate the Chinese New Year and tomorrow off to her brother’s for the big game.

So what’s all this have to do with anything you may ask…

Look, we all have lives outside of our career. For many of us, we are our own bosses and can get pretty wrapped up in ourselves and our own issues. Even as an employee, it’s not uncommon to take a myopic view of your life and forget to have one.

As my professional mentor, Alan Weiss always says, “You don’t have a professional life and a personal life, you have a life.” One of the coolest things about sports is that it can band together people of all different types of lives into one common cause. For us here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s now our time to revel in the Seahawks. It’s okay to let yourself get distracted a little and enjoy something that doesn’t come around all too often. Here’s a quick example…

I was watching an interview with NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders on the NFL Network. He was talking about fellow Hall of Famer and former teammate Jerry Rice. Rice was a fierce and dedicated guy when it came to the game and his training. Sanders opined that Rice played as long as he did because he didn’t want it to end. He was so driven that he actually didn’t enjoy all the experience of his career while he was going through it and kept grasping at keeping it going. Sanders had taken a different approach and tried to soak it all in while being in the moment. Watching Sanders, that’s not hard to imagine.

Are you enjoying your life? Are you allowing yourself time away from your career and job to get distracted once in awhile? Do you ever pay a little extra to get a better seat, a nicer room, or eat at a fancier restaurant? We only come around this way once. Shouldn’t we give it all we’ve got?

The prediction: Yes, I may be a “homer,” but I really believe this. I believe defense still wins and the Baltimore Ravens proved that last year. Here is my prediction for the game on Sunday…

Seattle 24 – Denver 20

Russell Wilson will win the Most Valuable Player of the Game award and Kam Chancellor will have the game saving turnover in the closing minutes. I guess you can tell I haven’t thought much about this…


Go Hawks!

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Your Personal Invitation to the Most Valuable Program I’ve Ever Created

January 31, 2014 Leave a comment

Last week, I spent a dynamic day with my mentor Alan Weiss and three of my colleagues from around North America in Miami. I’ve been working with Alan now 20140121-162057.jpggoing on six years and after every session I exclaim to my wife that, “this was the best one yet!”  And it was.

What came out of the day for me is a new and exciting opportunity for 12 people.

My new book, Unleashed! discusses many aspects of my 2014 mantra of running through the “open gate.” In fact, there is an image of Captain Jack scampering through an open gate on the cover. The concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to reasons like fear, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us.

I’m launching a new 9-month program on March 15 for people ready to be “unleashed.” Here is just a small portion of what Unleashed! members will gain:

  • Enhanced ability to unleash your potential, maximize your talent, and run boldly through your open gate. The result is you get to live in the lifestyle you desire.
  • Unleashing the fear that holds you back from taking risks and realizing rewards. The result is you enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety while achieving your dreams.
  • Provide you with a broader, more global perspective of your business. The result is you will maximize your ability to earn income and grow because your worldview has become an open gate!
  • Enhanced leadership skills as a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. The result is by being more skilled in communications and influence, you will unleash your employees to improve themselves and exponentially improve your business.
  • Enhanced thought leadership skills. The result is by being an object of interest; you will generate more opportunities where people seek you out, not the other way around.
  • Guidance in developing a personally tailored intellectual property game plan (includes publishing and speaking). The result is the more people see your work and value, the more people you will help run through their open gate, and the more personal reward you will achieve.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. We will uncover your gate(s) to run through. We will determine why you haven’t yet, and what activities and behaviors you need to change to do so. We will set up a game plan with your objectives; determine mileposts to stay on track; and commit to doing what it takes for you to quickly meet them.
  2. You will set objectives and the program will be unique to your specific needs and goals.
  3. Weekly phone calls to discuss issues, homework, strategy, tactics, etc. I will lead the calls to keep momentum, focus, and accountability. I will cajole, inspire, haunt, and dish out heaps of “tough love” to keep you on track.
  4. Unlimited access to me via email, phone, text, Skype in between calls.
  5. Mileposts set quarterly to monitor progress.
  6. Quarterly group meeting to share ideas, concepts, questions, challenges, etc. This will be done via a Google Hangout platform.
  7. Annual live one-day event as a group at a location to be determined. While this won’t be mandatory, I can tell you from my own personal experience it will be an exceptional experience and one not to be missed.
  8. Lifetime access to Alan Weiss’s community as a member of his mentor program. You will gain access to his Forums, mentor summit, etc. This is the most exclusive and incredible collection of world-class entrepreneurs and consultants in the world.  ($3,500 value)
  9. Exclusive newsletter for members only with compelling articles, audios, and videos not made available to the public.

The inaugural fee is $10,000, which will easily be recouped through increased revenue/income, increased discretionary time, and an enriched life. This fee will go up in 2015, but all who join this year will be grandfathered for as long as they participate.

If you prefer installments – you can go with 3 equal quarterly payments of $4,000.

Current coaching clients that are not already in Alan’s community – there is a one-time $2,000 fee. For those coaching clients already in Alan’s community, you will be automatically enrolled in Unleashed! at no cost for the remainder of your term!

This program isn’t for everyone. It requires dedication, commitment, and courage to run through this open gate. If you’re interested in learning more then contact me at or (360) 271-1592 and we will discuss if this program is right for you. It will be exclusive to only 12 people per year.

Do you have what it takes to be that lead dog through the gate?

Cover Art


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The Beat Goes On In The Moment

January 28, 2014 Leave a comment
Miami Room with a View

Miami Room with a View

Last week, I spent time with my professional mentor Alan Weiss and my mastermind group in Miami. One of the topics we discussed was working on keeping your mind in the moment. If you’re like me, that’s easier said than done. Keeping focused on the thing you are doing without getting distracted is critical to crucial conversations, presentations, and relationships.

As I was flying back on Sunday, I tried something to practice. Allow me to share with you…

I was listening to my music and I decided to “be in the moment” while listening. Instead of allowing my mind to wander and daydream, I decided to focus on the music (by the way I was listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days, for what it’s worth).  I focused on the back beat. It’s easy to just listen to the lyrics, but there’s a back beat to all music. I simply kept my mind on the back beat and tried to really feel it. It was excellent practice.

When you’re in a business or personal conversation; when you’re speaking publicly to a group; or when you are simply trying to get work done, you need to listen to the back beat. You need to be so focused on what is happening in the moment, that other things don’t distract you. Turn off distraction (e.g. emails); tune out extraneous items (e.g. stuff on your desk); and feel the experience you are in at that moment (e.g. speaking).

This is a skill. For some people, it might be easier than for others. For me, it’s a skill I need to develop (although my wife says I’m excellent at it when watching football on TV). I am using my new practice tool of music. Find something to train your brain. Being in the moment will improve every moment you have.

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