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Madness Unleashed Journal #2 – Confidence

March 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Why is it that so many lower seeded teams in the NCAA March Madness bracket upset the favored team?58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30

These are all factors…

3. Lower seeded teams tend to be more “mature.” They have juniors and seniors, whereas many of the “better” teams are younger due to the “one and done” players. This ultimately means better decision-making.

2. In basketball, often you just need one really good player to carry you. Many teams can ride the shoulders of the “hot” player and overcome more talented teams.

And the most important in my mind…

1. Confidence. When teams that aren’t “supposed” to win get to hang around for the entire game, they get to a point where they believe they can and will win.

Confidence for leaders helps you win your own “championship games.” Confidence allows you to say both YES and NO when each are appropriate (and you will know the difference). Confidence allows you to ask tough questions, make bold moves, take risks, and meet people you might ordinarily be fearful of reaching out to.

Confidence wins in March Madness. It wins in leadership, too. It allows you to be “unleashed.”

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Weedin Unleashed Recording

March 24, 2015 Leave a comment

Are You Ready?

13 minutes, 54 seconds

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Extra Points – Are You Easy?

March 23, 2015 Leave a comment

This week’s focus point…Are You Easy?Dan Weedin Unleashed-40

I just attended a very fun spirits tasting with by brother-in-law on Saturday. There were 30 spirits vendors at this event that was split up over 2 three-hour sessions, one in the afternoon and one in  the evening. We went in the afternoon and the place was packed with people tasting samples of craft spirits from around the region. Matt and I had a terrific time and walked away spending a lot of money!

That being said, I was surprised by some of the lack of business and marketing perspicacity by many of the distillers. Out of the 30 vendors, there were only 2 that had a list out to join their newsletter. When I asked the others, they said that we could access it by going to their web site. All it took was simply having a piece of paper and a pen out and they would have had us at hello! One other distiller had a spectacular blood orange vodka, which both Matt and I wanted to purchase. Unfortunately, they only brought 12 bottles…for the day!

Here’s the deal, if you’re in business, you need to make yourself easy to do business with. That means don’t make your prospect do the extra work, give them the tools right there and then. Have an immediate place to sign up for a newsletter; accept credit cards (don’t talk to me about fees – it’s a cost of doing business); bring enough product and business cards; ask how you can help; and keep your web site and digital products current.

Business is hard enough as it is…don’t make buying your products and services an impediment to purchasing and/or becoming an advocate.

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This week’s quote -

~ Anthony Burgess

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Within Decay…Rebirth

March 20, 2015 Leave a comment

58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30I’m thrilled and honored to be today’s guest columnist on Alan Weiss’s blog, Alan’s Blog. The blog is geared to consultants, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Today’s blog article is about how in your own business and career (just like in nature) that within decay, there is rebirth.

Please read and share your comments here on my blog…or on his!

Read Article on Alan’s Blog

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Madness Unleashed Journal #1

March 19, 2015 Leave a comment

Coach from NK Herald Feb 2006I love March Madness. I think it’s the best post-season tournament in all sports – college or professional. What makes it so fun is the unpredictability of the outcomes of the games. Every year, some “Cinderella Team” emerges to knock off heavy favorites and bust the brackets of many millions of fans around the country. The tournament is filled with talented players making incredible plays, the highest level of competition, and dramatically dizzying finishes of games. Even the most pedestrian sports fans are drawn to it and often fill out their own office pool bracket.

How do you bring that same magic, that same “madness,” to your business?

While you aren’t a high profile basketball tournament, you should be high profile in what you do. The same elements that make up a wildly popular sporting event are present in your own potential popularity. For instance:

  1. The tournament is different than the others based on the number of entries and the time span. How are you different than your competition?
  2. This tournament is defined by its drama. Are you an object of interest to your prospective clients? Do you make them lean forward when discussing your value?
  3. The value for the viewer is sheer fun. What do you bring to the table? Is it dull or dynamic?
  4. The tournament is ubiquitous for the next 3 weeks. Are you as visible to your target class of business? How deep is your intellectual property empire?
  5. The tournament is the ultimate water cooler discussion. Are people quoting you? Are they seeking you out as an interview? How strong is your cache?

Here’s the deal…

You don’t have to be popular to college basketball fans, but you do to your audience. During last night’s game between Robert Morris University and North Florida, North Florida coach Matt Driscoll was being interviewed and said he challenged his players by telling them to be “ballers” (hoops vernacular to a dynamic performer). He said “Ballers make plays. Dudes are just dudes…you need to be ballers.” In other words, anyone can go out on the court and be regular. They needed to be special.

Are you just a “dude” or are you a “baller?” Take a cue from the very best of the madness and go be special; be unique; and be a “baller.”

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10-year Celebration Professional Growth Opportunities

March 17, 2015 Leave a comment

58842033-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-21It’s hard for me to believe. I started my consulting practice in 2005 and here I am 10 years later. Heck, Captain Jack wasn’t even born yet!

While I wasn’t “official” until August of that year, I’m starting a year-long celebration today by introducing several new professional development opportunities for you. As the year moves on, I’m committed to helping all of you advance your careers and businesses, and assure success, sustainability, and significance. Keep an eye out for new opportunities, my re-designed web site, and…

As a precursor to these new programs, I am proud to announce that I’ve entered into a commercial publishing agreement with Kitsap Publishing for my new book Unleashed Leadership. The book is scheduled to be released in September. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see additional information, including the book’s cover, excerpts, and pre-release purchase opportunities.

Finally thanks to all of you for your part in my 10 years as Toro Consulting, Inc.  To my clients, my business partners and colleagues, and everyone that reads my work or watches me speak….I am grateful.

NEW Opportunities

Unleashed Speaking – If speaking is an integral art of your business, then you’d better assure that you’re really good at it. In fact, being an impressive speaker just may be the most important skill you develop. Speaking to influence requires both art and science. This new program will help speakers become more confident, more competent, more valuable, and more influential. I’ve already added my first participant and it hasn’t even gone live until now! What are you waiting for? Website

The Go to Guy – If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive, it’s likely that you often feel like a “lone wolf” when making critical decisions for your business. Stop breathing in your own exhaust. I can help you with strategy, decision-making, venting, language, and accountability. This is a unique and exclusive program that is limited to a small number of business leaders. Find out how you can be one of them. Website

Insuring Success Weekly Video Series – Insurance Professionals! Boost your business and career rapidly in only 5 minutes a week. This private weekly video series will help you increase revenue, uncover valuable time, help you retain more clients, and help you attain balance your life. Starts June 2, but early discounts apply. Website

Insuring Success Rock Star Producer Academy – Insurance Agency Owners and Producers!  This is a one-of-a-kind program personally developed by me to help insurance producers and sales professionals improve your success rate in business and life. It’s a day and half full of everything you need to arm yourself to create success and build your book of business. October 15-16 in Seattle. Space is limited to 15 people and I’m already getting inquiries. Register today. Website

The Weedin Assurance Program – I’ve created a Private Insurance Consulting program to offer a unique and value-driven service for select clients only. You will not only be insured, but also assured that you are adequately protecting all you’ve worked so hard to attain and that it’s being done at the most competitive premium available. Space is limited to only a few and there are already clients in it. Learn more – Website


Weedin Unleashed ~ No Finish Lines

March 16, 2015 Leave a comment

My Weedin Unleashed video from earlier today – No Finish Line

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