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Fooling Yourself

April 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40April Fools Day is legendary for its practical jokes, witty and amusing (and often fabricated) articles and stories, and jocularity. It’s also my wife’s birthday (I can’t leave THAT out).

The really foolish thing however, is to continually fool yourself in your business and career. The reality is that many of us simply lie to ourselves about a lot of different things until we actually believe our foolishness to be true.

Here is my Top 10 Tomfoolery List of things you say to yourself or activities and behaviors you do or don’t do (in no particular order):

  1. You say, “I’m not good enough to (fill in the blanks)…”
  2. You don’t take charge of your own professional growth and development. Example – you won’t attend or join something because your company won’t foot the bill. Pay for it yourself. The investment is in you!
  3. You continually listen to unsolicited advice and make decisions based on them.
  4. You tell yourself, “I don’t have time to market my business.” Of course you have time…you just haven’t made it a priority.
  5. You convince yourself that you don’t have time to take care of your health and fitness. See above in the “invest in yourself” and “priority” bullet points.
  6. You avoid being bold because of fear of failure, rejection, or being “found out.”
  7. You tell yourself, “That problem will just go away if I don’t do anything…”
  8. You start your day groaning instead of grinning. This is an intentional act on your part.
  9. You fool yourself into thinking work isn’t supposed to be fun.
  10. You say to yourself, “I’m too busy to try anything new or make changes. I will wait until the right time…” There is no right time.

Stop fooling yourself and hand yourself out some tough love. Foolish thinking like what I described above doesn’t lad you to your hopes and dreams. It keeps you from unleashing your talent and skills. And, it affects every relationship – both personal and professional – that you have. Don’t allow the joke to be on you.

And that’s no fooling….

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Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Coach

March 31, 2015 Leave a comment

58842033-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-21I’ve been asked recently what are the factors to consider when choosing an executive or business coach. In case you are wondering for yourself or someone in your company, consider my Top 10…

Here is My Top 10 Tips to Finding the Right Coach or Mentor for You:

  1. Read Testimonials and Call on References. People aren’t coerced into giving a good and honest testimonial. Watch video and read written testimonials and stay alert for key phrases that hint at results.
  2. Referrals. You use referrals to buy cars, homes, and hire insurance and financial brokers. You should utilize the knowledge within your community to find good coaches and mentors, too. You may be surprised as to how many of your colleagues, peers, and friends use coaching. They may be able to quickly point you in the right direction.
  3. Talk. Call the prospective coach. See how quickly they return your call. Have a conversation rather than an email exchange. This is not about prying free advice out of them. It’s about determining your ability to communicate effectively. Rapport is important, but results are more important. Discern what you can gain in both categories the old-fashioned way…. by talking!
  4. Ask Questions. Ask about fees, expectations, accessibility, and anything else that is important to you. Candor, trust, and transparency are crucial for a successful engagement.
  5. Fees. Lower is NOT better. You’re not buying bananas at the grocery store. You’re investing in your future. Coaches that charge what you might consider a high fee get big returns on investment. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t still be in business. If they charge by the hour, watch out! Don’t trade time for money in this case. You don’t want to ever be put in a position where you are worried about the meter running. Know your investment up front. The best coaches in the business charge high fees, but on a set and agreed to amount.
  6. Accessibility. You’ve hired a coach or mentor to have access to them. Make sure they are giving it to you. I return all calls and text messages within 90 minutes, and reply to all emails within 24 hours. These are my guidelines given to clients. Any coach you are working with will have some similar guidelines to accessibility. You may need answers fast. Make sure they are there for you.
  7. Been There, Done That. You want to choose someone who has done what you want to do. If you want to have someone coaching you on speaking, then they need to be a professional speaker that gets paid and speaks all over the world (or at least country). If you hire someone to help you publish a book, they need to have commercially published one themselves. If you’re starting a consulting practice, hire someone that has excelled in his or her consulting profession.
  8. Watch & Read. After referrals, speaking and publishing attract the most new clients to me. It would seem logical to believe that you can find good coaches and mentors by watching them speak and reading their work. Attend their speeches, seminars, and workshops. Go with an open mind ready to learn. Read their work in trade journals, publications, and online. I often receive calls from interested parties based on an article or column I wrote for a trade publication. You should feel confident in speaking to experts that make the effort to give value to you though their work.
  9. Search. Google was actually the way I found my first mentor. I performed a search for insurance consultants and viola, Scott Simmond’s name popped up. Scott is in Maine and I am in Washington State. Regardless, I called him, we talked, and I made the decision within about 10 minutes to hire him.
  10. Cyber Stalk. Once you’ve found them and talked to them, do a little research online. Check out their websites for resources and examples of work. Read the testimonials and list of clients. Does their web site look professional or built by the neighborhood kid in their basement? Look at social media platforms, not for ratings, bit for presence. Most specifically, find them in Linked in and Twitter and read what they post.

Don’t leave the very vital task of choosing a coach or mentor to chance. Do some research first and make an educated decision. The good coaches make it easy for you. And remember, just like wine and dress clothes, you most often get what you pay for.

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Within Decay…Rebirth

March 20, 2015 Leave a comment

58842030-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-30I’m thrilled and honored to be today’s guest columnist on Alan Weiss’s blog, Alan’s Blog. The blog is geared to consultants, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Today’s blog article is about how in your own business and career (just like in nature) that within decay, there is rebirth.

Please read and share your comments here on my blog…or on his!

Read Article on Alan’s Blog

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10-year Celebration Professional Growth Opportunities

March 17, 2015 Leave a comment

58842033-Dan+Weedin+%22Unleashed%22-21It’s hard for me to believe. I started my consulting practice in 2005 and here I am 10 years later. Heck, Captain Jack wasn’t even born yet!

While I wasn’t “official” until August of that year, I’m starting a year-long celebration today by introducing several new professional development opportunities for you. As the year moves on, I’m committed to helping all of you advance your careers and businesses, and assure success, sustainability, and significance. Keep an eye out for new opportunities, my re-designed web site, and…

As a precursor to these new programs, I am proud to announce that I’ve entered into a commercial publishing agreement with Kitsap Publishing for my new book Unleashed Leadership. The book is scheduled to be released in September. Over the next few weeks, you will begin to see additional information, including the book’s cover, excerpts, and pre-release purchase opportunities.

Finally thanks to all of you for your part in my 10 years as Toro Consulting, Inc.  To my clients, my business partners and colleagues, and everyone that reads my work or watches me speak….I am grateful.

NEW Opportunities

Unleashed Speaking – If speaking is an integral art of your business, then you’d better assure that you’re really good at it. In fact, being an impressive speaker just may be the most important skill you develop. Speaking to influence requires both art and science. This new program will help speakers become more confident, more competent, more valuable, and more influential. I’ve already added my first participant and it hasn’t even gone live until now! What are you waiting for? Website

The Go to Guy – If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive, it’s likely that you often feel like a “lone wolf” when making critical decisions for your business. Stop breathing in your own exhaust. I can help you with strategy, decision-making, venting, language, and accountability. This is a unique and exclusive program that is limited to a small number of business leaders. Find out how you can be one of them. Website

Insuring Success Weekly Video Series – Insurance Professionals! Boost your business and career rapidly in only 5 minutes a week. This private weekly video series will help you increase revenue, uncover valuable time, help you retain more clients, and help you attain balance your life. Starts June 2, but early discounts apply. Website

Insuring Success Rock Star Producer Academy – Insurance Agency Owners and Producers!  This is a one-of-a-kind program personally developed by me to help insurance producers and sales professionals improve your success rate in business and life. It’s a day and half full of everything you need to arm yourself to create success and build your book of business. October 15-16 in Seattle. Space is limited to 15 people and I’m already getting inquiries. Register today. Website

The Weedin Assurance Program – I’ve created a Private Insurance Consulting program to offer a unique and value-driven service for select clients only. You will not only be insured, but also assured that you are adequately protecting all you’ve worked so hard to attain and that it’s being done at the most competitive premium available. Space is limited to only a few and there are already clients in it. Learn more – Website


Fat Tuesday Tidbits

February 17, 2015 1 comment

Dan Weedin Unleashed-19Today is Fat Tuesday and as a practicing Catholic from the cradle, I know this is my last shot at tomfoolery for 40 days. Since I’m in Seattle and not New Orleans, my guess is my shenanigans will be somewhat, let’s say, muted.

For us Catholics, the season of Lent is a time for giving up something in the spirit of prayer and penance. This is NOT a religious or spiritual blog, so hang with me on this one. I have tried over the years to both give up something and to do something as part of my Lenten observations. This practice can also be applied to your business and/or your career.

Over the next 40 days, why don’t you consider improving yourself in business by both subtraction and addition?

By means of subtraction, what can you eliminate that will improve you – inordinate Internet and social media time; procrastination; poor self-talk; wasted effort on areas that aren’t making you better or enhancing your business; gossiping and drama proliferation; too much game playing on your mobile devises; or plain negative thinking? What are others that you know about within your own self-assessment?

By means of addition, what can you start doing to improve yourself – exercising every day; getting away from your desk and in front of people; saying thank you to others more often; giving compliments you employees and co-workers; eating healthier; rewarding yourself when you do things well; saying NO to projects that others want you to do that will take your time; and getting more rest and relaxation?

While the season of Lent may have different implications for me from a faith perspective, I also plan on taking my own advice for my career. I’m going to spend Fat Tuesday contemplating what those will be and share with you tomorrow. What about you? Are you ready to boost your career and your business; and significantly enrich your life over the next 40 days?

I double-dog dare you…

Until then, eat well today for tomorrow we get lean and mean! Happy Fat Tuesday!

© 2015 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

Extra Points – Are You Ready?

December 1, 2014 Leave a comment

This week’s focus point…Are You Ready?14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

Are you ready?

This may be the most asked question known to man. Are you ready for your test? Are you ready to go out tonight? Are you ready for that sales call? Are you ready for dinner? Are you ready to meet with the investors? Are you ready for the game? Are you ready for 2015?

You get my point. The question “Are you ready” is a significant one because our careers and lives go much smoother and happier when the answer is YES. The challenge for all of us is that as we approach a new calendar year, we may still be scrambling to make sure this one gets finished!

Here’s may question for you this morning of the first day of the last month of 2014…Are you ready to be unleashed? Are you ready to trust yourself in everything you do? Are you ready to be confident? To be fearless? To be bold? To get help when you need it? And are you ready to be all you need to be for others both professionally and personally? Being unleashed takes courage and skill. It also requires that you’re ready to face the challenges with confidence, trust, and faith. So answer this question for yourself candidly…

Are you ready to be unleashed?

© 2014 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

This week’s quote –
“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Welcome to the most powerful and dynamic program I’ve ever created for business owners and executive leaders on unleashing your vast potential and maximizing your own unique talent and that of those around you.

My concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to our own self-imposed limitations and fears, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us. The results include dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, poor leadership, bad morale, inefficiencies, and boredom. Bottom line is you and your business leave money and talent on the table.


Extra Points – Enhancing Strength

November 17, 2014 2 comments

This week’s focus point…Enhancing Strength14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

I recently had the chance to talk with a high school buddy who’s been battling Stage 4 melanoma. He is in the final stages of a grueling battle and we hope to hear positive news in a couple of weeks that it’s finally gone. He shared with me how the treatment has progressed and I learned something new.

He said that chemotherapy is not the preferred method any longer in fighting cancer. The “old school” chemo was about destroying the cancerous cells by blasting them into oblivion. The side effects on the person was brutal. He told me that today, doctors opt for Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight the cancer. Basically, it’s maximizing your own body’s strengths to most effectively win a battle and be successful.

Many of you are using the old chemotherapy route rather than Immunotherapy when trying to improve yourself professionally or personally. You identify where you are “weak” and try to improve those weaknesses. Rather, you should use the strengths you already have inside of you (e.g. Immune System) and work on enhancing those for better results. You can’t be perfect in everything. Identify your strengths and what has made you successful, and then blast those with even more professional and skill development. Just as doctors have discovered a better way to fight cancer by boosting an immune system, you can find a faster and more effective way to boost your business and career (and enrich your life) by augmenting your own abilities.

© 2014 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

 This week’s quote –

“Each day is the scholar of yesterday.” 

~ Publilius Syrus

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The 2015 Unleashed Executive Experience –Click here to learn more

Welcome to the most powerful and dynamic program I’ve ever created for business owners and executive leaders on unleashing your vast potential and maximizing your own unique talent and that of those around you.

My concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to our own self-imposed limitations and fears, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us. The results include dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, poor leadership, bad morale, inefficiencies, and boredom. Bottom line is you and your business leave money and talent on the table.


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