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Jazz Night DanMy schedule for the rest of the year is out and you have the opportunity to improve your skills at a discounted rate.  All my boot camps and my NEW Varsity Speaking Academy have Early Bird Specials going.  You can click on the navigation bar above to learn more and register.

Here’s the bottom line – if you are a business professional, you know the importance of communicating and delivering your message.  It might be in a sales meeting, and employee meeting, or even on the golf course.  regardless of the business venue, your opportunity to shine is waiting for you.  Learn to be more dynamic, persuasive, and inspirational for your clients and prospects.  Learn how you can make more money with better presentation skills.  Register today for one of my Panic to Power Boot Camps.

Are you a Toastmaster who wants to master the art of storytelling?  Maybe you want to add humor to your business presentations.  Attend my Storytelling Boot Camp and find out how you can use personal stories to impact your audiences.

Finally, are you a professional presenter?  If your paid cash or rubber chicken for dinner it doesn’t matter!  If you spend any part of your business life educating, inspiring, or presenting, this Academy is for you.

You will be hearing much more about these opportunities over the coming months BUT don’t wait to register.  They will fill up soon – will you be part of it?

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You Never Lose, Even When It Seems Like It…

Well, my run at the 2008 International Speech Contest came to a screeching halt on Saturday.  My good friend Bob Ingram gave a marvelous and poignant speech that brought a tear to every eye and sent him packing for Region 1.  Congratulations to Bob and best of luck.

Even though I ‘lost’, I learned something about myself as a speaker.  During the first part of my speech, I made mistake in one of my key lines.  I was internally horrified, but found a way to recover and keep going.  My wife Barb later told me that even though she had heard this speech a gazillion times, she didn’t catch the mistake. 

LESSON LEARNED – Never give up even when you think everyone knows that you blundered.  The reality is they don’t.  If you give it away by either telling them, or giving up on the rest of your presentation, you are doing them a great injustice.  I was pleased that I was able to ‘grind out’ the tough part and finish strongly.

BOTTOM LINE -Every presentation presents an opportunity for you to learn.  Do you seek out those opportunities?  If you don’t, then you will never grow as well as you can as a presenter.  If you do try to learn from every speech, regardless of how you think you did, you will grow exponentially and be rewarded with more chances to present and get invited back more often.

By the way, I was very fortunate to take 1st Place in the District Evaluation Contest.  I had tough competition and feel fortunate to come out on top.  Evaluations are another great way to learn and grow.  If you’d like to see my evaluation for that evening, please watch it below.  You can see all my videos on DanTVon YouTube..



Lessons from a baseball player

My mentor Darren LaCroix recently posted one of his video lessons.  Darren is the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking and is doing a presentation in his native Boston.  He tells a brief story about how we can learn from other professionals.  Someone I try to emulate is Tiger Woods because of his attention to detail.  Listen to what Darren found from studying baseball slugger David Ortiz.. 

P.S.  You can subscribe to Darren’s videos just like I did AND you can subscribe to Dan TV, too.  You can see may latest speech titled “Play the Game” that won my District 32 speech contest.



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On to District 32

I was very fortunate to place first in both the International Speech Contest and the Evaluation contest last Thursday in Division B for Toastmasters District 32.  I faced some stiff competition.  As i’ve blogged on before, competition is a great way to prepare yourself for any presentation.

I’m excited for the opportunity to give this speech one more time next week.  A special note of thanks to all my frineds who came by to root me on.  I’m very appreciative of your support.

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Tom Hopkins promotes Send Out Cards

For all you sales folks who know the name Tom Hopkins, check this out.  Mr. Hopkins highly endorses Send Out Cards for business people.  Go figure…he sent out thousands of cards during his years in the real estate field.  He’s a big believer in building relationships.  To hear his actual endorsement, go to

Sending business greeting cards has positively impacted my business relationships.  It will for you, too.  Regardless of what industry you are in, business is still about relationships.  Arte you doing all you can to build yours?


P.S.  If you want to send cards to your best three customers for FREE, give me a call at 360-271-1592 or e-mail me at today.

Register NOW for my Panic to Power One-Day Boot Camps

You can now register for my one-day Panic to Power Boot Camps right here on this blog.  Please see the navigation bar above and find the page for my Boot Camps and Speaking Schools.  I’ve listed the two boot camps that are scheduled so take advantage of the Early Bird Special by registering today! 

My web site is taking a little longer to get my camps and schools listed…I’m now trying to do this myself so there’s a BIG learning curve!  For now, you can use this blog site to register.

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Podcast – How You Can Dress for Success

Please join me and my guest Jeff Collins from My Haberdasher in Bellevue, WA.  This 45 minute podcast will give you strategies on how to dress for success in any occasion.  Jeff has been a haberdasher for 10 years and has extensive experience in business attire for men.  Whether you’re a CEO, professional speaker, or sales executive, you will gain wisdom and practical advise from Jeff.  I hope you enjoy the interview!

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The value of a great presentation

I wish you had been with me at my Rotary Club this morning. If you had, you would have seen a spectacular presentation by Scott Oki. If you don’t recognize the name, Scott is a former Microsoft executive who retired VERY YOUNG after helping take Microsoft from a $1,000,000 in sales to billions and gazillions of dollars. He owns several golf courses and is a wonderful philanthropist. He spoke to our club about the values of scouting, as in Boy Scouts.

His message was great, but even more impressive was his presentation skill. Scott has certainly had training because he weaved stories, dialogue and humor into a well-crafted 30 minute speech. His opening and closing were impeccable.

Now although I was interested, as a speaker coach I thought I would glance around the room to see how the audience was reacting. As you might imagine, all eyes were keenly on Scott and most people were sitting forward in their chairs. How many presentations have you been to where the best part of the speech is when the speaker says, “In conclusion…”?

If you want your message to stick, you need to be able to deliver. That means structure, material, and delivery are vital. Scott Oki knew this and has mastered it. What about you? You don’t have to be giving a formal presentation to a group of Rotarians to use these strategies. Wherever you are and whoever your audience is, if you want them to think, feel, or act differently, you must be able to be impactful. The only way to do that is to get educated and practice. Are you ready to take that next step?

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P.S. My schedule for the rest of the year is being finalized. Stay tuned for registration information. You can view the schedule by going to my web site at