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Check out my first VIDEO testimonial for my coaching and mentoring.  Who better to lead it off than Miss Poulsbo and Miss Kitsap!  Thanks Ladies…


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Humorously Speaking Part 2 – Funny Metaphors

So you think that because you speak on a “serious” topic, it’s hard to be funny?  Actually, I’ve found that the drier your topic, the more vital humor is!  I get the fun of speaking about insurance and risk management a lot for a living – yeesh!  You can’t get drier than that.  I’ve found that using a funny story, any funny story, can work into my dry and boring topic and turn it into dynamic and dandy.

Take my story about “Driving Miss Mindy” (see below)  I can use a great deal of that story as an opening for a conversation on safety and risk management.  After a smooth transition (we’ll talk about that later) you might hear me develop the idea of

  • mentoring new commercial drivers to reduce accidents;
  • mentoring teen drivers to reduce your personal auto rates;
  • discuss the importance of making your entire team conscious of safety; or
  • the importance of umbrella liability insurance for anyone

I could go and on and on but you will be spared.  I don’t want you to leave just yet!

Bottom line – you can relate any humorous personal story you’ve “uncovered” (see Part 1) and make it a metaphor for your topic or industry.  It can actually be fun.  Try it out and then test it.  You may find a gem.

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Toatmasters in China

My friend and mentor Darren LaCroix recently took a speaking trip to China. He had the opportunity to speak at a Toastmasters Club there and share with us some footage. If you are a Toastmaster, you will find this a fun and enlightening mini-documentary. Thanks to Darren for sharing.

Humorously Speaking Part 1 – Uncovering Humor

The 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking Craig Valentine has a great way of introducing humor in your speech.  He says you must “uncover” your humor, instead of trying to force it or tell a joke.  I couldn’t agree more.

For example, when watching my humorous speech, “Driving Miss Mindy”, you will see that I am in a situation that was clearly not funny at the time.  Not funny for me or anyone in the car that day.  But after stepping aside from the incident, you can look back and laugh at the situation.  In a sense, you’ve “uncovered” humor.  In fact, you will probably find that most of your funniest moments are borne out of “tragedy”.  If you want to see a great example of this, watch one of your favorite situation comedies on television.  What makes you laugh?  If you’re like me, you are finding the weird misfortunes being dealt to our protagonist friends, and we enjoy watching how they deal (or don’t deal) with the situation.  Sort of like my story.

Think about the stories you like to tell at family gatherings or with friends.  Uncover the humor and find a way to integrate that story into your next presentation.  In the next post, you will hear how you can take any story and make it a metaphor for your speech…really.  See you then!

Life is Good

My daughters’ Fathers Day gift to me every year is watching the US Open together.  This year has been extra special.  As I write this, I’m sitting in front of the TV, working on my lap top, hanging out with my recently graduated daughter Kelli – watching Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate duke it out in an instant classic Open. 

Is there anything better than owning your own business so you have the flexibility to have these moments?  I think not!



Using Humor in Your Speeches

I had the great opportunity to give a speech at the 2008 Toastmasters Region 1 Humorous Speech Showcase last night in Seattle.  I decided to take my 2007 District 32 International Speech Contest speech titled “Stop!”, strip away all the ‘message’, and add more humor.  Why?  Because it was funny and I figured if I added more humor in the places where the ‘messsage’ was, it would make a great humorous speech.  I think it worked.  Below, you can watch this speech recorded on June 13, 2008.  Over the next few articles, you will learn how to add humor to any presentation you are giving, whether Toastmasters or business. 

Stay tuned…but watch this presentation as I will refer back to it…