Farewell to Dr. Randy Pausch

Many of you have probably heard the inspirational story of Dr. Randy Pausch.  The video below was taped last year on the Oprah show.  Dr. Pausch’s battle with cancer ended today as he passed away.  Regardless of whether you have already seen this, take 10 minutes and watch this clip in his memory.  You will be better off for it.



Pulling mail out of the box

As if you needed another good reason to use Send Out Cards as your mailing system, I give you a case in point tonight…

I was mailing out a campaign for my parents 50th anniversary celebration.  It is a cool postcard with a photo of them at a party 50 years ago in Bogota, Colombia.  Everything was stated in the card for all guests.  I confidently pressed “SEND” and turned off the computer.  Whoops.

When I got upstairs, the lovely Barb asked me if I’d included the “attire” section.  My Mom is “old-school” and doesn’t care for jeans.  That’s cool and we all agreed to it.  My problem – I just sent out 50 cards without that vital information!

Had I just returned from the Post Office, this would have been a real problem.  As a Send Out Cards person, I simply needed to go back down to my office, fire up the computer, log back in to SOC, cancel the mailing, edit my card, and re-send it out again.  In the matter of 10 minutes, I did what would have put me in jail for a federal offense had I been “old-school” in my mailing habits.

Are you ready to make your campaigns, both personal and business, easier?  Learn how to become a Send Out Cards user by clicking here.   Call me to set up a free gift account at 360-271-1592 or e-mail me at dan@danweedin.com.



Are you reading the signs?

I just came back from my weekend reunion with a dozen high school buddies.  This is the 13th year we have played 5 rounds of golf in just 2 and a half days.  It’s always a blast, but as we get older it becomes more physically challenging.

This year we convened in Boise, ID where it was a “chilly” 95 degrees in the afternoon rounds.  After our second round of the second day, I was physically beat up.  The sun, the fatigue, and the golf course had me walking around like a zombie.  All I knew I was I needed to go to the bathroom…bad!

As I was walking to wash my hands I noticed the absence of urinals.  Then to my horror, I saw the remains of a wrapper for a personal female product.  I was in the Women’s bathroom.  I had missed the sign because I was so sun-whipped and tired.  I hurriedly got out of there and didn’t tell my friends.  I knew I would hear about my faux pax the rest of the weekend.  My golf game was terrible and I didn’t need to add insult to injury.  Fortunately, all the women golfers wee sitting inside their air-conditioned home on a brutally hot afternoon.  As my wife told me later, “You could have gone to jail!” 

What signs do you miss when you speak?  How about some of these…

  • Your in a sales meeting and your prospect is giving you a buying sign.  Do you shut up and take the order?
  • Your giving a presentation to a large group of investors and they are yawning during your PowerPoint.  Do you shut off the slides and talk to them instead?
  • You are presenting a speech at your Toastmasters club and your audience seems more interested in the agenda than your topic.  How do you engage them?

Here’s the bottom line…if you don’t learn how to read signs from your audience, you may end up like I did in the wrong bathroom.  Well, in your case maybe thought of as a dull speaker or without a sale.  Those could be career-killer type issues if gone unchecked.

Learn to read signs and you will become better at engaging every audience every time.


P.S.  If you are asking, “How do I learn how to read th signs?”, then you are a perfect candidate for my Varsity Speaking Academy or Panic to Power Boot Camps.  To learn more about sign reading and how to register, click here


Humorously Speaking – Part 3

Sorry to be so long between parts on my humor series…

On previous blogs, you read about uncovering humor in your personal stories (Part 1), inserting the humor in to seemingly unrelated topics (Part 2), and now you will get an example.

As you may have read, my family just got a new Jack Russell terrier puppy last week.  Well, at least he’s a year old.  Since Captain Jack was a stray, we didn’t know what his bathroom habits were.  As we progressed, we learned that they weren’t bad, yet could use some work.  Captain Jack had no clue as to when it was time to go and what the routine for our family was.  This involves training.

Three days ago I was thrilled that this smart little puppy finally learned the word “potty”.  With the help of watching his mentor, Charlie the Wonder Dog, Captain Jack started going every time I asked him to go potty.  What was more exciting (we’re a pretty easily amused family) was that it was remaining consistent over each day.  Now, we have no bathroom issues at all.  A little love, a little patience, and a little training goes a long way.

So what’s that mean for you?  Only that this is the type of story that can be used in a variety of business applications.  I can use this as a metaphor for:

  • Training new employees
  • Training current employees in a new system
  • Change
  • Mentoring in the workplace

Get my drift?  What about you?  What cool stories happen to you every day that you can use to bring your stories and your message to life?

Be aware of your days and keep a story file.  You never know when a routine “potty break” can turn into a gem.  Happy storytelling!