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Grammar, vocabulary, and the knowledge of how to use them seem to be eroding skills in our business society.  After reading the book by Stephanie Horton titled, “Are Bad Manners Driving Your Clients Crazy?” (see recent post review), I realized poor vocabulary and usage also has bad potential.  Namely, your message may not get across clearly and/or your prospect/client thinks your dumb.  Neither is good.

This will start a new category aimed at helping business pros (as well as every day pros) improve your vocabulary and grammar.  We’ll start with a word for the day.

Last Tuesday, my friend Tim brought in a fabulous word of the day for our Toastmasters meeting.  In true Toastmasters style, I’m stealing it.  Well, actually let’s just say I’m using it to help others!


You read it right.  Not frustrated but flustrated.  Here’s what it means…


flustered; agitated.


Also, flus⋅ter⋅at⋅ed.

flustrate (b. fluster and frustrate ) + -ed 2
Thanks to Dictionary.com.  Basically, it means agitated or frustrated.  I love learning new words like this.  I hope you will too!

P.S.  Funny thing…my spell check doesn’t like the word “flustrated”.

Author: danweedin

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