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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Best wishes to all of my loyal readers and friends for a joyous and prosperous new year.  Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag in 2009!



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Getting back to Blogging

December 23, 2008 Leave a comment

I just realized I have become lazy with my blogging.  Why?  Well, all I can do is point the finger at me and say it’s a lack of discipline.  Yes, we all get busy with year-end things, both personal and business.  Between two business trips, my daughter coming home from Austria, several new clients, etc., I’ve found my blog posting getting pushed to the back burner with both this blog and my insurance consulting blog.

Enough is enough!

It’s back to work on being a consistent blogger.  The bottom line is that for my readers like you (thank you), my mission is to provide value to your business and personal life by improving your presentation and communication skills.  Tough to do that when I’m not consistent.

What about you?  Have you found some important areas in your business and personal life that’s been thrown to the back burner or even off the stove?  I hope I’m not alone!

Join me in making an early resolution.  Get back to doing what is good for your clients, prospects, readers, family, et al.  Let’s renew our discipline as we kick out 2008 and build momentum heading into 2009! 

See you in the funny papers!



40 Great Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

December 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Love inspirational speeches?  Love the movies?  Check this out…


The Value of Twitter

December 10, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been on Twitter now for several months and have found it an interesting and potentially valuable business tool.  Bert Decker, the communications expert, has done a nice blog outlining the value he has seen.  It;s worth the read…



How to Acquire Clients

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment

As I go longer into my career as a consultant, it becomes clearer to me how important professional development and education is to my success.  I just finished re-reading Alan Weiss’ book “How to Acquire Clients” (to purchase from Alan’s web site, click here).

Acquiring new clients takes strategy.  It’s based on win-win situations.  It’s a win for your client when you can help them to improve whatever it is they need.  It’s a win for you from both a financial and professional aspect.  If you don’t take the time to learn the right skills and strategies to acquiring clients, you will end up wasting time, wasting energy, and losing money.  But, if you work through the correct process, you and your clients will reap the rewards of having an improved condition.

If you want to learn how to acquire new clients for your consulting practice, check out Alan’s book.  It gets an A+ grade from me! 



P.S. Another important skill in becoming a successful consultant is presentation skills.  Check out my web site at to see how I can help you become a more dynamic and influential business presenter.