This Killing Time…Is It Killing You?

How do you manage time?

As I write this, my computer is being worked on to update things.  I say “things” because I have no idea what they are, nor do I want to.  The deal is that I’m highly dependent on being on the computer to do things like write articles and blog posts.

While Justin works on fixing the minor irritations I have with technology, I’ve pulled out my MacBook and started working.  I’ve read by RSS Feed, caught up on reading the newspapers online, updated my new forum, posted a Tweet for my Rotary Club, and am now writing this blog post.

Technology has made it simpler for us to work and be efficient in my time.  Too many of us don’t think big enough when trying to determine how to not waste time.  I used to bemoan the fact that my big “project” was losing momentum if I was delayed in accessing it.  Now, I realize there are several smaller projects I can complete and get off my table.  In the end, I’m being productive. What about you?

One tip is to always be prepared with a back up plan.  Carry a book, have an audio book on your iPod or MP3, keep a pad and pen to jot notes, or just have that next “to-do” handy in case something comes up to derail your plans.  It’s not about always needing to be busy.  Sometimes, you may just need to think.  That’s why you carry something to write down all those great ideas.

Don’t just kill time.  Make it useful.  Be prepared with your lap top, your book, or your iPod to be effective and efficient.  You will find you will get more done giving you more discretionary time in the end.


The Weedin Forums

I am very excited to announce that I’ve just launched my exclusive forums for my professional community and it’s available to join immediately.

The Weedin Forums will be a place where C-level executives, small business owners, business professionals, and business leaders can come to learn, grow, and be challenged.  The forums have many categories meant to discuss and debate with peers so you can learn and constantly develop your business or organization.

Topic you will find include:

  • Leadership
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Effective Communications Skills
  • Networking & Marketing
  • Current Events
  • Life Balance Techniques
  • Much, much more

There is also a forum for you to ask me any question that you need a quick response to.  I’ve been a member of my mentor’s community just like this for consultants and have benefited greatly.

Membership is a lifetime $500 one-time fee.  You will get a huge return on your investment just by being active and participating.  I encourage you to join and become active in my forums.  It will be good for your business!

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