PowerPointer #3 Don’t Suck the Life Out of the Room

Want to suck the life out of a crowded room that is waiting to hear you speak?

All you have to do is start your presentation by clicking on the projector.  Hopefully, masks will drop from the ceiling and your audience can be revived!

If you MUST use PowerPoint, then open your presentation without the slides.  Don’t even turn on the projector until after you’ve opened with a story, anecdote, or powerful statement.  You have a much better chance of engaging your audience from the start and giving your presentation a chance for success.

© 2010 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

2 Replies to “PowerPointer #3 Don’t Suck the Life Out of the Room”

  1. I will give this a try Saturday. I have never started with a story but here goes. How long can a story go before you lose the audience? Is there a limit?

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