What Can You Learn from the Saints and the Super Bowl?

What can you learn to help your business thrive from yesterday’s Super Bowl?  How about this:

  • The Saints were coached more aggressively.  The 4th down attempt, the onside kick to start the 2nd half, and blitzing Peyton Manning late in the game are examples.  They were willing to be courageous to win the big game. Are you willing to be courageous in your career?
  • The 4th down attempt didn’t work, and sometimes that happens in business.  If you’re not failing, you’re not trying.
  • The Colts didn’t make the plays when they had the lead. Up 10-3, Pierre Garcon dropped a pass that could have gone the distance. It was a game-changer.  When you have the lead in your line of business, do you take your foot off the gas or make the right play?  Execution of skills is as critical as dropping a pass in the Super Bowl. You must be ready for success.

© 2010 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

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