Apple Takes Bite Out of Microsoft

Want to know what happens when you do all the right things and your competition stumbles? Take a look at what Apple has done to Microsoft – read story.

Apple has consistently had better marketing; better branding; superior customer service; leading edge products; broader appeal; and better leadership. All that leads to a community of evangelists who continually sing their praises. I know I live in Microsoft country, but I am a “Mac.” Why? Because it performs better and I get superior service from Apple Care. It’s all about results for me.

What about your brand? Are you consistently offering tremendous value; leading edge products/service; unmatched responsiveness to your clients; and evangelists tooting your horn? If not, why? Or perhaps the better question is how do you get that changed?

Take a lesson from Apple and take a bite out of your competition by upping your game!

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Calling All Entreprenuers and Business Pros – Go from Recession to Recovery with Dan and Libby

If you are an entrepreneur, service professional, or small business owner in the Greater Puget Sound region, mark your calendars for July 14, 2010!

Join Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner at the Seattle Chamber for Focus On! Recession to Recovery: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Business Acceleration.

The road to recovery need not be long. In fact, it’s in your best interest to accelerate it! Dan and Libby will share with you their road-map to help your business be in position to come out of this recession with dramatic growth, tremendous confidence and improved employee morale.

What you will learn:

  • Strategies for leading yourself first
  • Characteristics that separate leaders who soar from leaders who struggle
  • Keys for managing and mastering your time
  • “Can’t miss” techniques to build your prospect pipeline
  • Marketing strategies that are painless, profitable and ready to implement today
  • Relationship-building techniques to help you quickly add new clients and create long-term evangelists for you
  • You will walk away with clear strategies and techniques to turbo-charge your business down that road to recovery and get to the finish line before everyone else.

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from two consultants who are accredited by world-renown consultant, Alan Weiss of Million Dollar Consultant “Master Mentors.”

    We’ll provide practical strategies, insightful tips, and an entertaining time. Not only that, you get a terrific LUNCH!!

    Click here for full details.

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    Testimonials as Blog Posts

    I’ve recently started the practice of using testimonials as blog posts. You should, too!  Here are three reasons why…

    1. Prospective clients see what outcomes and results you provide to your current clients.
    2. Prospective clients trust the words of others more than what you say about yourself. You do it when you are looking for value. Why wouldn’t they?
    3. It’s part of promoting your value to those who need it. If they don’t know it’s available, how can you help them and improve their condition?

    Here’s an example of a recent testimonial related to my monthly e-newsletter:

    “Dan – just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletters, I read every one and find them always interesting
    and often really applicable to me personally – like today’s – my home office is a mess!  Now I’m going to take heart and get it cleaned up – another
    way you’ve inspired me!”
    Regards Steve Kersten, Bainbridge Island

    You can gain the same type of traction with your testimonials, too. Just stay in the moment and make sure you ask for permission and then use it.

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    The Discipline of Wisdom

    Yesterday morning I took part in a terrific webinar on the “Discipline of Wisdom, ” by Alan Weiss. This webinar was free to all his mentor community. Alan spent an hour with us discussing techniques to improve discipline, reduce procrastination, control our time, and enhance life balance. The webinar was recorded and available for his community to listen to again later.

    One technique I walked away with was making sure I have three professional and three personal priorities each day. I started yesterday with that technique and it was beneficial in focusing my attention on those 6 items. They each were completed and I have a new set today. That one technique by itself was a huge return on my investment of the one hour.

    This is one example of the tremendous value received by being part of a global community like this. I dare say there is no other entrepreneurial community as powerful. I have been a member at some level since I started my practice in 2005, and now have been a very active member since 2008. In March, I became accredited as a Master Mentor in this community, so my mentees gain the same value by being automatically entered as a lifetime member.

    If you want to learn more about how this community can dramatically expand your business and enhance your life, contact me. I am happy to share my experiences with you. You can also learn more by checking out these two sites:

    Professional and personal development and growth are key to living the lifestyle that you desire. When you are part of such an extraordinary community as Alan Weiss’s, you  develop and grow faster. I’m thrilled to be able to help my mentees in their journey.

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    New Video – Toastmasters Speech

    This is my latest speech competition speech from Toastmasters given last Saturday. The point of this speech for all of you is that it’s okay to recycle speeches. This was a speech I gave three years ago at the International semi-finals in California. I made adjustments to the opening and closing transition primarily. You don’t always have to come up with a new speech. You can take a story and message and “re-purpose” it often. The important part is that your message is giving value to the audience.

    To view the original speech, click here.

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    Burning the Boats

    I had the opportunity to hear Lance Miller, the 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, present in Spokane over the weekend. We were both featured keynoters at the District 9 Toastmasters Conference. Lance told a story about how when Hernando Cortez landed in the new world, he burned the boats so there would be no temptation to heading back to Spain. The commitment to make it in this new world was made when the route to the old world was permanently taken away.

    Do you make those same strong commitments to your career? To your personal decisions? When you “burn the boats” and sincerely know that there is no turning back, the passion to succeed is great.

    If you strongly believe in your decision, are committed to making something in your life work, take the next step like Cortez did. Burn the boats and commit to the fact that there is no turning back. Its full steam ahead in your “new world.”

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    The Breakdown

    Yesterday, the fuel pump on my Suburban gave out on the highway right before the exit to my home. I was able to maneuver the car to safety, get it re-started, and get back to my house. I was then able to drive the car about half a mile to my mechanic for further repair.

    When I got the call from him to tell me the damage report and the cost to fix it, I was unhappy. I hate cars, sometimes. Once you get them all paid off, they seem to have a way to keep coming back and biting you for more!

    However, after a brief pause, I realized how lucky I truly was. I had driven that car to Sea-Tac airport and back the day before to pick up my daughter. Our trip back from the airport was around midnight. That very day, I had driven to a meeting about 45 minutes away and back. Tomorrow, the plan was to take that car to Spokane (6 hour drive over the mountain pass) with my wife for the conference I’m speaking at.

    That fuel pump could have decided to go out on the Tacoma Narrows bridge at midnight; the highway 35 miles away from home; or an hour out of Spokane in the very rural part of Eastern Washington. The absolute best possible scenario happened.

    Bad things happen all the time to us. How we respond will determine how we live our life daily. We can choose to be cynical, jaded, negative, and depressed or we can consider ourselves fortunate to be breathing in and out while living on a planet hurtling in space around a fiery star.

    Which do you choose?

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    I thought we were in a recession where businesses are clamoring for…well…business.

    I called the Director of Sales of a hotel yesterday and inquired via voice mail about renting a space. She never called back. I called again today because I really like this location. Had to leave another message. I wonder how long it will take to call me back. And how long I wait…

    Thought for the Day – If you want business, return those messages. Act like you want my business.

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    LIVE Event Announcement

    I will be speaking this Saturday, May 8th at the Toastmasters District 9  Conference in Spokane. I will be a featured keynote speaker and my topic is on helping you uncover and add humor to any presentation or speech you give. I’m excited to be a part of the event and encourage all of you Toastmasters in District 9 to come on over and say hello.

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