Order Libby Wagner’s Book on June 9th

One week from today, buy The Influencing Option by Libby Wagner through Amazon. The reasons…

  •  You will receive tremendous value and strategy on how to become a true “influencer” and leader from a world-class expert on the subject.
  • When you order on June 9th, you will entitled to a bonus list of valuable gifts offered by a formidable array of B2B business experts (including yours truly) at no extra charge.

Go here to learn much more about Libby and her new book (which I’ve read and can vouch for the amazing value).

You can also learn more from Libby herself by watching this video.

I’ve worked and collaborated with Libby Wagner fro the past 4 years. I guarantee you that you will really benefit from her work and her ideas.

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Author: danweedin

Consultant / Speaker / Author

2 thoughts on “Order Libby Wagner’s Book on June 9th

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