Class by Cuban

I just finished watching the Dallas Mavericks vanquish the Lebron-led (or not led) Miami Heat. I can tell you that there is a stark difference in class. First, you’ve got the mega-hyped, Lebron James who held “The Announcement” last year to bolt from Cleveland. Everyone outside of South Beach was rooting against him.

Mark Cuban is the bombastic owner of the Dallas Mavericks. He just won his first NBS championship and what’s he do? He invites the club’s original owner, Donald Carter, to receive the championship trophy on stage. That’s class.

Leadership is about actions. Mark Cuban showed tremendous leadership, character, and class tonight.

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Author: danweedin

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2 thoughts on “Class by Cuban

  1. NBS? I saw it as well and I do applaud Cuban for his “humbleness.” It’s sad that Lebron will get more press because his excessive jocularity seems to always overshadow the bigger stories whether he wins or loses, but sadly, that’s what sells papers…or internet hits. I don’t see Lebron changing over time because he is that showman as well as a superb player. Cuban has been on the side of being boisterous and obnoxious too, but I’m glad to see him take a step back and be grateful, just for the sake of being grateful for the outstanding supporting cast he has. Congrats Mavs…you earned it.

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