Extra Points – Opportunity Knocking

This week’s focus point –

Opportunity Knocks – Take It.

I watched with great interest the United States women’s soccer team playing on Sunday for the World Cup Championship. They completely outplayed Japan for the majority of the game, yet lost in a playoff shoot-out when they gave up goals near the end of both the regular and overtime periods. You might think that their inability to close the games and critical gaffes at the end were what lost the game. These were contributing factors, yet in my opinion, the game was lost in the first half. The USA was clearly the aggressor and the better team, outshooting Japan by a 15-5 mark well into the half. They had wonderful opportunities but failed to capitalize on one. Had they scored on any of those, they would have won in regulation. Opportunities lost.

The same can be said of us in business and life. How many opportunities to “score” do we get, yet blow over the net, or hit the crossbar? Do we play a great game, yet fail to “finish the deal” and take advantage of our opportunities? What are the consequences we face for not answering the door when opportunity knocks?

The good news is that just like sports, we will get another chance. I encourage you to keep your mind open and be in the moment to take advantage of your next shot on goal!

This week’s quote – “The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer…”
– John Madden, Hall of Fame football coach and TV commentator

Author: danweedin

Consultant / Speaker / Author

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