Extra Points – Legacy


Steve Jobs passed away last week after an 8-year battle with cancer. The Apple founder and CEO had an amazing impact on business because of his creativity, charisma, and leadership. Ironic that he passed away the day after the next version of his iPhone was introduced.

Regardless of your affection for Apple, there is little argument that Jobs was perhaps the greatest innovator in business since Henry Ford. He forged a culture at Apple and a fanatical following for his products. His greatest skills? He was a brilliant communicator; he knew his company’s value proposition and he never wavered from it; he knew how to build customer loyalty and evangelism; and he was able to build a legacy that will live on even after his death.

How are you building your legacy? These skills I mentioned apply to “jobs” outside of being a CEO of one of the most noted brands and corporations in the world. They apply to small business owners, executives, board members, and leaders of non-profits. They also apply to husbands, wives, and parents. Traits like communication skills, vision, walking your talk, and relationship building helped forge a legacy for Jobs. What can they do for us?

This week’s quote –“Put a ding in the universe…”
– Steve Jobs

Author: danweedin

Consultant / Speaker / Author

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