Extra Points – Feeding Forward

Feeding Forward.

Cactus flower found only in Colombia

Marshall Goldsmith is one of the premier executive coaches in the world. One of his concepts is the “feed forward” process of thinking. “Feedback” is looking back at things that happened good or bad to judge what you do in the future. Feed forward is simply not dwelling on what “should” have happened and focuses on what needs to happen to improve. January is a great time to feed forward on changing the behavior that you feel needs to happen to catapult your year.

I have been negligent in the past about finishing a book. I’ve not been focused or disciplined in this process (feedback). Here is what my feed forward language is…

Carve out 45 minutes every other day / review what you’ve already written and re-purpose your past work / eliminate distractions / leave your office and find a quiet place to focus / ask for help / make it fun

These are all positive, forward thinking phrases focusing on action, not on past failures. What behaviors do you want to change that can benefit from this exercise? Consider what you need to do and find colleagues, friends, and family who are willing to give you feed forward suggestions. You will be surprised what great advise you get! Then, go do it!

This week’s quote –Eighteen holes of match or medal play will teach you more about your foe than will 18 years of dealing with him across a desk.  ~Grantland Rice

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