Extra Points – Change Management

Change Management.

On Saturday, I hurt my right hand when I was moving some things out of my parent’s home. A pick axe fell on the back of my hand and I think just bruised it. The pain only lasted a short time and I forgot about it. Until Sunday morning. At church, I shook the hand of a friend who is easily 6’7 and has one of the strongest grips I’ve ever felt. Especially on Sunday! Even though I think I hid it well, I thought I was going to start crying. The pain was worse than the original. Then it subsided again. I went that afternoon to a legislative meeting in my role as school board director. A plethora of hands to shake. Of course, I again forgot and OUCH on the first shake. I had to make a quick adjustment to the left-hand shake for the rest of the meeting! I escaped unscathed from any further pain…

Life and business often sneak up and causes you pain, and forces you to make sudden changes. Things go along swimmingly and then you run into an episode that forces you to adjust quickly to avoid further “pain.” Unfortunately, many of us wait too long before shifting because we push back on “change.” What happens is you keep shaking hands and getting “squeezed.” Life and business is all about being nimble; shrewd, creative, and able to make decisions quickly. Sometimes (like with a hurt hand), it’s a simple shift. More often, it’s harder to see and the decisions are tougher. Those that are slow to change miss the boat; those that are decisive and savvy, find other opportunities.

Which one are you?

This week’s quote – “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes; one of his greatest surprises; is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” Henry Ford

Author: danweedin

Consultant / Speaker / Author

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