Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 3 – More Value Based Fees

Dan Weedin waxing poetic on the importance of finding out objectives of your prospect in determining fees. From the work and brain of Libby and Dan’s mentor, Alan Weiss. Alan is the author of Million Dollar Consulting and 40+ other books, including several on Value Based fees.

The NW Master Mentor events are uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. The knowledge and information that I have learned is priceless. Libby and Dan’s presentation hit home with me in a very personal and introspective way. It was an excellent workshop all the way around, and I can’t wait for the next one.
Tess Wong – Seattle

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Extra Points – Entrepreneurship and the Curse of Methodology

Entrepreneurship and the Curse of Methodology.

Last Thursday was a terrific day. Not only was it my anniversary, but the second edition of Libby & Dan was taking place in Seattle. Barb took the day off to accompany me and help out at the event. Two of our participants are pals of Libby. They are brothers who play Irish, Hip Hop music. I’m not sure I have properly described the sound, but let’s just say they are awesome. In fact, Libby was so kind as to ask them to sing a special song for Barb and me for our anniversary. We loved it!

These two very talented musicians didn’t really attend just to sing for us. They definitely weren’t there to become better musicians. They attended to improve their entrepreneurship skills. Like most artists (and many consultants), they are brilliant at what they do (methodology), and want to expand their business chops.

Consultants, coaches, speakers, and certain professions like doctors, can easily fall in love with their methodology. The stark business truth is that if you’re not very good at the business and marketing end of things, no one will know you exist. That’s bad for them and for you.

You’re in the marketing business, regardless of what your methodology is or what you do well. You have to become good at marketing, business, and communication. You can certainly delegate things away that you don’t like to do, or aren’t good at (i.e. bookkeeping), but you must be proficient at promoting your business and acquiring new clients. You don’t get a chance to exhibit your skills otherwise.
You may be the greatest band of all time, but if nobody comes to see you, you’re nowhere. You may be the greatest (fill in your blank) of all time, but if you don’t know how to find clients, you’ll soon be working for someone else.

Time to play some music!

P.S. Size 2 Shoes are really, really great. They hail from Ireland and now make New York City their home. Here is some horn tooting for them by me. Check out their web site and music here!

This week’s quote – “A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in on the experience.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 1 – Value Based Fees


Dan Weedin talking Value based Fees at the Libby & Dan event on June 21st. The topic comes from the works and brains of Alan Weiss. Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for Alan.

If you are in the professional service business, especially as a consultant, coach, or speaker, watch this (and the remaining series). Hourly billing is bad for your clients and you. Find out why…


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Extra Points – Conviction


Fathers Day for me is spent watching the final round of United Stated Open golf championship. As an avid golfer, I just love the U.S. Open and my kids love watching with me, and my wife is kind enough to tolerate it. As I was watching another dramatic finish, one of the commentators made a statement as a golfer was attempting an important short putt. He said, “He just needs to hit it with conviction.” The golfer did and the ball disappeared in the hole.

The champion of the tournament, Webb Simpson won because he played the round with the best conviction. Some players faltered down the stretch and allowed Simpson to be victorious by only one stroke. Here are the business and life lessons for you…

First, play life with conviction. Confidence, fearlessness, and passion win out more often than not. Being scared, cautious, and displaying lack of trust in yourself will leave you looking up at the “champion.” Second, you can win by the slimmest of margins and still be a champion. One stroke, a nose, an inch, a millisecond – all those are the margins that mean the difference between life altering success and anonymity. You don’t have to blow away the competition, you merely need to win by a stroke.

Be bold. Play hard. Do your best every day. Have conviction….

This week’s quote –I never rooted against an opponent, but I never rooted for him, either.” ~ Arnold Palmer

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Los Angeles Bound

I’m heading out to Los Angeles tomorrow to take part in Alan Weiss’s Almost Free workshop for consultants. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for rookie and veteran consultants to hone their skills, learn strategies, and grow professionally and personally. I will be there with fellow Master Mentors to help out on the day.

I’ve attended several workshops like this that Alan puts on. I’ve never walked away from one without at least 3 or 4 specific ideas to improve. How are you keeping sharp professionally?

I will be posting from my brief trip to SoCal and share my takeaways from the event. If you are there, make sure an say hello!

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