Extra Points – Extraordinary

Extraordinary.    In NYC

I recently had a text conversation with a coaching client. I asked how things were going since I hadn’t heard from her in a couple of weeks. The answer was pretty innocuous – “Nothing exciting to report. Just plugging along.”

This isn’t to pick on one of my favorite people, because her response isn’t much different than what most of us repeat every day. “Nothing new;” “Same old, same.old;” and “Just getting by,” are canned responses drilled into our psyche.

Our psyche needs to change.

Every morning you should be waking up and expecting the extraordinary. That’s right, the “extra” ordinary. Why? Because we are all extraordinary people who just haven’t convinced ourselves of this fact yet. Certainly, people can get into a rut, but in my experience these are self made and self sustaining. You need to expect the extraordinary out of yourself and seek it every day. Maybe even demand it. Otherwise, you drift into a state of mind called “sameness,” and this is as boring as a ham sandwich without cheese.

Barb and I had gotten in the habit of watching television for a couple of hours after putting my mother to bed. Friday night, she made a switch. She knows my affectivity for 70s and 80s music, so she started quizzing me in a “Name That Tune” game being played on You Tube. Pretty soon, instead of dueling banjos we had dueling iPads trying to best each other. Of course, my perspicacity for this genre of music is quite strong, so I continually prevailed:) Fortunately for me, her genius in coming up with something extraordinary made a memorable night for us.

What are you going to do today, right now, to turn the ordinary into extraordinary?

This week’s quote –
“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”
~Tommy Lasorda, former Los Angeles Dodgers manager

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Extra Points – Reconciliation


I watched with great interest last week as Lance Armstrong came clean to Oprah Winfrey on national television over a two-day made for TV extravaganza. We’ve seen this before with the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, other athletes, celebrities, and politicians. The mea culpa is the first step in gaining reconciliation.

We as a nation have already shown we are willing to forgive. Time and better behavior (at least publicly) tend to erase the public perception over time. But from a more macro level, it’s not so easy. In Armstrong’s case, he has admitted to shredding lives of former teammates, sponsors, friends, and family. At 41 years old, he has a long time to live with this on his conscience. I hope for his sake he is really remorseful and can make real amends with those who were most damaged.

Maybe the bigger question for us, who don’t share the international limelight of Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and Bill Clinton, is how good are we at reconciling with others in our lives. We may not make the same mistakes or behave as boorishly on a such a grand stage. However, all of us have undoubtedly made mistakes that have hurt others personally and professionally. When we are the culprit, how would we like to be dealt with? Are we truly sorry and prepared to make amends? Are we remorseful being interviewed not by Oprah Winfrey, but by the one we hurt? And, how gracious are we when we have been asked to forgive?

It’s very easy to ridicule a figure like Lance Armstrong, or others whom I’ve mentioned above. The way I see it, “there but for the grace of God go I.” We have no idea how we would have acted if we had been thrust into the limelight with power, money, opportunity, and adulation. It’s simple to say we would have not succumbed to the power. Maybe if things had been different for Whitney Houston, Chris Farley, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, Heath Ledger, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Lance Armstrong (to name just a very few) and they never reached the lofty heights they did, they might be either alive or living a very different life.

Bottom line – being someone who is good at forgiving and asking for forgiveness requires humility, honesty, and perspective. It also allows for hope…

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This week’s quote –
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Extra Points – Wishing


I love The Twilight Zone. I started watching the iconic and groundbreaking series on Netflix from Season 1, Episode 1. Barb isn’t as big a fan, but she has tolerated it by sitting with me while playing games on her iPad, and occasionally glancing up (I know she is watching).

On Saturday, I did a mini-marathon and watched three episodes in a row. One was particularly interesting. A shopkeeper and his wife are given an old bottle by a customer. When they drop it, what comes out but a genie (and not Barbara Eden). The genie in the fedora grants them 4 wishes. The shopkeeper doesn’t put much thought into the consequences and finds himself **SPOILER ALERT 53 years LATER** in a bunker at the end of World War II as Hitler. He uses his last wish just to get back to where he was in the beginning.

It is very easy to wish our lives away. Right now I’m wishing that my Seahawks held on to win their playoff game, but I digress. Wishing is always trumped by action. Setting goals, having vision, thinking big, and having dreams for the future are all fine, and should be part of the process. But idly wishing without action by you (and not a genie in a fedora) ends up wasting your valuable time and sapping you of strength.

Many people set New Year’s Resolutions just a few weeks ago. Many were simply wishing. Others wee putting action into their wishes and are undoubtedly speeding towards those wishes. Which one are you?

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This week’s quote –
“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”
~Oscar Wilde

Experience Weedin project Debuts on Friday with Pubic Speaking

The Experience Weedin Project kicks off on Friday with a one-hour webinar on how to gain new clients and revenue from public speaking. Here is the what you have to look forward to…Bogota 1

January 18thPublic Speaking to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Income


Speaking directly to buyers is the single most effective way to generate new business outside of strong referrals. Think of how dramatic that growth could be if you maximize your talents and speak with tremendous skill! This session will dissect how to be a dynamic speaker; how to properly use slides and other visuals; how to use personal stories and humor effectively; how to get paid to speak; and how to generate business from your audience.

In the agenda:

  • Why speaking should be an integral part of your marketing for any consultant, executive coach, or entrepreneur
  • How to effectively write and practice a speech to inspire an audience
  • Slide Rules: How to turn dull into dynamic with slides
  • Best Practices
  • How to market to gain opportunities
  • Getting paid to speak

If you do any speaking for business – including not for profit executives – you should be on this webinar. This program alone will return your investment on the series. Don’t delay, register TODAY.


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Extra Points – No Panic

No Panic


I would make a lousy National Football League coach.

Watching my team, the Seattle Seahawks, fall behind 14-0 in a playoff game against the Washington Redskins had me fit to be tied. They were playing awful and the entire momentum and outlook was gloomy. The players and coaches were getting a blistering tongue-lashing from 3,000 miles through the television. I’m sure my ire as a coach would have looked like sheer panic to my players. Luckily for everyone involved in Seahawks Nation, I am NOT the coach!

The coaches and players never panicked. They came back to score the next 24 points and win fairly easily to advance in the playoffs. No panic. Just doing your job confidently one play at a time until the mission was completed. Teams that panic try to hard and fail. Teams that don’t panic, stay in the moment and at least give themselves a fighting chance.

We often panic in life and business. Ever catch yourself panicking in the middle of a conversation? In the midst of a business deal going south? When time, money, and opportunity seem to be fading fast? What do you do? Try to hard and fail, or stay calm?

All of us have probably succumbed to panic at times. It’s part of being human and learning. The key is to learn how to stay calm in crisis and chaos. How do you do that?

The most important factor is self-confidence. That innate knowledge that you are good enough to overcome adversity. The abiding belief in yourself that you will win. The ability to slow things down in your mind and be focused. Finally, the understanding that in most cases, “this too shall pass” and you will survive and prosper no matter what happens in the moment. On the football field, those who don’t panic generally win. The same holds true in life and business. Go forth and never panic again!

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This week’s quote –

“Tough times never last. Tough people always do.”

 ~An untold number of people have quoted this. I saw in on a movie the other day and thought it appropriate…

The World According to Captain Jack

Courtesy of the Weedin 360 Newsletter…Captain Jack sleeping on chair
Hello. My name is Captain Jack and I’m the terribly charming, witty, and intelligent pal of my human, Dan. I’ve been observing human behavior and have come to the conclusion that you all can learn a lot from dogs. Especially me. You see, I’m a Jack Russell and we are unquestionably the smartest dogs on the planet. Welcome to my column… 
The Mayans got it wrong. It sounds like these dudes from a long, long time ago had it fixed that December 21st was going to be the end of the world. Because of that, a whole bunch of people turned into Chicken Little and thought the sky would come crashing down on that Friday a few weeks ago. Me…I wasn’t worried. I didn’t bury any bones or hide things for finding later in case I survived the holocaust. In fact, I think the Mayans got misquoted. Happens all the time.
It never ceases to amaze me how easily humans get distracted. Things like Mayan calendars, social media babble, and Justin Bieber music can keep you from staying focused on what’s really important. Dogs get a bad rap for being undisciplined. I beg to differ…we don’t get distracted to the point of destruction.
When we decide we want to sleep, we sleep. When it’s time to eat, we do it quickly and move on. When we want to play, we set our full focus and energy on it. When bigger priorities arise, we attend to them. For example, if I’m asleep and someone knocks on the door, I bark like crazy and make a lot of noise and fuss until I deem that the person at the door is friend and not foe. Once that’s been determined, I’m right back to sleep. Humans on the other hand might end up sending a lot of time wondering how the person got to the door; what was their real reason for coming; were they considerate enough when answering the door; would the person come back to the door; perhaps a committee should be made to study of more people came to the door, etc. You get my point. Puts me right to sleep.
Be more like a dog. Be focused on your tasks, but be flexible enough to respond to new stimuli (my new favorite word). Don’t over-think things that don’t hold great importance. Make decisions and live with them. And when your all done, don’t worry about the sky falling; instead go take a nap.

Just saying…
Captain Jack

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Why Business Plans Fail or How to GPS Your Way to Success in 2013

Your Secret Sauce to Success

Tis’ the season to make plans. Business plans and strategies abound when the calendar turns to a new year.Cooking with Dan

Resolutions – both business and personal – are made with great intentions. And most are doomed to fail. Why? Because business plans are over-rated. They fail because you might just hit it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in. My advice to you is to eschew a business plan and create a powerful marketing plan. Having a business plan without a strategy on how you’re going to bring business in is like taking off for a secluded vacation getaway without a GPS, a map, or a Boy Scout compass. You might end up getting there, but it took you longer and wasted more of your valuable time.

Here is your GPS to success for next year (Just imagine my voice imploring you to recalculate when you go off track. I think many of my coaching and mentoring clients can relate!)…

  1. Determine how you improve the condition of others. What is the value you bring? What sets you apart from your competition? If you can’t sum it up in your own words, ask your best clients. Find out why they do business with you. Two things happen. First, you learn why people do business with you. Second, they remind themselves why they should continue to work with you!
  2. Who is your target market? Are there new audiences you should be reaching? How do you get yourself and your brand in front of them?
  3. Put referrals on the top of your list. Most businesses get referrals, but do a poor job of asking for them. Develop a system and language for your sales professionals (and you) to mine for gold. Asking for referrals is not difficult once you know how. Make it a priority.
  4. Create your own intellectual property. That means webinars, teleconferences, articles, columns, blogs, and podcasts. Create new services, products, and offerings. Become an object of interest.
  5. Stop wasting time and money on tactics that aren’t working. Does anybody even own a phone book anymore? Find out where people hear about you and go there.
  6. Find ways to speak publicly. You aren’t there to “pitch.” However, if your presentation is deemed as valuable then you will get opportunities to speak. The thundering herd of people approaching you afterwards to talk to you is your sign that people might like to hire you.
  7. Be better at following up. We have all been guilty of getting great leads and then letting them slip through the cracks. Set up a system that doesn’t allow that to happen.
  8. Set metrics and review data to see what is working and find out why. If it isn’t working, adjust and re-try. If it still isn’t working, stop. If it is working, rinse and repeat.
  9. Be shameless in your promotion.

I recently heard a colleague and friend of mine, Alex Goldfayn proclaim, “Marketing is no place for modesty.” He is absolutely correct. If you provide a great value through your services or products, you should be telling the whole world. If you genuinely believe that you are improving the condition and lives of others, then not aggressively tooting your own horn is actually selfish. You have great value; believe in yourself first.

Bottom line – ditch the business plan and create a powerful marketing plan. A marketing plan that works well will ultimately blow away anything your business plan would have set as a goal.

Take a left at the next light. You have reached your destination…

Here is hoping all of you slide in under the tag in 2013!

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