Help Me with my Kitsap Business Journal column for June

Dan Weedin
Dan Weedin

Hey all my faithful readers of my monthly column for the Kitsap Business Journal, I want your help!

My column for June is due on Monday and I am planning on writing it tomorrow (Sunday). I’ve received many kind words from you over the past couple of months and I am grateful. Now I would like you t respond before the column! Here is what I want…

I want you to tell me what topic you want me to write about. What’s your burning question, your biggest challenge, your most pressing issue? What do you want to read about next month when your Kitsap Business Journal hits your mailbox, or you read my copy on this blog or on social media? I am asking for your input right now.

Here is what you do. Send me your choice via a comment on this blog, a comment on Facebook/Linked In/Twitter/Google+, email (dan@danweedin), or a really fast homing pigeon. I need it by noon Pacific time tomorrow. I know it’s the weekend, but that’s how it works. Hopefully a few of you read this and give me some suggestions. Here are a few topics to get your brain thinking…

  • Change Management
  • Executive Leadership
  • Motivating Employees
  • Increasing Sales/Revenue
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Something else….

Give me a topic and an issue right away. If I choose your topic, you will get a free 20-minute coaching session with me. Hurry up…I need to start writing!

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2 thoughts on “Help Me with my Kitsap Business Journal column for June

  1. Dan: I think change management has lots of possibilities in both organizational contexts and in our own personal lives/behavior. You don’t need to write the definitive book about this topic for your column, just share some insights from your career and sports coaching that illustrate how people set goals to change their behavior for the better.

    Good for you that the weather isn’t that great outside today,so it’s not like your missing a great round of golf by having to get this darn thing written.

    Steve Leahy

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