Extra Points

Experience              Superman

My wife and I went to watch Man of Steel this weekend in the theater. Fun movie, but not the topic of this week’s memo.

There has never been a time where watching movies is easier, cheaper, and more on demand. For the sake of waiting just a few months, you can use Netflix, You Tube, satellite TV, Amazon, or about a dozen other platforms t watch what you want, when you want, for almost nothing. Yet going to the box office has never been more popular. Why? Easy. The experience. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a theater with the popcorn and Junior Mints. The fun of being part of a large crowd of strangers having a shared experience together. Heck, even the coming attractions and credits add to the fun. Movies at the theaters will always remain strong because they offer an experience that can’t be matched even with surround sound home theatre, a pause button, and liquor from your bar.

What kind of experience do you give your clients and customers? Is it enough to keep coming back? How do you know? In the end, no matter what your product or service, the experience they receive from you must delight and emotionally captivate them, or else you become a commodity. Don’t kid yourself, we can all be replaced. The big screen has found a way to avoid that. Have you?

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This week’s quote –
“Superman don’t need no seat belt.”
– Muhammad Ali

Extra Points – Transitions


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of conferring official graduation upon about 500 high school seniors of two different high schools. This annual right of passage for 17 and 18 year olds is marked by a very special tradition…the turning of the tassel.

That tassel turn from right to left signifies a transition for them. A transition from youth to young adult; from dependence to autonomy; and from the known to the unknown.

What many of these young adults don’t yet realize is that transitions don’t end with graduations. They happen constantly through life. We go through transitions in business and in life – from single to married; from childless to parents; and from employee to entrepreneur.

Change must be embraced by them and you. The biggest enemy of success is sameness. Newspapers didn’t get that and now they are going the way of the T-Rex and dodo bird. Apple is on top of the technology world, yet they are constantly in a state of trying to change and improve. What about you…both professionally and personally? What transitions are you in the midst of? Which ones are you assertively seeking out? And which ones will help you grow regardless of how many graduation reunions you see in your lifetime?

© 2013 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

This week’s quote –
“The job of the artist is to always deepen the mystery.”
– Francis Bacon