5 Ways to Bounce Back Quickly after Disaster

I was just interviewed for a magazine article on what steps businesses can take to bounce back quickly after a disaster like a fire, flood, or tornado. Here was my umbrella_riskresponse…

  1. Have a crisis/disaster recovery plan in place BEFORE the disaster. Too many businesses simply don’t know what to do in the aftermath because they never planned. Making decisions in real-time is usually a bad thing. The ability to bounce back quickly is directly related to how prepared you are.
  2. Having a strong communication plan in place that is set up to reach employees, supply chain, customers, and community is essential. The quicker and more effectively you can reach people, the quicker you will recover. This is part of the planning.
  3. Have a backup location to go to in the event your building is unusable.
  4. Have strong redundancy for technology and power. Most businesses cannot survive without those two things for very long. They need to have secondary and tertiary plans for both.
  5. Have adequate insurance. Insurance must be reviewed at a minimum of an annual basis. Too often, they policy has become obsolete and the time this has been discovered is at the time of the calamity.


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Author: danweedin

Consultant / Speaker / Author

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