Extra Points – Cool & Confidant

Cool and Confident  

One of my challenges as a high school athlete was that I tended to panic in the face of adversity. It was never about being “scared.” I always wanted the ball or the putt to win the game or match. The problem was that I would be so afraid to make a mistake that inevitably my the fear of failure snuck in my head and would thwart me. This inability to get “stinking thinking” out of my head certainly was the reason I never made it to the PGA or NBA (among other things like, oh let’s see, skill, size, and talent).

In watching Russell Wilson yesterday during the Seahawks game, I continue to be amazed at how unflappable he is. There is never any panic in him. That’s undoubtedly why he has led so many 4th quarter comebacks in his brief career.

In our own business gridiron, we face adversity and challenges every day, too. We have ample opportunities to panic and attract “stinking thinking” into our brains. In order to remain cool, calm, and unflappable ourselves in our game, we need to do what athletes like Russell Wilson do…be supremely confident; keep perspective; and always believe you are just one play big away from a win. If we commit to creating that mindset in or game, we can expect a bevy of touchdowns and wins.

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This week’s quote –
“Let your souls stand cool and composed before a million universes.”
– Walt Whitman

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