Extra Points: Community

This week’s focus point… @ Fenway


Last week, I had to travel a couple of days into Seattle for a continuing education program required for my license and designation. It meant hitting the commute of bus, ferry, and rail. It also meant I got to commute a portion of the way with Barb, who has now been working in Seattle for the past month and a half!

Barb “guided” me along the correct path so that I didn’t get in trouble. I had to be quiet on the morning bus because people were trying to sleep (although I think it would change everyone’s perspective in the morning if it was a party bus. Just me). We had to sit in a special section of the ferry (her pod) because everyone is ferociously territorial about where they sit. All very confusing. I’m glad Captain Jack has no rules for my regular commute from the kitchen to my office.

Barb’s group of travelers (I call them the Pod People), are really wonderful and welcoming. I met the entire group, we engaged in fun conversation, and I was invited back any time as a sort of honorary pod person. It’s good to know I have a place to go!

Community is special. Whether your community is a group of people you commute with; your regular golfing buddies; shopping pals; co-workers, neighbors, or your family (I hope!); we all need belonging, fellowship, and friendship. We are social beings that require even more than the ramblings, rants, and curiosity of Facebook and Twitter offer. We need friends. What communities do you belong to? How are you adding value to them?

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This week’s quote –
“A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.”
— Albert Schweitzer

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2 thoughts on “Extra Points: Community

  1. Hi Dan, you are so right. The thing I miss most about living in Paris this year is that feeling of belonging. Slowly Hugh and I are building relationships here and as our French language skills improve it becomes easier. Sometimes though it is just a bit overwhelming!

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