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I love my birthday.

It’s not because of presents or well wishes, although both are nice. I just really love the celebration of life. Since my birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, it adds to the whole calendar year thinking because it not only forces me to look at my life as a whole, but encourages me to look back on the prior year and the one about to begin. It also means that everyone is celebrating with me, whether they think they are or not. After all, it is my birthday and I can think that way if I want to!

This year is a little different, however. Every end of the decade has added significance to me. I’m turning 49 and that means that the decade of the 40s is late in the 4th Quarter. I may get a little nostalgic and wistful contemplating this mid-life stage that I’m smack in the middle of living. But we all have no time to sit around contemplating, being melancholy, or reveling. We are in an “action world.” Life is (and always has been) about living and action. You can plan, strategize, and dream all you want, but implementation is where the rubber hits the road.

What are you going to DO in 2014 that improves your condition this time next year?

On behalf of my family (who are all together to celebrate my birthday and ring in the new year this year – yay), we want to wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous, and action-filled 2014. Here’s to hoping you will slide in ahead of the tag in all you do!

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This week’s quote –

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

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Unleashed! on Christmas Eve!

Unleashed! The Book is now officially unleashed on Christmas Eve. Be one of the first to own it starting right now. A great gift for you or someone you love for the new year.

Unleashed! A Guide to Maximizing Your Career and Enriching Your Life

(illustration and cover by Toni Glover)

Cover Art

The “Greatest Hits” from Dan Weedin and his sidekick, Captain Jack the Pirate Dog.

This is a compilation of the best of Dan’s weekly missives, Extra Points and his Weedin 360 blog. Captain Jack is a noted writer himself, gaining greater attention and fanfare than his human. This “best of the best” compilation also includes several “never before seen” articles and anecdotes under the title, Fresh Fish.

The book will provide you with perspective, inspiration, humor, and pragmatic advise to help you both professionally and personally. Whether you’re a business leader or a leader in your own home, this book will help you grow in your career and enrich your life. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile; you’ll think; you might even be annoyed, and I doubt you’ll cry. In the end, you will be better off for having read it!

But don’t take Captain Jack and Dan’s word for it. This is what others have to say…

Dan Weedin is a rare guy who instinctively finds quick answers to tough issues. I trust him implicitly, and I rarely make that statement. His weekly newsletter–Extra Points–is always relevant and demonstrates Dan’s pragmatism and ability to get to the heart of impactful issues.” – Dave Gardner, Silicon Valley CA

“Honest, authentic, challenging…” – Betsy Jordyn, Orlando FL

“Your writings are both uplifting and informative!” – Mariel Kagan, Bremerton WA

“You are my favorite read!’ – Suzy Oubre, Portland OR

“Marvelous…just marvelous!” – Jacqueline Picard, Spokane WA

“I really enjoy reading  Dan Weedin’s weekly “Extra Points” memo.  He can take the simple things that happen in everyday life and write a story about it.  The story always has a point and is relevant in business even when the story is not about business. I find his ability to write stories with creative analogies every week to be simply genius.” – Donna Himpler, Seattle, WA

$12.00 US (not including shipping & handling or that dreaded tax stuff)

First 25 people to purchase will receive my special edition article, 7 Steps to Crushing 2014!”

Feliz Navidad from Captain Jack and me!

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Extra Points – The Gift

My Gift IMG_2936

I’ve been very blessed in my life. I’ve been given the gifts of a wonderful and lovely wife, two beautiful daughters, tons of family and friends, and of course constant canine companions that have added steak and sizzle to my life. As I get older, this time of year is becoming more of a time of reflection and introspection for me. It allows me to really focus on the great things in my life.

Okay…enough of that.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of you, my loyal readers, for continuing to read my weekly musings. Thank you for your comments and emails. Thanks for your constant support. I am grateful and appreciate it more than you can imagine.

I’d like to offer you an opportunity for a gift this Christmas season. If you contact me and mention this particular email, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary 15-minute coaching session to help you get out of the starting gates fast in 2014.  The reason it’s an offer is because I’ve got nearly 1,500 people in my mailing list and I can’t do that for everyone! The offer is for the first 12 people that respond. For those that inquire but miss the first 12 people, I will have a special edition article on my “7 Steps to Crushing 2014” (by the way, the vernacular of “crush” is a good thing). I don’t want to send it to those that don’t want it, so you will have to still contact me.

Thank you again for reading my work. My family wishes you and yours all the best…

Feliz Navidad!
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This week’s quote –

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! My mouth’s bleeding, Bert! My mouth’s bleeding! Zuzu’s petals… Zuzu…[checking his pocket] There they are! Bert, what do you know about that! Merry Christmas!

~ George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life (Undeniably the best Christmas movie of all time). This is the quote that actually makes me start crying. I’m not kidding. Ask my kids.

Thriving in Business and Life

Alan & DanThe most successful people have high-powered coaches and mentors. Period.

My mentor is Million Dollar Consulting ™ author, Alan Weiss. He’s been instrumental in helping me grow both professionally and personally. I’ve worked with him since 2008.

What about you? Whom do you turn to when you need advice; need to practice; need to vent; need to improve? I don’t know about you, but my dogs aren’t interested in these types of conversations. If you’re a business leader/executive; solo practitioner; speaker. professional service provider or just someone who desperately wants to get better, and you don’t have a coach or mentor, what are you waiting for?

Invest in yourself first. The rest will come…

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The Best Christmas Move EVER

It's a Wonderful Life
It’s a Wonderful Life

You know that one of the hottest topics around the Christmas season is what is the best Christmas movie. I’ve heard radio stations debate it over the airwaves and it’s really a fun argument and discussion. We are ardent Christmas movie watchers in our family. In fact, I’m so weird about it, I’ve established guidelines on when and how to watch certain movies (example – the George C. Scott Christmas Carol must be viewed Christmas Eve night and The Christmas Story is never viewed before Christmas Day, yet can be binged on that day). Not that I’m obsessive or anything…I’ve actually made slight alterations when cajoled by my daughters exclaiming, “Please Daddy!” because they won’t be back home in time. I’m not a Grinch for goodness sakes!

I know people have opinions and cogent arguments about their favorites. However, no right-thinking person can argue over what is seemingly inarguable. The BEST Christmas movie EVER, and perhaps one of the greatest movies of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Period. Punto. No mas.

Look…the movie has it all. We’ve all been George Bailey at some point in our life. Is there a more compelling character for Christmas? It transcends generations with its story of family, adversity, loyalty, compassion, evil (Mr. Potter is the original Darth Vader), and love. The depth of despair to the adulation. Heck, when you watched Elf and saw Buddy standing over the East River (might have been the Hudson, but who cares) about ready to end it all, didn’t your mind flash back to George Bailey leaning over the edge of the bridge with the snow falling and the agonized and tormented look on his face? of course you did. Me, too.

The Godfather is known for it’s profound, life explaining quotes. It’s a Wonderful Life has them all, too. I am literally able to fall out of bed at 2:00 in the morning quoting someone from the movie. Consider these classics and I bet you get goosebumps just like I am writing them…

Clarence: Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?

Harry Bailey: A toast to my big brother George: The richest man in town.

Man on Porch: Why don’t you kiss her instead of talking her to death? George Bailey: You want me to kiss her, huh? Man on Porch: Ah, youth is wasted on the wrong people.

Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. George Bailey: That’s right, that’s right. [Looks heavenward] Attaboy, Clarence.

Pa Bailey: All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.

Clarence: [In book inscription] Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.

You’re with me, right? Of course you are. Like the players on Remember the Titans, “leave no doubt;” Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, et al, left no doubt. I don’t even think it’s debatable, is it? It’s a Wonderful Life is THE Christmas movie. It is best watched between December 21st and 24th. Just saying…

That is unless your daughter (who doesn’t arrive until the 26th and is as much a geek about this as I am) asks to wait by pleading, “Please Daddy! Please!”

That’s how you know it’s the best!

George Bailey: Ha, ha, ha, ha! My mouth’s bleeding, Bert! My mouth’s bleeding! Zuzu’s petals… Zuzu…[checking his pocket] There they are! Bert, what do you know about that! Merry Christmas!

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Musings on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

I’m not here to defend nor decry the Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson for his comments on homosexuality that are going to appear in the January issue of GQ. I offer some thoughts from 25, 000 feet for you to ponder and comment on. Go ahead and tell me what you think…

  • For those of you who are outraged – why? Is this a shock that a 65-year old conservative white man in the Deep South feels this way? Is it because of his celebrity status? If he doesn’t affect your life personally, move on. Nobody is forcing you to watch the show or buy the merchandise. The idolization of anyone whose visage appears on television is crazy. The fact that someone is on a television show shouldn’t mean that they have to believe everything you do; that their opinions are always right; or that you should buy the deodorant they use. I’m guessing GQ reached out to Phil Robertson, not the other way around.
  • For those of you appalled about his first amendment rights violation – relax and get over it. His rights weren’t violated. His comments haven’t landed him in jail or led to brutal torturing (a common result in other countries….just saying). His right to speak his opinion wasn’t illegal. His employer has the same right to suspend him for his comments, though. He’s not been fired and I doubt he will. Employees are reprimanded every day for poor behavior and things they did that might have led to embarrassment for their employers.
  • Step back for a second and reign in any emotions you have about this. I don’t think this issue is really about homosexuality, politics, agendas, or social mores. As soon as this news hit, the social media sphere imploded. Twitter, Facebook, and newspaper blogs were going nuts. People from all over the planet were weighing in with their opinions, diatribes, rage, support, and all emotions in between. It carries on still today. If you subscribe to the premise that there is no “bad” publicity, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry, then consider this. As popular as Duck Dynasty is, everyone now knows about it. I mean everyone. People who may have never heard of the show before; people who don’t own televisions; people who wouldn’t have given two cents about a family of duck call makers who hit the big time. A&E (the network) has immediately “suspended” Robertson and said all the right things. Yet in the end, aren’t they as a minor cable player when compared to their competition, having more people talk about them as ever before? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, yet I am saying that provocation and debate fueled in today’s “real-time” age are powerful. They’ve all become an object of interest. Polarity in this industry is king…nobody cares about the middle road (sounds sort of like politics, yet I digress). Don’t be surprised when Duck Dynasty ratings go up. Don’t be surprised that some “resolution” occurs in the next 30 days and keeps the debates going (current events seem to die off faster than they did 30 years ago because a new event will soon happen to knock the old one off the stage). A&E, Duck Dynasty, GQ and everyone involved with the program and this article that won’t even be out for a month just got a big boost of media attention. For main street to Fortune 500 businesses, this attention might be bad to disastrous. For the entertainment industry that thrives on and fights for market share and public attention, well….

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Cover ArtMy new book featuring the writings, ramblings, and adventures of me and my canine pal Captain Jack is now off to the publisher and will be available for sale soon.


I don’t want you to be confused with the book that is being released in April (YES – two books being released…I like to do things BIG). Insuring Success is my book for insurance professionals to help them thrive in their careers. That book is with GPP Publishing out of the UK and is available for pre-order right now for all insurance pros that want to get a jump start on it. Click here.

Unleashed! is for everyone. The content is a compilation of my writing over the past 6 years or so. If you enjoy my weekly Extra Points, my blog, and my newsletter, then you’ll like this. The greatest hits of that work will be featured. In addition, the good Captain Jack is a very popular writer and his best work is also included. Both of us wrote new work that has never before been seen or read, and is under the caption of Fresh Fish. You won’t want to miss it! My hope is that I will here back shortly for the publisher with details on how to get started with making it available. A little late for Christmas but right on time for the new year!

I’m including an image of the cover. I was thrilled with the work of my artist, Toni Glover. Toni was tremendous to work with and is very talented as you can see. She really caught the essence of my pirate dog.

Stay tuned for word on how and when to purchase my book. This is my first “official” book since Insuring Success doesn’t arrive until April. Make sure you’re in line to be the proud owner of Unleashed!

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Captain Jack patiently waiting for Unleashed!
Captain Jack patiently waiting for Unleashed!

Where Do You Want To Be?

Where do you want to be this time next year? Weedin Place image

I have a few spots available in my coaching program to assure that you get there.

  • Work on rapidly achieving what MUST be accomplished in 2014
  • Accelerate your ability to be influential in your communications
  • Increase your ability to better lead your organization and boost your profitability
  • Enrich your life, your work, and your relationships so that they be in harmony with each other

If you are receiving this and are a current coaching client, we will be discussing these issues on your next call. If you’re not current coaching client, why not? Consider this a an excellent time to accelerate into warp drive for 2014. I have several different coaching plans to consider to fit your individual needs.

Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues. Have them reference your name and when they sign up, I’ll provide you with a complimentary one hour coaching session as my way of saying “thanks!”

Just contact me directly and let’s talk about what will work best for you. You will be glad you did!

“Dan is an amazing coach. He not only guides to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business. He is charming and funny but also fearless and sharp. I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence.”
~ Stacie Curtis – President – CW Solutions (Millstone Township, NJ)

“I benefit from working with Dan because of his extreme intensity and focus on the direction we are headed. He keeps me focused, accountable, and on task. Dan also looks ahead with optimism. His vision is large, which makes my vision expand. Limits are not in his vocabulary. He emphasizes the fact that the discipline has to come from me and it requires daily commitment to achieve defined goals. Not all coaches are created equal…Dan Weedin is exceptional.”
~ Heidi Jack, Entrepreneur (Seattle, WA)

“Dan keeps his commitments, develops realistic plans and expectations, and he executes – pure and simple. If you are smart enough to see when it is time to seek a fresh, outside perspective and to engage the assistance of a dynamic, enthusiastic and skilled professional, look no further than Dan Weedin.”
~ Darin Puryear, Pacific Northwest Area President – Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance (Bellevue, WA)

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