New Rave Review

Many thanks to one of my fine coaching clients, Maria Agnew from Seattle for her kind “rave review” about our work together. I am expanding my unique coaching program for executives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. I’ve added 2 new clients this year and those spots are filling up. If you’d like to learn how I can help you “unleash your potential,” please contact me.

“In my work with Dan Weedin, within the first 3 weeks, I gained clarity about how to become more focused each day.

My favorite take away is every interaction is 1-0.  What I mean by this, is every person and opportunity is new and I can set myself up for success by creating my internal thoughts and turning those to my intentions.

I feel more confident every day because I am using these principles to guide my personal life and my work.  I immediately secured two new clients because of my work with Dan.

Dan is an excellent mentor and coach.  I truly appreciate his insight and guidance.”

Maria Agnew, Sr. VP Business Development – Influencing Options

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Author: danweedin

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2 thoughts on “New Rave Review

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