Unleashed Is Off and Running

The first two members of my new, exclusive private coaching program are now signed up! Are you ready to join them on a very special course to unleash your Captain Jackpotential and maximize your talent?

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This program is limited to 12 people and the first 2 are out of the gate. Here is a brief synopsis of what you will gain by being a member…

  • Enhanced ability to unleash your potential, maximize your talent, and run boldly through your open gate. The result is you get to live in the lifestyle you desire.
  • Unleashing the fear that holds you back from taking risks and realizing rewards. The result is you enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety while achieving your dreams.
  • Provide you with a broader, more global perspective of your business. The result is you will maximize your ability to earn income and grow because your worldview has become an open gate!
  • Enhanced leadership skills as a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. The result is by being more skilled in communications and influence, you will unleash your employees to improve themselves and exponentially improve your business.
  • Enhanced thought leadership skills. The result is by being an object of interest; you will generate more opportunities where people seek you out, not the other way around.
  • Guidance in developing a personally tailored intellectual property game plan (includes publishing and speaking). The result is the more people see your work and value, the more people you will help run through their open gate, and the more personal reward you will achieve.

Sound good? Then click on the link above to learn even more. This inaugural year is at a special price and next year will increase. Why not take fill advantage of your time and investment right now?

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Unleashed Book Review

Book signingI was thrilled to have a local book critic critique by new book, Unleashed. Briana Ryan is an up and coming writer and book reviewer for the local book store, Liberty Bay Books. She was kind enough to go outside of her regular genre to give me some feedback. She shared it on her blog.

Here is an excerpt…

“In the end I would recommend this book to business owners, employees, and people from all walks of life. Dan’s humor and ability to always look at the bright side, along the witty and mischievous Captain Jack’s entries, will win you over, and their advice isn’t half bad either! 😉  Any reader is sure to find some story they can relate to and some piece of advice that will change how they look at life and improve their life and/or career when they apply it.”

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I recommend you subscribe to Briana’s blog to learn about what she is reading. She undoubtedly will be famous some day and you will want to say you knew her when!

Unleashed Case Study #2 – Open Gates

Just barely over 4 years ago, I was at Alan Weiss’s Mentor Summit in San Francisco at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in theSF View from our room world. Barb had come with me and right after the morning session on that Thursday, I shared with her some information Alan had given us. He was starting a “Master Mentor” program where he would personally train qualified individuals in his community to mentor and coach other consultants, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Along with the training, the program included lifetime mentoring access to him. This by itself was worth it’s weight in gold because Alan is NOT slowing down. The investment was significant (5 figures), yet the return on that investment appeared to be great. It was an open gate for me. As I sat at the edge, I did what all smart husbands should do…I consulted Barb. (Captain Jack stops to consult no one. That’s why he often gets into trouble, which rarely stops him. He is not risk averse.)

Barb asked me one question, “You mean you haven’t given him your credit card yet?” Uh, no. Remember, smart husband. She pushed the gate open and told me to “get out.” She knew that in every interaction I’d ever had with Alan, the ROI was big. The bigger the investment, the exponentially greater the reward. In the 2 years that followed, I quadrupled that investment. I stopped counting since then, but suffice it to say it was a wise choice to bolt through that gate.

Too many business professionals question the perspicacity in truly investing in themselves. They consider the downside (financial investment) without taking into account the upside (growth, development, income, discretionary time, happiness, new horizons). While I agree that decisions like mine need to be thoughtful (and sometimes discussed with others), it doesn’t take smart people long to make decisions. If you truly believe you will be dramatically improved by bolting through the gate, then do it. There is never a perfect time, and waiting may adversely affect your results.

Food For Thought: You probably use a financial adviser to help you with your investments. Perhaps you have a 401K or some other vehicle meant to increase your portfolio. If you’re like most people, you automatically invest what will amount to thousands of dollars annually into a fund that you truly have no idea what’s in it. You might keep track of it when you get your statements, but your trust your adviser to advise you. Why is that many people are less willing to bet on themselves than on the dollars they invest almost blindly in for their future? The reality is, they are the better bet to make.

You get open gates thrown at you all the time. Sometimes you will even take them. I hear people who proclaim they are gun-shy becasue one of those gates didn’t work out as well as planned. That happens. That should never stop them from trying other gates or else they’ve allowed that one poor gate to stifle them forever. If you keep the concepts of betting on yourself with high upsides and low downsides in mind, then you will grow your professional portfolio at a staggering pace.

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Open Gate Opportunity30 Day Sprint to Success. It’s so brand new it still has that new car smell….

Winner, winner….

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Last week I announced that anyone buying a book over the 2 double dog days during my book signing (and those that had already purchased) were entered into a drawing for 30 days of coaching. We have a winner!

Captain Jack drew out a name and the winner is Debbie Wardrop, Debbie is the General Manager at The Resort at Port Ludlow. I’m looking forward to helping her in any way I can.

Congratulations, Debbie!

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Extra Points – What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?high school grad

At about 70 years old, my dad became a genealogist. It became his passion for the remaining 16 years of his life. He found dead relatives at a rapid pace and created an air tight, accurate chronology for the family. He really should have been a researcher in his career because he was “nails.”
Dad even wrote a biography of his life in the late 90’s to share with family members forever. Dad wrote a very nice memoir that covered his life growing up during the Great Depression, serving in the Navy during World War II, and being sent to Bogotá, Colombia where he met and married the love of his life in 1958.
I was shocked however when I finished his book and it ended abruptly in 1964 with my birth. What?! I asked him why he left off the previous nearly 40 years. His response was, “Nothing else really happened. I just settled down and raised a family. Nothing special to talk about.”
Look, we all have a story that defines our lives and the “movie” that bears our name. The adversity, the success, the decisions, the characters, and the conversations. You may think it’s boring, and you’re either wrong or you need to change the script. We are all writing our biographies (and I recommend you write them down before you get too old and forget) and we have control of the scenes. Being Unleashed means that you have the courage and confidence to maximize your potential and talent. And maybe most importantly, you get to write and perform an Oscar winning performance…if you have the courage to do it.

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This week’s quote –

Always do your best. What you do now, you will harvest later..”~ Og Mandino

Ways to Follow Me…

Book signingI’m always looking for ways to assure that people who want to follow me and can use what I have to offer them can find me. You should be doing the same thing. It’s probably wise to let you all know where I’m lurking around so you can take full advantage. I’ve added Pinterest at the suggestion of my bookstore owner friend because she tells me that she sells lots of books this way and people are searching o Pinterest for books. Who knew?

Anyway, here is the current lineup. Maybe you should do the same for your clients, customers, and prospects. Hmm?



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Food (killer recipes…just saying)

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Holy Crap: It’s All About Location, Location, Location….

Hello. My name is Captain Jack and I’m the terribly charming, witty, and intelligent pal of my human, Dan. I’ve been observing human behavior and have come toCaptain Jack the conclusion that you all can learn a lot from dogs. Especially me. You see, I’m a Jack Russell and we are unquestionably the smartest dogs on the planet. 

It’s your lucky day. I’m the guest blogger…

Humans just don’t get it. When a dog’s got to do his duty, the location means everything. Last night, Dan was taking me on a walk on our regular route. I needed to do my business (#2) and I found one of my normal locations ready and waiting for me. I needed a little extra leash, if you know what I mean. When I have found a potential new spot near the regular, it’s very exciting and my olfactory senses were on fire. on fire!

I needed to turn around a few times on that location to indoctrinate it properly. Dan wasn’t making it easy. I was trying to go deeper into the yard; he was impatient and argumentative extolling that I could just go anywhere. Does he just go anywhere? No. Neither do I. Location is everything. We somehow managed a compromise and moved on, but it was frustrating for me.

Humans should be worried about location, too. Here’s what I mean. You need a place you feel comfortable to work, to play, and to exist. These places are where you can relax and many times “reset.” My favorite Seattle Seahawks player is Russell Wilson (even though he’s not much of a barker). He says he has a “reset” place on the field for when things are tough and he needs to start over. We dogs are keen on location. If you humans were too, you’d have a reset location either physically or in your mind. You all need a place to go for peace and inspiration when things are a little tough. It needs to be consistent and always available to you….even if you do have to turn around a few times to get comfortable.

We dogs mark our territories so we don’t forget. Maybe you should do the same (except in a human way since ours is inappropriate for you).

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P.S. Feel free to buy my book for more pearls of wisdom…

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Wht Do You Need a Crisis Plan?

umbrella_riskIt never ceases to amaze me when executives and business owners delay or simply refuse to put a strategic crisis plan in place for their business. I see it over and over again with small businesses. Quite honestly, it’s negligent on their part. They risk their profit, their revenue, their employee’s future, their reputation, and the impact to their supply chain. Other than that, it’s not a big deal.

Later today, I am hosting a webinar for executives in the assisted living and elder care community on the topic. These are some quick bullet points on the reasons to invest time and resources towards a plan. If you are in a position where you’re ultimately responsible for the sustainability and resiliency of an organization, you should all me. Or, allow me to put it this way – If you want to assure that no crisis is fatal to your business, you should call me. You will get a plan that meets these objectives:

  • To maximize the prevention of crisis or disaster situations from ever occurring.
  • To minimize the likelihood of any suspension of operations.
  • To minimize interruptions to the normal operations.
  • To limit the extent of disruption and damage.
  • To minimize the economic impact of the interruption.
  • To establish alternative means of operation in advance.
  • To train personnel with emergency procedures.
  • To provide for smooth and rapid restoration of service.
  • To assure that no crisis is fatal to the organization.
  • To set up a communication procedure for employees, supply chain, media, and community.
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The Time Ruse

“And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death..”

~Pink Floyd – “Time”

Let’s be clear. Time is not a resource issue. It’s a priority issue. We all get 24 hours a day of time. Donald Trump can’t even buy any more of the valuable commodity. We all treat time as something to save; something to manage; something to find; and something to look forward to. The ruse is that if we give in to this thinking, we are just kidding ourselves.

It never ceases to amaze me when someone says, “When I have more time, that’s when I’ll do X!” OR ~ “My time is so busy now because it’s our busiest time of year. When this is over, I will have more time and will do X.” Or ~ When I tell my wife, “I didn’t have time to unload the dishwasher. Oops.”

Memo – X (whatever X is) is simply not that important to you. X might be writing a book, going back to college, investing in yourself through coaching, or dealing with an important yet not urgent item. (X might be that I simply didn’t want to empty the dishwasher and that soon became an urgent item for me!) The bad news is that non-urgent item normally becomes urgent at the worst possible time! I often tell my clients that crisis doesn’t schedule it’s events on a calender. It comes when it wants to and doesn’t send an announcement.

There is never a good time to do anything. Our lives are busy and we do a pretty good job of filling them beyond capacity. We complain when sitting in a doctor’s office when they overbook on purpose expecting cancellations. We complain when an airline books more passengers than the plane can hold. Yet when we can’t control our own time, aren’t we just as much to blame?

Do yourself a favor and be honest with you. When you really don’t want to do something, don’t use time as an excuse. Say it’s not a priority. This works in your personal life as much as your professional life (actually we only have one life, which makes this conversation even more important). The result should be that you take a harder look at your priorities and start considering upsides and downsides to your decisions. It only takes a second…you are all smart. If you refuse to use time as your excuse and candidly admit you’re constantly making priorities, you might just find that the things that need to get done, get done and on time.

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