Extra Points – Achilles Heel

The Achilles HeelCaptain reading the paper

Last summer, I suffered an injury to my Achilles heel. For people my age, it’s a very common malady. After visiting my doctor, I learned that what I actually had was a condition called Achilles “tendonosis.” The difference between tendonosis and tendonitis is that “isis” is acute, and “osis” means chronic.  Basically, this was an ailment that I would have to forever be dealing with.

After much care last year, the symptoms went away. This year, they popped back up recently. I can blame it all I want on walking hills and overuse, yet the problem is me. I felt better, so I stopped doing what improved it.

When you have Achilles pain, you discover that it greatly affects your normal walking. I realized that this small part of my otherwise healthy and able body was causing chaos. It was slowing my progress, forcing me to divert to different routes, causing pain, and generally being a nuisance and distraction.

What is your Achilles heel in your life? My guess is that each of us have blights that keep us from maximizing our talents and value. Something that makes us distracted, waste time, deal with pain, or just simply cause chaos. This Achilles heel is keeping you from reaching your potential. AND, if you suffer from the chronic “osis,” you’re allowing it to drag on and on, with the danger that you will never fix it and could “rupture” your dreams and passions.

The moral of today’s story is this…Fix it. Fix whatever allegorical Achilles heel you’ve been carrying around before it becomes chronic, or worse, ruptures. The sooner you identify it and then eliminate it, the sooner you will be unleashed from it’s burden. Now, get “walking!”

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This week’s quote –

“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.

~ Richard Wright

Join my new weekly Unleashed Google ON AIR Hangout today at 3 pm PST / 6:00 PM EST. Note the time change due to my travel. This will be our topic of discussion. It’s free, it’s cool; and your invited. Come join us and bring your questions and observations.

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2 thoughts on “Extra Points – Achilles Heel

  1. Not sure how to fix my travel bug, which is my Achilles heel. It crops up far too often and distracts me from getting work done. I’ve only been back 3 weeks from the last trip but it feels like forever! If you have any ideas I would be most appreciative😊

    1. Not sure what you mean by travel bug. Can you explain? I am also going to be live in 90 minutes on my Google Hangout on Air from SF. You can also ask questions there! I will send you the link.

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