Human Redundancy

This past weekend’s tragedy and deepening with the Malaysian Airlines plane that simply vanished is remarkably sad. Over 225 people on that plane and scores of loved ones and friends left without any closure. In today’s technologically sophisticated world, it seems unimaginable that we don’t know exactly what happened or where the plane is. My thoughts and prayers go to all that have been impacted.

On reading some of the stories coming out of this calamity, I saw that one American company lost 20 employees in the accident. While the company was global, it doesn’t matter the size…20 people is a lot. The loss of life can’t be diminished. Yet, the harsh reality of human redundancy must be mentioned. In business travel today (with autos being the most dangerous), the chance for multiple people from any one company either perishing or being injured is real. A global company, while hurt, can recover more quickly due to greater resources. What about a small business? What if you lost 10% of your employees in one event? What are your contingency plans?

Tragic events hurt from a human perspective. From a business perspective, they can be insurmountable unless you have a plan.

Bottom line – get a plan.

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Unleashed 101 – Defining Your Yard

Captain JackI write and speak frequently about maximizing your talent by having the courage to bust through the “open gate.” I’ve recently been adding a number of people to my blog, my Twitter (@danweedin), Linked In, and new Pinterest accounts. Let’s do a little redux on some definitions to make sure you know what I’m talking about…

Dogs love to get outside of their yards. Whenever there is an open gate, they have no fear in running through it to search for new adventures. We as humans are much more “careful.”

The yard you hang out in is really a metaphor for your life. Where you are comfortable; where you feel most safe; where you can always go back to as a default. It’s also where you fear straying from because of the unknown. Fear is the primary factor that “leashes” you in the fence. Many people talk a good game to others. they say things like…

“When I have enough money and security, I will…”

“When the timing in my life is just right, I will…”

“When I get enough experience, I will…”

“When my kids are through college, I will…”

Let’s be honest, there is NEVER a perfect time to take that open gate. In actuality, that gate may close while you’re waiting for the perfect time and may never open again.

I remember in college wanting to take a course on the Civil War from a professor that was not only nationally recognized on this topic, but he was really good. I was currently in one of his classes and saw that the next semester he was going to offer the Civil War class again. I balked because I had another requirement that at some point I had to get out of the way, so I played it safe and registered and took the required class. After the semester, my old professor retired and the Civil War class was never run again. The requirement was (and probably still is) offered every semester. I lost my opportunity.

The statements I reference above have been spoken by you and me at times. In some cases, there may be some validity. In the vast majority of them, they are excuses formed by some fear. My goal is to help you identify that fear and decide whether the open gates offered to you every day are going wasted for lack of confidence or fear. Dogs always know how to find their way home back to the yard. That’s why they have confidence to leave it.

What about you?

P.S. My LIVE, ON AIR weekly Google Hangout resumes next Monday at 12 PM Pacific. Free! All you have to do is show up. You will be glad you did. Click on the link to learn more.

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Weedin Unleashed Recap

Here is the recording from yesterday’s live chat. This is a perfect example of ‘live television.” I had some technical issues with the Q & A control. Most of the challenges came in the beginning, so if you can look past some of that, you will be happy you did. It does play out during the episode, yet I think you will find great value in investing 30 minutes. I promise to have the Q & A situation resolved by next week! Thanks to all those who watched and participated in real time. We are off and running!

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Extra Points – Maxing Out Your House

Maxing Out Your House14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

I started a new project this weekend.

Since the girls moved out to go to college a few years ago, and with my dad’s passing and my mom’s transition to memory care, our downstairs basement area has basically become a warehouse. We have one bedroom and two larger social areas that are fully finished, plus an enormous unfinished area. To be honest, it was a disaster. Filled with “stuff” from all our families, it became a place I avoided entering at any cost. Until last year.

Last year was Phase 1. Barb and I cleaned out the unfinished section over the summer. This year, we transitioned to Phase 2 and the inside area. On Saturday, I tackled an old friend that had become dated, and the plan is to turn it into my my man cave (with Barb’s consent, of course). It took almost all day Saturday, yet I made a significant dent, added a few aches to my knees, and gained confidence in what the end result will be.

We had not maximized the value of our house. Many of you aren’t maximizing your own personal “house.” Yourself. We each have the possibility within us to be great; to be exceptional; and to maximize our talents. Like our homes, we often end up sabotaging ourselves with clutter, neglect, and lack of vision. What could you become if you started working on your “house” in phases? What challenges conquered and what dreams would be fulfilled with a “house” that was utilizing all of it’s space and potential? Maybe it’s time to start your own project and begin working toward unleashing your full potential, one phase at a time.

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This week’s quote –

“Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it 

~ Salvador Dali

Join my new weekly Unleashed Google ON AIR Hangout today at 12:00 pm PST / 3:00 PM EST. This will be our topic of discussion. It’s free, it’s cool; and your invited. Come join us and bring your questions and observations. 

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Cover Art



So you like Extra Points, huh?14_02_DanCapJackRetouch2_001

I’m glad many of you subscribe and enjoy reading it every Monday morning. I have a friend who has subscribed for years and then switched jobs. He didn’t let me know about his change in email address, so he stopped receiving them. When we got together for lunch earlier this week, he lamented that he missed them. He enjoyed reading them on his mobile phone every morning at wok. We rectified that situation!

Extra Points will now literally come to life and you can join in. My brand new LIVE ON AIR Google hangout series begins on Monday at 12 pm Pacific. This will be my weekly 30 minute show to discuss that days Extra Points topic, answer your questions, discuss concepts and best practices, and basically have fun while we help you grow professionally and personally. Sounds like fun, huh?

It’s free. All you need to do is log in through this link. Hope to see you every Monday!

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What’s in a Blog?

I am regularly asked by those I coach and mentor, “What do I write for my blog?”Weedin Place image

Let’s discuss first three very quick reasons on WHY you should be blogging:

  1. Building your brand through intellectual property creation. Get your value and your smarts out to where people will read your work and find you an object of interest.
  2. Position yourself as a thought leader. Experts write about their expertise. You should, too.
  3. Builds credibility. You are more likely to be hired for projects, coaching, speaking, and a myriad of other things if you are a consistent blogger. Why? Because people now know your value and your ideas.

Here are five techniques for blogging success:

  1. Be consistent. Blog 2-3 times per week at a minimum. Write them all at one time and schedule them to post later if you have to. If someone goes to your blog and the last post is 6 months old, they will think you’re out of business, just as if they saw an empty storefront.
  2. Utilize social media. Link your blogs to automatically post to Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc. You want to maximize your reach.
  3. Be real. Use personal stories and make a metaphor out of them. You don’t have to be perfect, but you need to be interesting. Readers like personal stories.
  4. Be contrarian. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. In fact, if you don’t rock the boat, you will be swept away in the wave of white noise.
  5. Include images. People are more likely to check it out with an interesting image. We are more and more a visual people, so do what you must to attract attention.

BONUS: Get really strong with language, vocabulary, and writing style. You do this by reading a variety of genres, consistently learning new words, and being creative in your language.

Blogging is a great and free way to spread your value proposition. It’s not as ominous a task as you might think. It also is well worth your while if marketing is an important part of your career. You might as well jump in and get good at it!

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Unleashed Case Study #3 – Can You Make the Chair Turn?


I enjoy watching NBC’s The Voice on television. I like it better than American Idol for several reasons (including that they boast my Colombian paisana, Shakira as a judge, but I digress)….

The four judges (also including Adam Levine, Usher, and Blake Shelton) listen to just the voice of the singer in the blind trials. That singer can only impress with their voice. Their looks, their dress, their dance skills, won’t help them. Just their voice. The judges that want to coach them then turn their chairs around within the 90 seconds allotted. If there is more than one, they “fight” to influence the singer to choose them as a coach.

Two important things that you need to know based on this show becasue it can make you better in whatever profession you are in…

1. These singers get 90 seconds to make a BIG impression. That’s it, that’s all. They need to be supremely influential and an object of interest with their most powerful gift (or “value”). Think about your business. You also need to be influential and become an object of interest to your audience quickly. While you may have more than 90 seconds, you don’t have long to engage and capture their attention. Whether you’re speaking publicly to a large group or having a first meeting with a prospective client, your “voice” needs to be more than just heard in those first few minutes. You need to turn a chair.

2. Coaches often duke it out in trying to influence a young artist to choose them as the coach. Even though much of it is based in good humor, there is always a strong plea based on the talents and how they align with a coach. If I was an aspiring country artist, why wouldn’t I choose Blake Shelton? If I was a young R&B artist, Usher would make the most sense. Shakira is skilled in not only music, but choreography and building a global base. Adam Levine would attract the eclectic and rock side. From whom do you seek advice from? Is it from people that are where you currently are (peers), or is it from people that have achieved what you want to achieve and can quickly guide you there? Mastermind groups are fine for what they are – accountability and support. Everyone needs a “coach” that will take them to their desired state rapidly. That’s what these young artists on The Voice want, and that’s what these judges deliver.

Look, if you want to accelerate your ability to be influential and grow your business, you’d better get really good at the first 90 seconds. The best way to do that is to get coaching from someone that can help you maximize your talent.

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Weedin Unleashed Summit – September 23rd

I am holding the inaugural Weedin Unleashed Summit event at the gorgeous Clearwater Casino & Resort in Suquamish, WA on Tuesday, September 23rd from 14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_0018:30 am – 12:00 pm. You will be joined by dozens of business leaders, professionals, and peers from the area to take part in this event. The fee is only $99. Space is limited to 75 people, so registering early is essential to assuring your seat. I’ve already stared taking in registrations.

You will hear me discuss concepts, strategies, and best practices from the information I’ve been sharing with you and from my new book, Unleashed: A Guide to Maximizing Your Career & Enriching Your Life:

  • Identifying the “open gates” in your professional and personal life so you can take full advantage of all your opportunities.
  • Creating branding and marketing prosperity through intellectual property creation.
  • Improving your ability to be an influential leader and a more dynamic communicator.
  • Best practices on how to better prioritize, delegate and manage your time.
  • Best Practices on improving your work-life balance.
  • A chance to network with your peers and enjoy a beautiful location.

Everyone in attendance will receive a free, signed copy of my book. The first 9 people to sign up will be my guest for lunch after the event to continue our discussions and enjoy a meal together! There is still room here, but it won’t last long!

Note: If you’re a current active client (coaching/mentoring/consulting) at time of registration, there is NO fee to attend.

To register right now and reserve your place at this exciting and value-laden event (how can you pass THAT up?), click here!

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Extra Points – Bad Coffee

Bad CoffeeDan cooking

Barb and I have a Keurig coffee machine and love it. I’m just a one cup in the morning kind of guy and I add a splash of hazelnut creamer and 3 “alligators” of Hershey’s chocolate syrup for fun. My one daily sinful pleasure.

I normally make my coffee and reheat some Paleo pancakes on weekdays after hitting the gym.  I figure I have to earn the chocolate syrup. We bought the little “adapter” for our machine that allows us to use ground coffee instead of the one-shots. We find that we get better flavor options, we run out less, and it’s substantially less expensive. One day last week, I filled the machine with water, pressed start and anxiously awaited my hot coffee (with chocolate syrup waiting on the counter). I heard a strange gurgling noise and was alarmed to see the results.  The coffee was a murky brown color and looked really unappealing. No coffee smell, no coffee look…yuk. My first thought was, “Great, I broke it.” Then I realized the problem. I forgot to add the ground coffee! What I had was really hot water with a little residue from the prior batch.  Without the grounds, you get no coffee.The same is true with you. If you don’t fill your mind and intellect daily with “grounds,” your results will also be murky and colorless. If you refuse to find ways to learn every day; to be moved every day; to seek help and to offer help each day; and to enjoy life everyday…well then you’ve literally have no coffee to stop and smell! This is an intentional act, just like I have to intentionally add the coffee. It doesn’t happen by accident or osmosis. It happens because you thoughtfully and deliberately seek it out and are open to learn and grow. That’s one of the concepts of being “unleashed.”

Next time your life or career seems dark, murky, and boring, remember to add the grounds and the chocolate!

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This week’s quote –

New Unleashed Google Hangouts on Air Starting March 10th

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001I’m excited to announce that I’m hitting the cyberspace airwaves LIVE beginning March 10th. I’m using the popular Google Hangout platform to “air” my new weekly 30-minute program, Dan Weedin Unleashed: His weekly ON AIR Hangout.

Here’s how it works…

  • It’s FREE. let’s get that out of the way first. FREE.
  • It’s weekly. Every Monday at 12:00 PM PST / 3 PM EST for 30 minutes. Consider it my weekly radio show that’s aired on TV like so many others today are. It starts on March 10th.
  • I will be waxing poetic in topics, concepts, issues, and best practices on how to go from fenced in to unleashed. These will be discussions on things I’m writing and speaking about. If you like what I write and speak on, you will love this.
  • It’s interactive. You will have a chance to ask questions and I will attempt to answer them.
  • I’m running it whether anyone shows up or not. And, if you miss it, no problem. These are automatically recorded to my You Tube channel for later viewing.
  • If you’re one of my Google+ contacts and you get the invitations, it’s because I’m promoting it. You don’t have to respond and tell me you’re not coming. That will get old for you. If you want to watch it live, put it on your calendar and come. If you don’t want to, that’s your choice. Just know that I will be promoting it so people can find it.
  • This will be the absolute BEST free resource I am going to offer.
  • You might even get to meet Captain Jack!

I hope you give it a try. Remember, even if you can’t be there LIVE, it will be available to view later. Come join us. You will be glad you did.

Click here to view information

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