Extra Points – Fuel for Your Life

This week’s focus point…Fuel for Your LifeJack and Dan

I just started using my new Fitbit last week. For those of you unfamiliar with the device, it’s a cool wristband that keeps track of all your fitness wants and needs. It’s Big Brother personified for health! It tracks your steps, calories burned, flights of stairs traversed, and a multitude of other things. You can compete with friends, track your weight loss, and even see who is calling you on the phone. I feel like some weird combination of Jack LaLanne and Dick Tracy!Out of of the information that I receive and track, the one that (to my surprise) has had the most impact is water consumption. I will be the first to confess that I am really bad about drinking enough water. I never tracked it, even though with a pencil and pad of paper, it would have been simple. Now, you throw in some fresh, new gadget that helps me keep tabs on my water intake and I’m all over it. To my dismay, I now really know how poor I’ve been and where I need to improve! (Note: You should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water daily)

Water is literally the fuel for your body. While food consumption will provide the calories and energy, you will suffer immeasurable health problems due to dehydration. It is exacerbated as you age, and some of you might join me in being negligent in keeping fueled.

Just like water is the fuel for our bodies, positive thinking is the fuel for your life. If we don’t give ourselves enough of it, we become dehydrated and can cause major “health” problems and damage in our careers and personal lives. So start drinking more fuel with your thinking – be positive; encourage yourself early and often; avoid perfectionism; trust in yourself; avoid self-limiting language; seek out the good not the negative; quit complaining and explore solutions; and wake up and go to bed every day saying something nice about yourself.

In this season of giving gifts, the very best one you can give yourself is positive self-talk and attitude. It will fuel your career and your life. And after you’re done with yourself, consider “re-gifting” it to others around you!

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This week’s quote –
“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”

 ~ Oscar Wilde

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My concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to our own self-imposed limitations and fears, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us. The results include dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, poor leadership, bad morale, inefficiencies, and boredom. Bottom line is you and your business leave money and talent on the table.

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2 thoughts on “Extra Points – Fuel for Your Life

  1. Have used a similar product since May. LOVE it – also tracks sleep and offers “coaching” ideas. There is also an app that makes a gurgle sound if you need that kind of reminder re: water. We provide guests with infused water (in the lobby) – it is “flavored” with herbs, fresh fruit. One team member put bananas in it one day – thought that was odd – but it now is one of my favorites – the bananas do not disintegrate (raspberries do) and it makes the water taste like a banana bomb pop!

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