Extra Points – Chasing Cars

This week’s focus point…Chasing Cars14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

My “other” dog Bella chases cars. Like her pal Captain Jack, she is a Jack Russell terrier, except most often she fancies herself a diva. For some reason, on our walks she has the terrible habit of trying to chase after cars while barking vociferously.

Bella can chase and bark all she wants…she won’t catch that car. Even if she wasn’t on her leash, she’s not fast enough to track down a moving vehicle. In fact, she would be in danger of getting hit and injured or killed. I’ve tried to reason with her in this regard to no avail…

How many of you spend any part of your day, week, and year (and often careers) chasing cars? In your case, it might be those prospects that you know will never buy from you yet you still “chase.” It might be that “moment” when the timing is perfect to make a career change, yet chasing perfection is fruitless and you still “chase.” It could be chasing whatever job, promotion, or corner office you’ve been told is ahead for you, yet what you really want is in a different direction, yet you fear giving up the chase. In the end, just like Bella pursuing cars, you waste time, effort, and energy in this chase.

You will be far more efficient and successful chasing things that you can catch. I’m not saying to not dream big. On the contrary, think big and be bold. Just make sure that you’re not exerting energy chasing cars that you can’t catch because they don’t see your value, or have other agendas. Spend that time chasing your real dreams…

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This week’s quote –

“Always make the audience suffer as long as possible.”

 ~ Alfred Hitchcock
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4 thoughts on “Extra Points – Chasing Cars

  1. What? Nothing on the game? I was waiting to see what you felt about your team’s last minute temper tantrum.

    Sent while on the move helping others transform their success and significance.

  2. Extra Points done well before the game because I knew I couldn’t write win or lose. Still emotionally raw. I guess I’m more focused on the last play call rather than temper tantrum…I was throwing one myself at the time….

  3. When I think back over my 30 + years in real estate I sometimes shudder at the time I wasted with non motivated clients. How much better it would have been to fire myself and move on. I had this thing about wanting to be paid!!! Thanks for the reminder, Dan.

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