Extra Points: A Captain Jack Special Edition

This week’s focus point…A Captain Jack Special PostingJack

I escaped last week. Barb had me on the leash and she wasn’t focused on me. She was scolding Dan for something dumb he did. That meant when she sidestepped on the front stairs and lost her grip on my leash, my moment of opportunity arose. And I took it…

I still have breakaway speed. I fled up my street like a cheetah on the hunt. I heard Dan yell, “Jack,” but that didn’t stop me. I was unleashed. Well, actually not really. The leash was still attached to my harness and it was flopping around wildly behind me as I ran.

Dan didn’t take too long to track me down. I was scampering around houses, but he could hear the stupid leash and knew where I was. I also knew that he could get close to me and easily step on it and stop me, so I gave up without much of a fight. My moment of freedom was short-lived this time.

Here’s the deal – if you have freed yourself from your confines, but choose to bring the baggage that should be left behind, you’re no better off than me dragging around the leash. Your “dangling leash” will render the pursuit of your goals and dreams as fleeting as my adventure. If you’re going to go for your dreams, then leave the leash behind. The extra weight and cord will hold you down. Be free and prosper…

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This week’s quote –

If you can run, do it fast. Otherwise you’re stuck digging holes inside a fence all day. Running is better.

~ Captain Jack

You can read more of Captain Jack’s musings in Dan’s new book, Unleashed Leadership (see cover below). Jack has an anecdote after every chapter. On pre-order now with a 40% discount. Click here to buy your signed copy today.


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