Extra Points: What’s Your Brand?

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This week’s focus point…What’s Your Brand?

The pope made his first visit to the United States last week to much fanfare and celebration. As a Catholic, I was very interested in the pontiff’s trip and his message. From the White House, to Congress, to the United Nations, and to a mass at Madison Square Garden, Pope Francis’s visit took on a rock star aura.

Trolling through Facebook during his visit, I saw a shared post where the author wrote above a picture of Pope Francis, “I’m an atheist, but I like this guy!” Now why would that be? How does a 70-something head of the global Catholic Church influence someone that refuses to believe in God to “like” him? The answer should be important to you and your career and business.

Influence is achieved when someone has the skill to communicate a message clearly, concisely, and without fear of rejection. It’s achieved when one offers a contrarian viewpoint without denigrating others. It’s achieved when one is bold and refuses to conform for the sake of what society thinks. It’s shaped Pope Francis’s “brand.” And the brand becomes the vision and mission.

Your career – your business – can learn a lesson from this pope. What can you do to more effectively influence others? Are you willing to be bold and take risks; willing to be contrarian in an effort to improve the condition of others; and can you make decisions quickly without allowing fear and trepidation to hold you back? Are you willing to be different? What’s your “brand?”

If Pope Francis can get an atheist to like him, can’t you stretch yourself to become more influential by stepping outside your comfort zone to share your branding message with your world?


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This week’s quote –

“You may delay, but time will not.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

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Unleashed Leadership: Last Week to Pre-Order with Deepest Discount

Unleashed_LeadershipOkay, everyone…the gate is almost open!

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~ Steve Garfein, PMP

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Welcome Jenny Foster to my Team

Jenny Foster professional photoIt is with great pleasure that I announce that Jenny Foster (formerly Hoskins) has joined my Toro Consulting, Inc. team. Jenny is an expert in the fields of Human Resources and Employee Benefits. She is a great addition to my practice because she brings valuable knowledge and can be a business asset for you as well.

I’ve been asked more times than I can count over the past year to offer guidance on medical insurance. Even though I was was once able to help, today the intricacies of health care coverage and the related legislative volatility requires an expert who can stay current on issues that impact you. When the opportunity to work with one of the premier experts came up, I jumped on it.

Jenny helps business owners make the best possible decisions regarding their medical insurance to save money, stay out of compliance trouble, and ultimately help your employees understand and value their benefits. Jenny brings 20 years of extensive Human Resources experience to the table to help you maximize employee performance, and she can assist you with the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to exit interview. Her focus lies in reducing unnecessary employee drama, ensuring compliant hiring processes, and helping you retain your most valuable employees.

As we head into open enrollment and decision-making time for medical plans, Jenny can produce remarkable results for you and your company. If you’d like to learn more about how you can benefit from her “smarts,” let’s coordinate a time for you to talk with her.

An initial conversation is risk free with no obligation. You can contact me directly, or if you prefer, call Jenny at (360) 621-1981or email her to schedule a meeting.

Download Jenny’s Full Bio

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Are You Leading the Pack?

I see that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is bowing out of his presidential bid after a pedestrian performance last week in the Republican debate. I think more will start following suit.

But this is NOT a political blog or article. It’s a metaphor for comprehending where your business is now and where you aspire for it to be. Allow me to explain…

Before Walker dropping out, there were 16 candidates (or so…I lost count). There were so many that many of them had to eat at the kid’s table in the debate structure….that is they were the not ready for prime time players according to the polls. Carly Fiorina made such a splash in the first debate, she moved her way up the chain and forced her way to the adult table for Round 2. In the second debate last week, you had 11 (and at times it seemed more) candidates trying to get a word in edge-wise. The result was that a few improved their position (including Fiorina) and some others dropped like the proverbial lead balloon…Walker among them. If you are following the debates at all, you’ll notice in such a large field, not everyone can capture the attention. Those that don’t are left in the abyss, while others rise.

Here’s my point…

YOU have competition. Sometimes it’s others that do what you do, or live in the same industry. Often, you have competition within the organizations you’re trying to attract as clients (e.g. consultants getting push back from internal sources). Whatever the case, if you’re not adept at becoming an object of interest, you may be yourself eating at the kid’s table and not even know it!

In presidential races, it’s often the loudest and most bombastic that take the lead. Ultimately, the ones that are most skilled at influence rise to the top. The same is true with you. There may be others that are louder, but the ability to influence, persuade, and be interesting usually wins the day. Here are some quick tips to do that:

  1. Don’t shrink from being contrarian. Everybody regurgitating the same ideas gets boring and lost. Find a way to get your message across in a way that’s brand new and thought-provoking.
  2. Defend your position. If someone challenges you, that’s fine. Make sure you don’t shirk away from controversy. I’m not talking about being obnoxious. I am saying that you need to be prepared to defend your position with interesting examples, stories, and facts.
  3. Avoid vanilla. Delivery is everything. How you express your message is just as important as your message itself. It’s steak and sizzle. You need both becasue without any sizzle, nobody will buy the steak!
  4. Being ordinary gets you pushed down. In the debates, that means going to the kid’s table. Its really about distinguishing yourself. Can you distinguish your products and services versus your competitors? How do you know?
  5. Never get fazed. The ability to smile in adversity and remain cool is noticeable to others and carries great power.

Bottom line – your business (no matter the size) needs to distinguish itself as THE front-runner; and that is up to you. How are you faring in your own “polls?”

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Extra Points: Temptation

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This week’s focus point…Temptation

Temptation is a funny thing. On the surface, it sounds like a peril; a danger to be avoided. We can be tempted to do all sorts of things that aren’t good for us, or are perceived by others to not be good for us. Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with chocolate chip cookies. They tempt me all the time as they sit tantalizingly on the counter calling my name (in a voice ominously similar to Marilyn Monroe – but I digress). I generally give in about as easily Captain Jack falls asleep after his walk. Temptation wins just about every time.

However, temptation is not inherently evil. On the contrary, many times we are tempted and need give in just like I do with chocolate chip cookies. They can come in the form of being tempted to – Take a bold step outside your comfort zone and ask for help when you need it; Take a risk and bet on yourself to start your own business; Face your fear of public speaking and find your voice; Give your candid opinion when asked, rather than be concerned about looking bad; or decide to make a change in your life without fear of rejection or failure. You see temptations often speak in softer voices inside our heads, yet they are just as powerful as the vices that might charm us.

Bottom line – giving in to some temptations may just produce the same results as gooey chocolate chips melting in your mouth…sweet and worth the risk.

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This week’s quote –

“Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we’ll find it.”

~ Sam Levenson

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