Extra Points: Labor Day Special Edition

This week’s focus point…Labor Day EditionCapt Jack and Dan
Labor Day is a national day to stop, rest, and rejoice in our work. We are blessed in this country to have the opportunity to work and build a lifestyle we want. To that point, I believe that not everyone out there is “happy” with work.

Long has been the vision of people punching time clocks, working for “the man,” groaning about “another day and another dollar,” and dreaming of retiring from the hustle and bustle of “work.”

Consider this my Labor Day lesson on being unleashed…

You have the control to do what you have a passion for. For some, it’s an entrepreneurial life and being the boss. For others, it’s working for a progressive and dynamic company that provides superior products and services to people. Regardless, the only person you have to blame for hating your job is you. I know entrepreneurs who hate their job and wish they could be fired, but they can’t talk the boss into canning them!

Labor Day celebrates the gift of work. If you don’t view your career as a gift and a passion every day, it’s your fault. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from what you really love. Life’s too short to spend 2/3 of your life in misery. Celebrate your value and talents to the world by making them available in the form of your “work.”

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This week’s quote –

“I’m lucky. I’ve never had a job in my life. I started going to school and never stopped…

~ My client and good friend, Jerry Parrish. Jerry spent over 40 years as a high school teacher and football coach. He still volunteers as a football coach today almost a dozen years after retiring. The guy still has never had a “job…”
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