Extra Points: Magic Eyes

This Week’s Focus Point: Magic Eyes
 Dan Weedin Unleashed-40

At Mass this weekend, our pastor Father David reprised his now annual “Magic Eyes” homily. His point is simple. Each year, we should be taking the time to look at life with a new, fresh perspective. He uses the concept of new lenses that allow us to view the world through a more magical viewpoint. It’s a fun exercise that accomplishes its goal.

It made me think about a much larger application. What are we doing to take this concept into our lives – both professional and personal. Is it time to look at our lives with new and improved “Magic Eyes?” It’s easy to be cynical. There are plenty of examples of violence, suffering, politics, and just bad luck to go around and make it difficult to stay focused on the good. That’s why it’s time for you to put on your own “Magic Eyes.”

This week, create a vision of your past, present, and future. How do you improve the condition of others; where do your talents and strengths lay; what kind of lifestyle do you want to lead; where do you want to travel; what kind of relationships do you want to have; and what can you do daily to work towards those objectives? If you answer these questions with just “regular eyes” clouded by doubt, fear, and anxiety, then your results will be mediocre at best. However, if you attach those special “Magic Eyes” and use the power of positive thinking, you’re more likely to be in a better place in your life one year from today.

Quote of the Week:
“Judge a man for his questions, not his answers.”
~ Voltaire
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