Extra Points: Hope

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Dogs use their sense of smell much more effectively than we humans use all of our senses combined. On Thanksgiving Friday (we are a back-to-back feasting family), both Captain Jack and Bella had their olfactory senses on high. They could be two rooms away and still smell the turkey. stuffing, gravy, and sweet potatoes. They had hope that something would be left over for them. They hoped wrong in this case.

However, dogs are better at “hoping” than humans. Captain Jack and Bella put their hope in me to feed them twice a day; to provide them a comfortable lifestyle; to give them companionship; and to take care of them when they need it. They may not think that way specifically, but their “hope” is strong based on their experiences. In fact, it’s so strong that they never worry.

What or in whom do you place your hope?

Professionally, you place your hope in your employees and co-workers for effort and loyalty. If you’re an employee, you place your hope in your employer to pay you and treat you well. You place your hope in your clients and customers that they will continue to purchase your products and services. You place your hope in your trusted advisers for guidance and support to help you grow and protect your business. However, how many times in any or all of these circumstances do you lose hope easily, lack trust, and become anxious or fearful?

Both professional and personal hope is rooted around relationships. My dogs have a relationship with Barb and me where they have placed their “lifestyle” and life on the line in their hope. Your “hope” must start with yourself. Do you have unconditional hope that you will rise to any challenge? Will that hope transfer to your most important relationships? And finally, will your hope become so strong that you can be bold, fearless, and unleashed? Hope doesn’t have to be perfect, it needs to be consistent.

Take a cue from my dogs. Trust in yourself, your process, and the people you have chosen to surround yourself with….and then follow your nose to being unleashed.

Quote of the Week:

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.”

~ William Butler Yeats

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Seattle Shrimp Tank Episode Nov. 8th

Sorry for the delay! Here is your video wrap up and podcast from the November 8th Seattle Shrimp Tank. Our guest was Mark Lunde from Cuz-D Industries. Fascinating guy – Naval officer, CEO, Tool Guy. Check out both the video and podcast to learn more about this entrepreneur.


Next Seattle Shrimp Tank podcast is today at 4 pm. JOIN US by clicking on THIS LINK!

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Extra Points: The Cost of Waiting

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains

And we never even know we have the key…”

The basic tenet of having an “unleashed” career and life is that you free yourself from your own invisible fence. The good news is that you have the key; the bad news is that The Eagles are right, you might not even know it.

There are many entrepreneurs and business leaders that choose to wait to invest in themselves. Various excuses exist as to why ranging from, “It costs too much,” to “I’m just too busy,” to “I’m going to absolutely do it next year,” to “My boss isn’t willing to pay for it.” All these excuses (and more) are rooted in the erroneous reasoning that there is little no cost in waiting. There is a huge cost…

The very best investment one can make is in themselves. And if that’s the very best investment, then one should get the very best help and never compromise on that. You see it all the time with world-class athletes, musicians, and other such notable professionals that never would consider scrimping or saving on themselves. The cost to waiting is great because you’ll never get that time back and it was time that you would have otherwise been realizing a return in that investment.

As you head into the final push of one year and ready yourself to embark on another, consider how much you invest in your own self development. Are you investing more on you than you are on your employees? Are you financing your own investment to have some real skin in the game? Will you take what you’ve learned and put it into action? Are you ready to boldly unleash yourself and see what the future really holds for you, your career, and your business?

Remember, you control yourself and your destiny. Why not go into that future fully prepared to succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

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Note: Lyrics from The Eagles 1974 song, “Already Gone” written by Jack Tempchin and Robb Strandlund

Quote of the Week:

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Extra Points: So Who Are You…?

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40These lyrics are from the song made famous by The Who during my high school years. It remains prominent on the airwaves, especially as it’s also now a famous theme song from a popular television show. It also should act as a reminder that who you are perceived to be is totally in your own control. Your personal brand and reputation – not to mention that of the company you own or work for – are also controlled by whom you proclaim to be though your words and deeds. To that end, since we creep closer to the holiday season and promise of a new calendar year, allow me to offer a few thoughts for your consideration…

  • Be careful what you write in public domain (e.g. social media). If you are about to use bad language, denigrate someone or a group of people, or embarrass someone publicly, then pause and consider hitting the DELETE key, rather than POST. Social media is a a dangerous Wild West when used recklessly.
  • Smile when you greet people and for goodness sake look them in the eyes. Nothing is worse than feeling someone is looking past you, waiting to meet the person behind you. A smile costs nothing, but adds tremendous value to your personal brand.
  • Don’t jump to “hostile intent” with people, especially in two-dimensional conversations (email, text, social media). I did this just recently and found myself apologizing in return. Most people that you consider “friendly” to you, don’t want to hurt you.
  • Say please and thank you. It seems to be a shrinking art form. If you had a mother like mine, this was drilled into you.
  • Speaking of lessons from Mom, watch your table manners. It says a lot about you and your respect for the people around you.
  • Show genuine interest in others. If you’re in business, offer to find ways to help them, not simply because you want money, but because you have the skills and perspicacity to improve their condition. They should know that and might later thank you!
  • Be giving. Find a way to give to others who may not be as fortunate, and not just during the holidays, but always. If you’re like me, someone helped you when you needed and weren’t expecting it. Do the same; you might just be more rewarded than they are.

Here’s the deal. folks. We all live on this planet together. While we may all have different ideas around faith, politics, global warming, and favorite sports teams, we do share the fact that we are all here together at this time and place. We all have unique talents and gifts to share. It’s a renewed time to focus on unleashing our best selves every day. When we do that, we will all know the answer to the question of, “Who are you…”

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Quote of the Week:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

~ Confucius

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Veterans Day Special

Dad_DonWeedinIt was February 11, 1942. Just lightly over two months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Don Weedin – who celebrated his 17th birthday just the day before – dropped out of school at Bremerton High School.

That morning, he boarded a ferry with his parents and enlisted in the United States Navy. He needed his parents permission because he was under 18 years old. He wanted to go on his birthday as he was eager to enlist; she made him stay and celebrate his birthday with his family. His older brother Max Jr. was already in the war. Grandma feared that neither would come back to her.

Dad served in World War II and for a total of 30 years. He loved the Navy and would have stayed forever if he was allowed to. Growing up as a youngster in the 1970s, the attitude towards veterans and those serving was very different. It was post-Vietnam and at least in my memory, being in the service didn’t have the same level of gratitude. I never could understand why Dad didn’t have a diploma, but rather something called a GED. It wasn’t until I became an adult that the immense nature of his sacrifice began to sink in. Fortunately for me, Dad lived a long life and I was able to express to him my sincere gratitude for his service. He was part of “The Greatest Generation” that Tom Brokaw wrote about. Where once I was ambivalent as a child, today I’m proud.

We all have stories like this to share. My family has deep ties to the armed forces – my father-in-law and sister-in-law were Navy; my brother was Army; my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were Coast Guard; and I have a nephew currently serving in the Air Force. Dad was able to trace our family lineage back to three direct descendant grandfathers that served in the Revolutionary War.

Veterans Day is unique because it’s a day to honor all veterans. Dad was always strong in his belief that Memorial Day was to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Veterans Day is clearly a day to celebrate everyone that ever served.

So for those family members that served or serve – thank you.

To my friends from high school and college that served or serve – thank you.

To those that I will never meet but know that because of you, I get to live in a free country and be able to raise a family and run my own business – thank you.

God Bless America and all veterans….

P.S. My most special thanks to Don Weedin, my dad, who finally got to graduate with his granddaughter Mindy and get the diploma he so richly deserved in 2007.

high school grad

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Extra Points: Who’s the Boss?

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Tomorrow is Election Day in the Unites States. Actually, with early voting and mail-only balloting as here in Washington state, Election Day is merely the culmination of what is becoming the longest reality show in our history. Social media is awash with self-proclaimed pundits and cognoscenti proliferating everyone’s timelines with their op-eds and responses to others. I have seen people that I believe to be otherwise kind, castigate other friends as “gullible” and devoid of basic intelligence. The “media” that many bemoan as stilted is really just a reflection of us and what we demand from it.

So either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will rise from the stench of the last 18 months and take the reigns of the country. At least they won’t be anticipating the secession of states immediately upon election as Abraham Lincoln did (South Carolina led the secession parade just over a month after Lincoln was elected as they promised). Both appear to make better “candidates” than they do presidents. I guess we will soon find out…

The reality is that one will take the role of commander-in-chief of this country. In most years, about 50% of us will be unhappy; polls this year indicate even more. Regardless, that victor doesn’t really have any control over your life or destiny. You do. You are the boss of yourself.

You control your attitude, your disciplines, your confidence, your faith, and your influence on others. Your destiny and the impact you have on others is solely in your hands. You can choose to have a victim mentality or an “unleashed” one. You can choose to listen to others complain and join them, or you can regale in the opportunities that are before you each day. You have the power to denigrate and tear down others; or to support, encourage, and help improve their condition. That choice is yours and you get to cast your vote on it each day. And unlike using a secrecy envelope,  your vote will be evident to everyone.

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Quote of the Week:

“Freedom is nothing more than a chance to be better.”

~ Albert Camus (French philosopher)

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Podcast Interview on Business Growth

podcast-page-option-3-1I was thrilled to be recently interviewed by Shawn Casemore for his “The Growth Inspired” podcast.

LINK to listen

Our topic was how to build a strong team that supports growth and create a strategy around resilience management.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Learn more about Dan, his background and his work
  • Dan’s ‘secret sauce’ to business growth – there are 3 areas
  • Why is resiliency so important to a business?
  • Why you need to grow profitably
  • Dan’s tips you should look into to grow your business

Enjoy and be unleashed!

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Upcoming Event

20 Under 40 20_3Join me later this month as I present to the North Mason Chamber of Commerce on…

“Unleashed: Living a Better Life Outside the Fence.”

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often start their businesses by leaving a boss and end up working for a worse one! Stress, frustration, and poor leadership can be consequences professionally; long hours, little pay, and poor health can be the consequences personally. But you don’t have two lives, you only have one, and if you’re not careful, you’ll blow it!

Dan Weedin works with small and medium sized business owners to help them not only profitably grow their businesses, but profitably grow and create a better life for themselves and their employees. By “unleashing” a new mindset around resilient positivity, entrepreneurs and business owners can change the life they have into the one they always wanted.

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