Extra Points: Being Influential

Hola. Me llamo Dan Weedin. Y eso es Puntos Extra…
Okay, I admit that this open may be more impactful in person or on video, but perhaps you noticed it here, too. If it made you wonder what the heck I’m up to, it did it’s job!
Last week, you read or watched me talk about heading to a “rebound” weekend with returning Rotary Exchange students. During the weekend, we gave them pointers on how to begin the presentations they will give to their sponsoring clubs back in the United States and Canada. One of my recommendations is to begin the speech with a greeting in the language of the country they just returned from. The reason? It creates curiosity with the audience, and results in more attentiveness. That’s the goal of every presentation.
In business, you give presentations every day. They can range from one person to 1,000. Every time to speak to employees, co-workers, investors, clients, potential clients, and the community and media, you are tasked with delivering an influential “presentation.” Public speaking isn’t about being up on a platform; it’s the ability to transfer your ideas and motivations to others. And it’s crucial for business success.
Successful CEOs and Presidents of companies of all sizes regularly work on developing their influencing skills. This is NOT in a manner to be manipulative; but rather to exert influence for improving the condition of people and the company. One can be the smartest person in the room, but if they can’t transfer that influence, they will not be as successful as they could be.
Here’s your assignment: Find one way to improve ho you start presentations. Invest 30 minutes into integrating it into your conversations and presentations where you want to influence someone (or a group of people) to think, feel, or do something that will make the company or them better.
My Extra Points Extra: I love starting presentations with a story. You’ve even seen that in many of my missives. Find personal stories – NOT retread jokes – that increase curiosity, add humor, and engages your audience. When you do that, you’re off to a great start to be truly influential.
Quote of the Day:
“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”
~ Ayn Rand
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Extra Points: The Rebound

I’m spending this weekend with about two dozen returning exchange students from my Rotary Club district. I’m taking over the role of what is called a “Rebound Coordinator” for the district. The team of Rotarians I’m working with spend time talking with both returning students and parents about the year the kids were gone, and importantly, how to re-adjust back to “normal” life. You see, being gone to a new culture – with new language, experiences, and even some challenges – requires a bit of debriefing for everyone to assure a smooth transition back for everyone. That’s a key reason parents are required to attend at least part of it. Making sure all stakeholders are taken care of is critical to ongoing success.
In your business, that same care and concern must occur after a crisis or calamity. All stakeholders must be included in a debrief of the event. Now this calamity might not be dramatic; it can range from a loss of power that stopped operations for three hours (and maybe had employees stuck in the elevator for that period of time); flooded your office space and created chaos; or forced a building evacuation due to any number of perils.
We all experience some level of crisis regularly. Whether they be large or small, we need to do a good job of examining what we did well and what can be improved. For every minute of lost time due to an event that stops your regular operations, you risk losing between $1,000 and $10,000 of lost productivity, opportunity, and profits. That’s worth finding a better way to deal with them! By going through this process, you might prevent another event, and at least improve recovery time for the next one.
Here’s your assignment: Create a process for debriefing after any event that you believe caused a loss for your business. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it should include all stakeholders (including clients, if necessary). Identify ways you could have improved your response to recover more quickly, and then integrate that into your Business Continuity program. If you need help with either of those, let me know.
Bottom line: You should never let a good crisis go to waste. Invest some time and resources into finding a way to debrief and improve from every calamity. Your bottom line will then be happier and healthier!
Quote of the Day:
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
~ Dr. Seuss
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Extra Points: Expanding Your Brand

We all have a message to tell in our businesses. That message is disseminated out in an effort to target current and potential clients and customers (there is a difference). How do you know you’re getting the most bang for your buck?

I’m a visual learner. Given a choice, I will invest in learning by watching a video. In the last week, I’ve done this to learn a new recipe and cooking preparation, to watch the news in order to stay current in world and local events, and to improve my golf swing. I also am aware that many other humans like to learn in different ways. It’s inherent for my business to touch them all in a manner that they understand my brand and my services.

Are you doing the same?

Visual learners prefer to learn by watching. That’s why I now have Extra Points on video (see above). I post them on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram. I also have a new course on LinkedIn Learning (my third) which you can check out below. Do you utilize video to expand your message to visual learners?

Auditory learners prefer listening. I have a podcast (with an accompanying video – see how this works?) for people that like listening while they commute. In the golden age of radio, commercials needed to be powerful in order to create curiosity. Some people still need that, even though television and social media is tilted to visual.

Kinesthetic learners are tactile; they like to touch things. These people might still like to hold a brochure or fill out a questionnaire with an actual pen or pencil. That’s why I still have assessments that require someone to fill in the blanks.

Regardless of your business, you have a message to share. If you’re in sales (and truly we all are to some level), it’s incumbent on you to be creative. Find different ways to advance and expand your voice and message; thus ultimately your brand. Your assignment this week is to see if your marketing and sales process has any gaps that need to be filled.

Final note: Lack of steady business and revenue is a crisis. If you want to avert that in your business, be strong in marketing. This concept will help you. Contact me if you’d like to learn how I help my clients accomplish this. Be unleashed.

Quote of the Day:

“A somebody was once a nobody who wanted to and did.”

~ John Burroughs (19th century American author)

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