21 Days to Remarkable Results!

The majority of my advisory work is on helping clients make changes. The changes may be skill-based, mindset-based, business or personal. In the end, they are working on creating a better business, career, and life. And they want to do it fast.

Unleashed 21 has been created to help you improve your business, career, and/or life with a consistent message on a strategy or tactic you can implement and grow immediately. Muscle memory requires 21 consecutive days to take hold and manifest into change. The same is true with any type of change. Hence, I’ve created Unleashed 21.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will receive a video (duration 210 seconds or about 3 and a half minutes). The video will present a strategy and action for you to act on. The release date is April 1st. No fooling.
  • You invest about 10 minutes a day to listen to the video and take action. We will discuss setting qualitative and quantitative metrics to gauge your progress.
  • The videos are yours to keep. You can continue to use them for different goals both now and in the future.
  • You get one 21-minute call with me during your 21 days on the program.
  • At the end of the three weeks, you will have implemented some change for the better that will have an impact on your business, career, and life.

Your New Year’s Resolution is probably already shot. Here’s your reprieve. You have control of your future. Learn how to quickly make changes to help you and others in your company and your life.

Your investment is $210 by March 31. If you wait until April 1, it increases to $495. After that, the fee is $695.

Click here to register. Find the Unleashed 21 button and get started. When you do, you will receive a welcome letter along with a PDF copy of my book, Unleashed Leadership (Kitsap Publishing 2015).

Note: If you’re a member of one of my Unleashed Universe programs, either the Captain Jack or Bella memberships, you are automatically enrolled. Nothing to do but wait until April 1.

The improvement you want can be business or personal; it doesn’t matter. The videos will guide you through the process. Jump on Unleashed 21. You will be glad you did!

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Extra Points: New Blood

Dan_Weedin_022Last week was wonderful as the newest member of my family was born. Our granddaughter made her grand entrance on Tuesday and I met her for the first time the next day. It’s one of those special moments you always remember. Barb and I were at my daughter and son-in-law’s house when they came home with the baby and video recorded her big sister being so excited to “onboard” her to her new home. I’m sure we will use that video to remind them that they love each other in about 13 years.

There are many grand entrances in our personal lives, and we normally treat them with the aplomb they deserve. How about the grand entrances in our professional lives?

How do we commemorate new clients and employees? Are we welcoming and warm? Do we reward ourselves when we accomplish something great or even when we do something “normal” extremely well? Do we “ring the bell” when others win the day or achieve goals or milestones?

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of work and business life. Just like it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day of our personal lives. One of the secrets of great success is to celebrate people and moments; accomplishments and achievement; and do it in a way that can be shared by all.  When you do that, you’ll see your business grow just like a family. And in those moments of conflict and crisis, like a strong family your business will not only survive but thrive together.

Quote of the Day:

“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”

~ Boris Pasternak

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Extra Points: The Language of Business

Dan_Weedin_022In business, you must be multi-lingual.

I don’t mean actual languages as we know them, however that never hurts. Every industry has its own language. They are rife with acronyms, jargon, idioms, and slang. Everyone on the “inside” seems to understand, and “outsiders” must try to pick it up to fit in. I’ve written of this in regards to on boarding new employees. In this missive, I want to delve in how being multi-lingual is essential to acquiring and keeping business.

I work with a myriad of industries and here is my observation; be prepared to understand what your potential and current client values. Some business owners want to understand the scope of work; in other words they value the process. You find this common in technology and manufacturing. Some business owners don’t care how you get there, they want to know how they will be improved and desire quantitative metrics like percentage of revenue growth, increased profitability, and reduction in turnover. Still others most desire qualitative results that aren’t easily measured; things like peace of mind, confidence, and improved employee morale.

Regardless, they all want one common result…how will they be improved and how will it be measured?

The trick is to uncover what your potential and current clients value. This can’t be rushed; but can still be done quickly. It takes research, patience, good questioning and listening skills, and (drum roll) failure. The only way to learn to ride a bicycle is to crash and burn, learn from your mistake, and ride better next time. The same is true here; however many professionals don’t take the time to learn the idiosyncrasies of the language.

Here’s my challenge to you today: Learn what language you speak. Based on your industry, experience, and background, what do you value, how do you express it, and how do you measure success? Then look at your current clients. You in some way managed to speak their language in other to gain their confidence. You may find similarities that drew you together, and that’s fine. To be most successful, learn other languages so you can make a bigger impact on more people, thus helping them and yourself.

Que tengan una buena semana, amigos.

Quote of the Day:

“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

~ Lewis Carroll

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What Do You Value?

Video #1 of a series of videos I will be releasing from a keynote speech I gave in January 2019. The conference was for the Western District of NAPA owners.

In this short intro, my question to them and to you is, “What do you value and how would anyone know it?”

“We had the opportunity to have Dan speak at a recent NAPA Owners meeting, which was a great success. Dan delivered a message that resonated with our customer base. It was well received and left our customers with actionable thoughts to implement. Dan had their attention from start to finish.”

Monte Thompson, Genuine Parts Company (NAPA) Mountain Division APG


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Extra Points: Chip Shots

Dan_Weedin_022Watching the World Golf Championships Mexico tournament on Sunday, there was a point in the round where Rory McIlroy did something that I often do when playing golf (and believe me, Rory and I do very little in common on the golf course). He hit his ball right next to a tree. I mean the ball was nestled up directly next to this huge tree with literally no swing available.

McIlroy called over an official to see if he could gain relief and he was denied. He quickly grabbed a club, turned it upside down and proceeded to play his shot left-handed back into the fairway. McIlroy is right handed, as our his clubs. He basically did a McGyver to create a possibility to escape and recover. Although he went in to bogey the hole, it was a remarkable play that minimized damage.

Here are a few business lessons for your consideration:

McIlroy never complained or berated the official as we see in other sports. He owned the fact that he put himself in that situation.

He quickly surmised the quickest and most effective way to get back to the fairway. Faced with other options that would have taken him away from the hole he was playing, he chose an unorthodox play to get back on course.

His short swing left-handed with his club facing the opposite direction was flawless. That means he’d done it before. Likely at some point in his life facing a similar situation, and knowing he might one day again, he practiced the shot until he became more than just competent. If he’s like most golfers, he likely turned the practice into a game.

Your challenge to take into next week and beyond:

Focus always on taking ownership of your actions and behavior. Too many people have a victim mentality where it’s always someone else’s fault. In my experience, the majority of times we find ourselves stymied by a tree is because we hit it there!

Always have a plan to recover quickly to get back in course. You should always know where the exits are in a building or an airplane. Likewise, you should know where the quickest exit to get back to your own fairway is. Not doing so is negligent to your employees and clients; and perilous to your profitability.

Finally, practice your recovery. The reason amateur golfers like me shoot high scores is because we never practice hitting out of the woods; rather focusing on the perfect position created by driving ranges. You must practice your escape and recovery plans in order to be prepared to hit that difficult shot when it’s most needed.

Quote of the Day:

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”

~ W. Edwards Deming

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Extra Points: Are You Prepared to Get Paid Fast?

Dan_Weedin_022On the most recent podcast of The Shrimp Tank (see link to listen and view below), our guest Pat Larson discussed his business of being an accountant for those investors who dabble in cryptocurrency. Most people know the more popular cryptocurrency brand, Bitcoin; but there are many others. It’s an emerging method of investing and ultimately paying for services.

JP Morgan made news this past week as they announced they will be offering their own private cryptocurrency. It will be fascinating to see how this accelerates the process. Bottom line, you need to be prepared to one day be asked if you accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment.

Consideration for services or products has changed drastically over the past decades. From cash or check only; to credit cards; to Square and ApplePay and Venmo. I just purchased my groceries today with my mobile device (not really a phone, is it?) on ApplePay. Still there are business owners that don’t accept American Express and in some cases, no plastic at all. These are savvy business owners that don’t want to pay extra fees.

Here’s my opinion: You as a business should never get in the way of being paid. Instead of being an obstacle, be an open road. While fees exist today (and they are a cost of doing business), those may be going the way of the dinosaur as there are now growing ways to bank and to send money with no fees.

So where does cryptocurrency come into play?

Listen to the podcast and hear Pat explain that one day there will be a way through some function (e.g. Quick Response or QR codes) will rapidly deposit cryptocurrency into your account, which you can then as quickly transfer into cash. He accepts it as a form of payment. Will you one day do the same?

We are in a rapidly changing world of commerce. Don’t get stuck in the tar pits because you didn’t want to accept a form of payment because I guarantee your competitors will. You be the leader and become a gateway to business and profitability.

Listen to podcast

Quote of the Day:

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

~ Muhammad Ali

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Breaking News: Studio Sponsor For Seattle Shrimp Tank Podcast

BA-Logo-RGB_Horizontal_NEWThe Seattle Shrimp Tank is pleased to announce a new name for its studio.

It will now be called the Business Accelerants™ Studio. Paul Menig and his company, Business Accelerants™ Powered by Tech-I-M, has agreed to provide support to this important endeavor to help small businesses.

Paul uses the Business Accelerants™ 7-Forces Model™ and other tools to assess the current state of small and medium businesses. Based on the information, he helps business owners and leaders develop a GAME plan to accelerate profitable growth, to get them more money from the business and more time for their lives.

Paul was a guest on the show (Episode 28) to discuss what he and his son discovered while looking for a business to buy in the Seattle area. Paul was an “Intra-preneur” at General Electric, Eaton, and Daimler developing new businesses and products for multiple industries including medical, aerospace, defense, industrial automation, and transportation. Since 2012 he has mentored and coached several hundred businesses about getting started, making a Grow And Make Earnings (GAME) plan, and how to exit gracefully.

Paul said, “I’m excited to be part of the Seattle Shrimp Tank podcast and its association nationally with iHeart RADIO. Small and medium businesses are the heart of business. Entrepreneurs need to be encouraged, educated, and empowered to create jobs and help others.”

Thank you Paul for your commitment and support of the podcast! To learn more about Paul and his company, email him and introduce yourself as a member of the community.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

Commercials: We have two 30-second commercials per show (26 shows per year). Those of you as guests have heard them. Here is what you get with your commercial: Brand mention at the show’s start and before your commercial; banner link on our Shrimp Tank website; opportunity to have swag on broadcast table or in goodie bag (microphone stands, mugs, etc.)

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers (Dan Weedin) is already committed; we have room for one more. The fee is $400 per month.

Shrimp Peelers: For $400 per year, you will get your logo on our website with the link to your website; get “shout outs” during every broadcast; and get recognition on all marketing and events.

Thank you to our new Shrimp Peeler sponsors that have jumped into the tank head first! They are: Diana Smeland – Port Ludlow Associates; Monica Blackwood – Westsound Workforce; Kathy Cocus – Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA); Brenda Wall – Legal Shield; Michele Doyle – MD Design Group; and Symetra Life (Nate Kohl).

Shrimp Tank Blast from the Past: Brenda Wall


In a new series of blog posts, I will be sharing past episodes of Shrimp Tank interviews with our terrific guests.

We are starting with our Shrimp Peeler Sponsors. Today, we flash back to Episode 44 on July 13, 2018 with Shrimp Peeler Sponsor, Brenda Wall from LegalShield!

Listen to Podcast

Commercial Sponsors:

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers  / Ideal Life 360

Shrimp Peeler Sponsors:

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance / MD Design Group / Westsound Workforce /

Port Ludlow Resort / Symetra Life / Brenda Wall – LegalShield/IdentituShield

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Shrimp Tank Blast from the Past: Monica Blackwood


In a new series of blog posts, I will be sharing past episodes of Shrimp Tank interviews with our terrific guests.

We are starting with our Shrimp Peeler Sponsors. Today, we flash back to Episode 50 on October 13, 2018 with Shrimp Peeler Sponsor, Monica Blackwood, CEO of Westsound Workforce!

Listen to Podcast

Commercial Sponsors:

First Underwriters Insurance Brokers  / Ideal Life 360

Shrimp Peeler Sponsors:

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance / MD Design Group / Westsound Workforce /

Port Ludlow Resort / Symetra Life / Brenda Wall – LegalShield/IdentituShield

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Extra Points: The Neighborhood

Dan_Weedin_022We are in the middle of a snowstorm. For us in Seattle, it’s a significant deal for three reasons. First, we don’t get these enough to allow us to be as prepared as other neighbors in the country. Second, we get an inordinate amount of melt that turns into ice. Third, we have a lot of hills; and ice and hills aren’t a good mix.

At home, I’ve done all the normal things to prepare, but as with most of my neighbors, I hadn’t picked up any ice melt. We had a neighborhood text thread going on to see if anyone had some to share. Saturday night, I went to take the dogs out and found a humongous bag of ice melt on my porch. Of course there was no indication of who it was from, but I have my suspicion among a couple of neighbors. Nobody is confessing.

We have an “old school” neighborhood. We all know each other; like each other; help each other out; and hang out together regularly (as I write this, we are preparing to host a Snowmageddon get together). We are fortunate to be around neighbors that altruistically are always ready to both help and have fun.

Is the company you own or are a part of neighborly?

On one hand, your employees may have developed the culture of many neighborhoods in this era where people isolate themselves, with head down, staring at monitors and head phones, walk by each other with little more than a nod, and then go home as quickly as possible. The OTHER hand is the one I suggest for improved company culture, better performance, reduced risk, and more fun…

A company that picks up for each other when someone is out (without being asked); that collaborate, engage, and laugh with each other; that encourage and support each other; and that demand a culture where anyone new coming in be onboarded properly to accelerate that culture. By accomplishing this, you will realize reduced turnover and increased profitability. Plus, your employees will become evangelists for your company.

Here’s your challenge for the week. Rate your company on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being completely isolated to 5 being Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. What do you need to do to improve your score and who can help you? Answer that question and get started with just one step. Share with me the step you took and you will get a complimentary 15-minute conversation with me and I will give you my three steps to assure success.

By increasing that neighborly spirit, the results will be remarkable.

Quote of the Day:

“The more we can be in a relationship with those who might seem strange to us, the more we can feel like we’re neighbors and all members of the human family.”

~ Fred Rogers

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