Happy Valentine’s Day – Extra Points-style

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Valentine’s Day Special
If you were like me, Valentine’s Day in grade school was a huge deal. You had to go out and buy a whole bunch of flimsy cards (or actually your mom did), make sure there was one for everyone (as a guy this was kind of weird), and then pass them out to everyone (while everyone else did the same thing). If you forgot, it was like a plague had been put on you and your mother would be banished from the PTA (not really, but it was awkward). I don’t know if they still perform this Valentine’s Day ritual in school, but the memory of it is still clear in my mind.

I guess in the end it’s about giving you an opportunity to tell your classmates you care. As an adult, it’s a chance to tell your significant other you care. How often do you tell your employees, co-workers, and clients you care? Now I’m not suggesting you run out and buy flimsy Valentine’s Day cards to hand out today. However, what I am saying is that we all have a need for validation. We all have a need to know that someone else appreciates and cares about us. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and miss opportunities to say “thank you,” or to simply acknowledge others. This Valentine’s Day, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to do just that with those you spend the most time with.

Happy Valentine’s Day and THANK YOU for being a part of my community!

This week’s quote –“Three rules of work: Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulties, find opportunity.”
Albert Einstein

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Extra Points – On Being Better Prepared than Christina Aguilera

Francis Scott Key must be turning violently in his grave.

The Star Spangled Banner which Mr. Key wrote more than a century and a half ago is a tough song to sing, with the variances in keys and melody. The lyrics are, well, the lyrics. They are what they are. On Super Bowl Sunday, Christina Aguilera forgot what they were. In front of about a gazillion people, she flubbed the words to our anthem…at least twice. Take away that she’s probably heard and sung this song countless times in her life, in one of the biggest stages she wasn’t prepared and it showed in front of everyone. If you take on the gig to sing in the Super Bowl, you’d think you would at least prepare.

How do we fare when performing in our own little worlds?

If you’re in sales, you’d better be prepared to respond to any objection. If you’re in retail, you’d better be prepared to be warm and friendly every time. If you’re an executive, you’d better be prepared to deal with conflict and drama in the workplace. If you’re a speaker, you’d better be prepared to know your audience. If you aren’t in any of these, you come across as unprofessional as Ms. Aguilera. Find the simple “blocking and tackling” that comes with your industry and field and make sure that you’re prepared to hit every note and lyric.

This week’s quote –“If I do not practice one day, I know it. If I do not practice the next day, the orchestra knows it. If I do not practice the third day, the whole world knows it.”
– Ignace Paderewski – Polish Pianist

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Today, I got yet another opportunity to see “community” at work. I attended the annual Olympic College Foundation Columbus Day Luncheon. I’ve lost track of the number I’ve attended. My wife and I are proud to support the foundation and captained a table again. This year, I was asked to do the “ask.”

In briefing with the executive director prior to the event, I was mildly surprised to learn that this event (which regularly brings in just under 300 people) was going to draw the largest attendance since 2006. Joan estimated well over 300 people. This is right in the middle of a challenging economic time for individuals and businesses. Yet, this community of which I am proud to be part of always rallies for those who really need it. In this case, helping young people (including the young at heart) get their education.

Community means more that just a geographic area. My definition of community is a group of people, diverse in culture, ideas, and strengths, that band together for the greater good. That can be a professional group, a faith community, a service organization, or a business community advancing education. What communities do you belong to? What rewards do you realize from being part of it? And, most importantly, what do you contribute to it?

How you answer that last question will help you find balance in your life…

To learn more about the Olympic College Foundation, click here.

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Extra Points

This week’s focus point
Sept 11
September 11th will always hold a significant place in my heart. At least to this point, it’s the most profound and impactful event that’s occurred in my lifetime of 45 years. I’ll never forget where I was (getting ready for work); or how I felt (stunned, shaken, shocked, and vexed). What happened over the ensuing days and weeks however had a bigger effect.

We as a nation, and New York as a city and state, banded together as one. Adjectives that come to mind are resilient, resourceful, generous, and courageous. Flags flew, churches were filled, rivalries were temporarily put on hold, games ceased, and tears flowed. In the midst of tremendous adversity and conflict, we grew stronger. It might remind others from a past generation how we responded after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

We as people are resilient. We are strong, courageous, and relentless…when we need to be. Unfortunately, it often takes a tragedy like 9/11 to spur us on. I maintain that every day we find opportunities and smaller challenges where we need to show the same resolve, yet fail to be motivated to. I encourage each of you to keep that resiliency and moxie every day of your life. Whether in your professional or personal life, you will find ample opportunities to survive and to thrive. Take them!

This week’s quote –“I have not yet begun to fight. ”
– John Paul Jones

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Extra Points for Today

This week’s focus point
Jack sleeping
Last week I was taking the dogs for their morning walk when Captain Jack stopped to smell the bush on the edge of our property. I thought he had some business to attend to, so I stopped to give him time. He did his due diligence in sniffing, and then as if shot out of a cannon, dove headfirst into the bush and emerged with a foot-long garden snake clenched in his mouth! The snake had a beautiful red stripe on its back and was flailing on both sides. I jerked the leash and Jack lost control of the snake, who immediately retreated back into the bush. To say the least, Captain Jack was disappointed about the “one that got away.”

Do you dive headlong into your passions? Might be professional or personal, but each of us have passions that excite, motivate, and often challenge us. If you’re going to be a member of an organization like Rotary or Kiwanis, dive headlong into it so you can give the most and get the most. If you own your own business, dive into it with assertiveness and confidence and you will engender the same in your clients and prospects. Develop your personal and professional relationships that you cherish with zeal.

I guess the bottom line is that if you attack your passions and dreams with the same exuberance and confidence as Captain Jack, you will emerge with your own snake and won’t have to give it back. Happy hunting!

This week’s quote –“God gets you to the plate, but once you’re there you are on your own.”
– Ted Williams, Hall of Fame baseball legend and last player to hit over. 400 for a season

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