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I am thrilled to have received this morning a new testimonial from a happy client. These are important to me because my goal is never to be an “expense,”but rather an investment for my clients. Everyone has different reasons to utilize my services and often seek to accomplish different objectives. What’s always the same is they seek rapid results. You will see from this client, Lindsey Carnett from Marketing Maven PR, that she realized both quantitative ans qualitative value. Thanks for your kind words, Lindsey!

P.S. After reading this consider that I can help you quickly accomplish your business and personal objectives. Call (360-271-1592) or email me (dan@danweedin.com) to find out how…

When I heard about Toro Consulting I wondered what Dan could offer to me that any other leadership consultant hadn’t already pitched to me. I was already a Vistage member, already a Women Presidents Organization member and had an outsourced business advisor, among other resources. Dan and I discussed using his services not so much for my own personal development but for the development of key staff members who would benefit me from having fewer “freak outs” and staff conflicts, especially when having that key staffer embark on a larger role within my organization.

I told Dan that if he could help this key employee have a greater sense of confidence, set boundaries with needy subordinates, establish appropriate communication protocol with peers who were influencing team morale, and not burden me with what I call “freak-outs” due to a sense of being overwhelmed, I’d give Dan the testimonial of a lifetime.

So here it is: As the CEO of a multi-million dollar, rapid-growth, nationally ranked marketing agency, I owe Dan a heap of gratitude for the headaches I haven’t had to experience over the last 6-months. I can thank Dan for retention of key employees, a key employee who now shares the same values and concerns as me, an improvement in team morale and an improved sense of confidence and drive, two traits vital to success within my organization.

Since I’m the rainmaker, I’ve been able to spend my time focusing on lucrative opportunities to grow my business as opposed to getting caught up in the minutia of interpersonal relationships among junior level and senior level staff.

I’d recommend Dan and Toro Consulting to any business owner looking to improve their own leadership skills or to have Dan help one or more of your key staff members to help you stay focused on your company goals without distraction. Dan is a pro at asking the right questions, presenting appropriate challenges and remaining steadfast in his accountability expectations for the best outcome possible. He used your goals as the thesis for his regular interactions so every interaction will lead to a positive outcome for the goals set forth at the beginning of the campaign. I set some very lofty goals and told Dan to make a believer out of me. He has accomplished in 4 months what I didn’t believe was possible in  a full year.

If you are on the fence, you should give him a try. What do you have to lose?  Stress, headaches, attitudes. Just be very transparent about your goals so he can use these as the guiding lights for his work within your organization.

Lindsey Carnett
CEO & President
Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.


A New Rave Review

I’m always grateful to my clients that take the time to write a testimonial on my behalf. Just this week, I received a new one that was especially nice…

My work with Dan Weedin was targeted to help provide guidance and insight, while navigating through issues inherent with managing a small company. Dan became engaged very quickly, he listened, asked questions, analyzed, and then offered possible solutions and suggestions.  

Dan leaves no doubt about his sincerity in helping me resolve issues, and to get me back on the fast track to success. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about how someone I had never met could help me and my team, especially considering he had little or no knowledge regarding the industry I was working in. Well, my only regret now is, I wish I would have started sooner with Dan. I have relied on Dan’s unique insight, experience and wisdom many times, and I am grateful for the guidance he has provided me. With Dan’s tutelage, I have gone from “frustrated” to “triumphal.”

Patrick G. Reed, Sr. Project Manager – CW Solutions (New Jersey)

Any of you feeling “frustrated?” Would you like to moved to “triumphal” in your career? Ready to maximize your talents?

Many thanks to Pat for his kind words. Business and executive coaching can work wonders for your professionally and personally. Just like elite athletes need coaches to help them reach their highest abilities, so do elite business people need coaching to accomplish the same thing.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you achieve more, contact me at (360) 271-1592 or dan@danweedin.com.

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New Rave Review and Why It’s Important to You

umbrella_risk2014 ended with a cyber bang…of sorts. Major businesses like Target and Home Depot were hit by cyber attacks. Then in December, Sony was hacked due to outrage from North Korea over an upcoming movie, The Interview. If you think that cyber crime is unique to Fortune 500 companies, you’re wrong. In fact, over 60% of cyber crime is perpetrated on employers of less than 100 people. It’s the low-hanging fruit theory. If you’re a small business, you need a plan.

I’ve worked with countless small businesses to help them protect their assets and their lifestyle. I understand you have an insurance broker or agent, and you should have a good one. I help with that, too. The bottom line is you need someone that isn’t interested in keeping their commission. I help my clients make tough and smart decisions on their insurance, risk management, AND cyber protection. If you’re not prepared, you may just be that next ripe piece of low-hanging fruit.

Don’t believe me just because I said it. Read what my clients say…

“Dan helped us realize just what insurance — and what an insurance agent and company — could do for our small business. I mean, everyone knows that insurance is important, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that we really only think about it when going through the renewal process or submitting a claim. Working with Dan in advance of our renewal was an educational (and fun) experience: Dan’s a great guy and he really took the time to get to know us and our company. He shared with his us general expertise about insurance as well as many astute insights and observations on our existing insurance policies, including his recommendations for areas of potential change or improvement. Dan made the renewal process a breeze and we appreciated his guidance in selecting the agent that was the right “culture fit” for our company. Months later, all continues to be great: we’re more confident than ever in our insurance and in our relationship with our agent. Thanks, Dan!”
– Darcy Gray, CEO, TOM BIHN 

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Early Feedback from Unleashed Summit

Here is some early feedback from participants of the inaugural Unleashed Summit held last week…

“Dan Weedin’s Unleashed Workshop was time well spent, and I highly recommend it.  Dan brings lots of energy, humor, sage advice, and a great interactive experience together with real world applications and brainstorming.  I am already looking at my business — and life — differently.  Plus … Captain Jack’s Rules are words to live by!”

~ Sheenah Hellmers 

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What Are You Missing?

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch2_001I LOVE getting feedback on my writing…no matter what kind it is. My goal is to always make you think, regardless of whether you agree with me or not. That being said, a very nice comment on a Monday morning is always good for the spirit! This came in yesterday from one of me readers and she gave me the okay to share with all of you…

Good Morning, Dan —
I want to thank you again for the fabulous ‘Extra Points’ transmittal.  I enjoy it so much!
It always brings good thought provoking insights to the laptop to start the week off right–
Hope you are enjoying your Summer —

Best regards,
Mariel Kagan

What are you missing if you’re not reading my work? A great way to make sure you have it is by subscribing to Extra Points and reading Unleashed. If you don’t have it, fear not. It’s available right here!

P.S. My first ever Unleashed Summit is sneaking up in a couple of months. Don’t miss out…register today!

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New Rave Review

Many thanks to one of my fine coaching clients, Maria Agnew from Seattle for her kind “rave review” about our work together. I am expanding my unique coaching program for executives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals. I’ve added 2 new clients this year and those spots are filling up. If you’d like to learn how I can help you “unleash your potential,” please contact me.

“In my work with Dan Weedin, within the first 3 weeks, I gained clarity about how to become more focused each day.

My favorite take away is every interaction is 1-0.  What I mean by this, is every person and opportunity is new and I can set myself up for success by creating my internal thoughts and turning those to my intentions.

I feel more confident every day because I am using these principles to guide my personal life and my work.  I immediately secured two new clients because of my work with Dan.

Dan is an excellent mentor and coach.  I truly appreciate his insight and guidance.”

Maria Agnew, Sr. VP Business Development – Influencing Options

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This Just In…

Two new “reviews” from coaching clients that I am working with and have renewed for more “torture” from me. See why they gain value for themselves and their careers. How can I help you?

“I benefit from working with Dan because of his extreme intensity and focus on the direction we are headed. He keeps me focused, accountable, and on task. Dan also looks ahead with optimism. His vision is large, which makes my vision expand. Limits are not in his vocabulary. He emphasizes the fact that the discipline has to come from me and it requires daily commitment to achieve defined goals. Not all coaches are created equal…Dan Weedin is exceptional.”~ Heidi Jack, Seattle, WA

“Dan is an amazing coach. He not only guides to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business. He is charming and funny but also fearless and sharp. I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence.”~ Stacie Curtis, President CW Solutions (Millstone Township, NJ)

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Extra Points Testimonial

I always enjoy getting kind words and testimonials for my work. This week, I received this one and wanted to share. Thanks, Steve!

“I receive a prodigious amount of legitimate e-mail and junk mail every day.  I have set my e-mail filter so all junk mail, and possibly a few legitimate e-mails (unfortunately) are automatically deleted.  But of all the legitimate e-mails I receive, and I received a number of weekly newsletters such as yours, I always read yours.  You are an excellent storyteller who is able to relate to the story to our day-to-day activities.”
– Steve Garfein, Poulsbo, WA

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