Extra Points: The Great Escape

JackA special edition missive by Captain Jack…

I got unleashed…

As much as Dan talks about being unleashed, he doesn’t approve when I take his advice. I made my great escape – the first in a long time – while Barb was attending to Bella. It was brilliant.

I boldly burst through the front door and made a sharp dogleg right to head up my normal path. I was unleashed… Barb made a valiant effort in following me. I crawled under a fence where there was this big race track-like pasture with a bunch of water in some kind of man-made lake. I just started running, and running, and occasionally taking flight like only I can. I jumped in the water. I played. Barb watched.

I soon heard Dan call my name. He wasn’t home for my great escape, but had apparently figured out what happened. He kindly beckoned to me to come over as he was holding my favorite treat. Been there and done that…he starts out nice but when he catches me, his mood changes.

I escaped the fence without either catching me. I then bolted into uncharted territory by crossing the passage called Viking Way. I spotted two small dogs with their human and ran towards them in an effort to play. The human grabbed me and told me to go home. Then Barb came running and captured me, leashed me, and spoke very firmly to me while apologizing to the other human. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was simply being unleashed. For all my fun, I ended up getting a bath. I think that was my discipline. It was worth it.

Interesting that I hear humans often say that infirmities and aches are “part of getting old.” They use it as an excuse for not doing what they used to enjoy doing or eschewing activities because they are “past their prime.” Let me tell you, we dogs NEVER think about age. Unlike humans, we don’t consider how long we’ve been on earth as a factor in any decision we make. I heard Dan exclaim that I am pretty spry for 11 years old. I don’t even know what that means! I am just Captain Jack and will never change my mindset. Why should I?

Maybe the better question is, why should you?

P.S. Bella got extra treats and nice words for being a “good girl.” Clearly favoritism…

Captain Jack out…

Quote of the Week:

”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (American author)

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Chasing Cars

Me and BellaI just got back from taking Bella for a walk. She’s my crazy dog on walks. She saw a dog in a car once and now she must think there is a dog in every car! That means when a car drives by, she goes nuts. She lunges out and tries to chase, track down, and take a hunk out of the fender. She expends a ton of energy and BARK in a fruitless effort. She’s on a leash and there’s no way she will ever catch the car. Yet she persists….

There are times you are barking down the wrong car or up the wrong tree. You expend energy and effort for a fruitless cause. I’m talking to all of you that have prospects on your list that you forever “chase” in the hopes that they will finally give in and buy from you. Here’s the problem, you have an outlier or two that does and it’s like throwing the dog a bone. You think everyone will finally toss that thing. Not so much. Outliers are called this for a reason…because they rarely happen.

As you approach 2015, take a hard look at your prospect list and eliminate those that you know in your heart have zero chance of investing in you. Those that are under 25% should be moved to a smaller energy effort. Focus your barking on people and organizations in the upper half of likelihood. If they’ve been on your prospect list for 6 years, they aren’t “buying you.” These upper echelon people must be legitimate prospects or else you’re wasting your time.

Final thought If you need more of the upper 50%, then keep asking for referrals. Then you have a better chance of actually catching that racing car and biting off an end of the fender!

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Extra Points – Killing Snakes

This week’s focus point…Killing Snakes

Jack and DanA Special Guest Post by Captain Jack…

Hello…I am Captain Jack. I’m Dan’s incredibly witty, charming, and handsome Jack Russell terrier. Since I know how to access Dan’s blog, I have something to say. Listen up…

I killed a snake on Saturday. Some people may find this revolting, but I don’t care. I find some things humans do revolting…like going in a little room to do their business. We all have our hangups…

I’m going to teach you how to catch a snake in 3 easy steps…just in case you ever need to. Step 1 ~ you have to have a passion for catching snakes. If you don’t have a passion for it, you’ll just be going through the motions in a miserable mood. I have a passion for snaring snakes! Step 2 ~You have to be in the place snakes live. You won’t find snakes on the beach, so why would you waste your time there? Seek them where they can be found. Step 3 ~ You have to be ready. If you don’t practice and improve your craft and skill, you will only be mediocre. If you do, then when than magical moment arrives that you encounter a snake, it’s yours! I am always practicing my snatch and grab move with the pillows on the sofa.

Funny how humans can use the same 3 steps in their work. In order for you to be successful on your own snake hunting career, you need to have a passion for your work; a real passion that goes beyond paying the bills. You need to seek out your prospective clients where they live to help them; don’t expect them to always seek you out…snakes don’t do that. You have to be a hunter. Finally, you have to always be improving how you help them so when you have an opportunity, you can take it. That means practicing your craft, your skills, and your confidence. I’m always confident. You should try that yourself!

It’s pretty simple. I never cease to be amazed at why humans make it so hard.

P.S. If you want a view of my kill (he was still alive at this point), then click here. Fair warning: If you don’t like looking at snakes, then don’t.

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This week’s quote –

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

~ Groucho Marx

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Home Alone Captain Jack Style

Hello…I am Captain Jack. I’m Dan’s incredibly witty, charming, and handsome Jack Russell terrier. Since I know how to access Dan’s blog, I have something to say. Listen up…

Today is my final day of being home alone. I know that little short guy with the blonde hair made buko bucks with a couple of movies by the same name, but his was all Hollywood. Mine is real.

Now to be clear, I wasn’t completely “alone.” Bella was here. So was this new dude watching us. His name is David. Based on my observations, he has been more than adequate. But he doesn’t go to “work” in the office like Dan does. I miss “work.”

I consider myself alone when Dan isn’t around. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. It’s opportunity. Just like the little blonde boy in the movies, I’ve had to ward off bad guys. David has to go to his own work outside the house and to school. During that time, we were attacked by a mob of ruthless squirrels, a pair of snakes resembling Bonnie and Clyde, and a raccoon that would make Tony Soprano blush. They all waited until David left and thought that with us home alone, they could raid our home. Bella the Diva needs protecting and being the sole man left in the house, I was left to battle. Battle I did. Feeling somewhat like Davy Crockett at The Alamo, I fended off the pesky varmints with all my guile, gumption, and creativity. The house remains standing and I’m clearly large and in charge. David didn’t notice a thing. Neither will Dan (although I will clearly tell him).

This might be one of the lead stories I will write for our new book. Dan sent off a signed agreement all the way across the country for our new Unleashed book to be published by the same company that did his first one, Insuring Success. I guarantee the stories of my bravery will trump anything he did on his trip to see my girls. I will make sure he (and you) know them all!

One more day of literally holding down the fort…as I am “home alone.” Rest assured, this dog is on duty!

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You’ve Only Got One Life…

“You’ve only got one life, so you might as well have fun!”20140121-162057.jpg

These philosophical words were spoken to me yesterday by a 4th grader in Mrs. Hernandez’s class at Suquamish Elementary. The response came to my question of, “What was the message of Captain Jack’s story?” You see, I go around to many elementary schools preaching the gospel according to Captain Jack. The 7-9 year old demographic is a strong one for his message and he’s fully aware of that responsibility. I’m pretty certain neither myself or Captain Jack could have been as eloquent as this young person (though Jack might argue that point).

This young person was spot on. You do only get one life, so why not have fun?

I had a meeting with a group of colleagues recently and when discussing objectives, I added, “have fun.” One of my group members stammered, “you know that’s right. We often forget that fun is important.” Here’s the deal…

If you’re not having fun, you need to stop doing what you’re doing and make a change. Sure, we often have to do things that we don’t enjoy or certainly characterize as “fun.” Yet those are individual situations. The overall role, activity, or job needs to be fun. Life is too short to waste it on not having fun.

If you have a job that you hate, go find a new one that you love quickly. We live in a world (since you’re reading this, my guess is that you’re not starving in a 3rd world country) that offers more opportunities than ever before to determine your destiny. What are you afraid of?

If you aren’t having fun in your volunteer work anymore, find a new one the revitalize yourself. Often, we can stay in a place like this too long and it’s time to let someone else take your spot. Go find another passion.

If the friends you’re spending most of your time with bring you down, find new friends. (Family is different. You need to discover  and uncover ways to assure those relationships be fun) Hang around smart, well-rounded, and interesting people that will challenge you, help you grow, and most importantly that you enjoy being around. You don’t have time for naysayers and negative people in your life.

Life is hard enough as it is without forcing yourself to be unhappy. Life should be fun. It makes all the other “stuff” bearable and gives you purpose, reward, and a smile on your face. Now that’s something Captain Jack will extol!

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Holy Crap: It’s All About Location, Location, Location….

Hello. My name is Captain Jack and I’m the terribly charming, witty, and intelligent pal of my human, Dan. I’ve been observing human behavior and have come toCaptain Jack the conclusion that you all can learn a lot from dogs. Especially me. You see, I’m a Jack Russell and we are unquestionably the smartest dogs on the planet. 

It’s your lucky day. I’m the guest blogger…

Humans just don’t get it. When a dog’s got to do his duty, the location means everything. Last night, Dan was taking me on a walk on our regular route. I needed to do my business (#2) and I found one of my normal locations ready and waiting for me. I needed a little extra leash, if you know what I mean. When I have found a potential new spot near the regular, it’s very exciting and my olfactory senses were on fire. on fire!

I needed to turn around a few times on that location to indoctrinate it properly. Dan wasn’t making it easy. I was trying to go deeper into the yard; he was impatient and argumentative extolling that I could just go anywhere. Does he just go anywhere? No. Neither do I. Location is everything. We somehow managed a compromise and moved on, but it was frustrating for me.

Humans should be worried about location, too. Here’s what I mean. You need a place you feel comfortable to work, to play, and to exist. These places are where you can relax and many times “reset.” My favorite Seattle Seahawks player is Russell Wilson (even though he’s not much of a barker). He says he has a “reset” place on the field for when things are tough and he needs to start over. We dogs are keen on location. If you humans were too, you’d have a reset location either physically or in your mind. You all need a place to go for peace and inspiration when things are a little tough. It needs to be consistent and always available to you….even if you do have to turn around a few times to get comfortable.

We dogs mark our territories so we don’t forget. Maybe you should do the same (except in a human way since ours is inappropriate for you).

© 2014 Captain Jack. All Rights Reserved

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Extra Points – Unleashed

Guest Writer – Captain Jack

Hello. My name is Captain Jack and I’m the terribly charming, witty, and intelligent pal of my human, Dan. I’ve been observing human behavior and have come to the conclusion that you all can learn a lot from dogs. Especially me. You see, I’m a Jack Russell and we are unquestionably the smartest dogs on the planet. Because it’s Super Bowl week, Dan has asked me to fill in. It’s your lucky week…

The biggest difference between you humans and we dogs can be summed up with one simple concept. An open gate.

You see we dogs always are ready to breach the open gate. That’s why our olfactory senses (Yes, I’m a well read dog with a wicked vocabulary. Keep up.) are so keen. We can actually smell opportunity. One whiff of adventure and an open invitation doesn’t need a second ask. We bolt by the open gate into the world quicker than Percy Harvin on a kickoff return for the Seahawks. Even an electric fence won’t keep me in. Heck, the pain isn’t ever fatal and goes away quickly. The adventure lives on.

Humans can’t smell opportunity as well as we can. It’s usually due to one of two things – too much wheat clogging their noses or fear. Most often, it’s the latter. Fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear of pain; fear of looking foolish; fear of repercussions. I think you get my point. Humans often walk up to gate, peer out at the open world, over think the situation, and ultimately lose the opportunity or allow someone else to grab it.

We only come around this way once. Dogs get it and we take advantage of it. Open gates don’t hold us. We are what we call in the dog world, “unleashed.” Is there a gate holding you back? Maybe it’s even an invisible gate. Whatever it is, you have my permission to unshackle yourself and become unleashed yourself. There’s an open gate sitting there waiting for you.


© 2014 Dan Weedin. All Rights Reserved

This week’s quote –

“If you were waiting for the opportune moment…that was it.”

~ Captain Jack Sparrow to Will Turner in “The Curse of the Black Pearl”


Your Personal Invitation to the Most Valuable Program I’ve Ever Created

Last week, I spent a dynamic day with my mentor Alan Weiss and three of my colleagues from around North America in Miami. I’ve been working with Alan now 20140121-162057.jpggoing on six years and after every session I exclaim to my wife that, “this was the best one yet!”  And it was.

What came out of the day for me is a new and exciting opportunity for 12 people.

My new book, Unleashed! discusses many aspects of my 2014 mantra of running through the “open gate.” In fact, there is an image of Captain Jack scampering through an open gate on the cover. The concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to reasons like fear, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us.

I’m launching a new 9-month program on March 15 for people ready to be “unleashed.” Here is just a small portion of what Unleashed! members will gain:

  • Enhanced ability to unleash your potential, maximize your talent, and run boldly through your open gate. The result is you get to live in the lifestyle you desire.
  • Unleashing the fear that holds you back from taking risks and realizing rewards. The result is you enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety while achieving your dreams.
  • Provide you with a broader, more global perspective of your business. The result is you will maximize your ability to earn income and grow because your worldview has become an open gate!
  • Enhanced leadership skills as a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. The result is by being more skilled in communications and influence, you will unleash your employees to improve themselves and exponentially improve your business.
  • Enhanced thought leadership skills. The result is by being an object of interest; you will generate more opportunities where people seek you out, not the other way around.
  • Guidance in developing a personally tailored intellectual property game plan (includes publishing and speaking). The result is the more people see your work and value, the more people you will help run through their open gate, and the more personal reward you will achieve.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  1. We will uncover your gate(s) to run through. We will determine why you haven’t yet, and what activities and behaviors you need to change to do so. We will set up a game plan with your objectives; determine mileposts to stay on track; and commit to doing what it takes for you to quickly meet them.
  2. You will set objectives and the program will be unique to your specific needs and goals.
  3. Weekly phone calls to discuss issues, homework, strategy, tactics, etc. I will lead the calls to keep momentum, focus, and accountability. I will cajole, inspire, haunt, and dish out heaps of “tough love” to keep you on track.
  4. Unlimited access to me via email, phone, text, Skype in between calls.
  5. Mileposts set quarterly to monitor progress.
  6. Quarterly group meeting to share ideas, concepts, questions, challenges, etc. This will be done via a Google Hangout platform.
  7. Annual live one-day event as a group at a location to be determined. While this won’t be mandatory, I can tell you from my own personal experience it will be an exceptional experience and one not to be missed.
  8. Lifetime access to Alan Weiss’s community as a member of his mentor program. You will gain access to his Forums, mentor summit, etc. This is the most exclusive and incredible collection of world-class entrepreneurs and consultants in the world.  ($3,500 value)
  9. Exclusive newsletter for members only with compelling articles, audios, and videos not made available to the public.

The inaugural fee is $10,000, which will easily be recouped through increased revenue/income, increased discretionary time, and an enriched life. This fee will go up in 2015, but all who join this year will be grandfathered for as long as they participate.

If you prefer installments – you can go with 3 equal quarterly payments of $4,000.

Current coaching clients that are not already in Alan’s community – there is a one-time $2,000 fee. For those coaching clients already in Alan’s community, you will be automatically enrolled in Unleashed! at no cost for the remainder of your term!

This program isn’t for everyone. It requires dedication, commitment, and courage to run through this open gate. If you’re interested in learning more then contact me at dan@danweedin.com or (360) 271-1592 and we will discuss if this program is right for you. It will be exclusive to only 12 people per year.

Do you have what it takes to be that lead dog through the gate?

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The Open Gate Redux Edition…

Writing a post for a blog I contribute to…thought I would share it with you…my faithful readers. Enjoy…Captain Jack

Dogs don’t wait at open gates…

We don’t have a gate at my home. We have a beautiful greenbelt behind us, and due to the uneven slope, it’s impossible to have a regular wooden gate. My friends tell me that electric fence works well for dogs. They obviously don’t own a Jack Russell terrier.

My JRT (aka the Jack Russell) is named Captain Jack for a reason. During his nearly 6 years with us, he has encountered open doors rather than gates. He has made the most of these opportunities to dash out. An open gate to a dog means new adventures, new smells, and boundless fun. All dogs are wired the same for this. Can you imagine a dog approaching a gate that is left far enough ajar for him to make a break for it – pause deeply – consider the consequences of his actions – and sit silently contemplating if the move has enough upside to run through it? Me neither.

That’s exactly what many executives do on a daily basis. They see a wide-open opportunity out beyond a “gate.” That opportunity looks enticing and full of opportunity; yet it also involves risk. They make an initial sprint to the edge of the gate to get a better look, and then stop to pause and ponder. “What if things go wrong?” “What if I get hurt?” “What if I get lost?” “What if I get blamed?”

The problem is that while they sit and wait, opportunity at that moment is either lost forever or (worse) taken by someone else.

I’m pretty sure that if Captain Jack had an electric fence, he would know the ramifications of breaching that barrier. He’s smart that way. Based on my experience with him, he would take the pain to gain the reward. The shock and pain is short-lived and not fatal. The reward is forever (or until I wear both of us out tracking him down). But even then he would have gained through this new adventure and surely risk the open gate again.

You will likely tell me we aren’t dogs and that risk needs to be contemplated, assessed, and prudent. Yawn. At some point you burst through open gates to where you are now. Unfortunately as we age we get more tethered to the yard. Comfort and fear keep us from taking the still smart risks we took before when we weren’t as careful. Don’t turn into an old dog, no matter what your biological age. That actually carries more risk than the alternative.

That’s part of the concept of being “unleashed.” Don’t get caught inside the gate staring wistfully out at opportunity. Life is short and our professional careers even shorter.

What’s out there waiting for you?

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