Unleash Your Business in 2019

Dan Weedin Unleashed-19Special End of Year Offers:

Programs starting in 2019; Must be booked by December 31, 2018

Limited places available

Schedule your 2019 professional growth program by locking in 2018 fees. You can maximize your investment in yourself or one of your key executives with any of my coaching programs aimed at growing your business, accelerating skill development, enhancing confidence, and unleashing remarkable success in 2019 and beyond.


These coaching spaces are limited. If you are already active in my coaching program, you have preferred status and can extend your term with your current fee.

Unleashed® Success

Entrepreneurial & Business Success Coaching (Three Options):

Unleashed® 90-Day Sprint: Accelerate your business and professional growth in 2019 by starting the year with a 90-day intensive entrepreneurial / business success coaching program.

Learn to maximize and “unleash” your potential (both professionally and personally) with my custom strategies, tactics and techniques based on my Unleashed® Growth Program. Experience the rapid professional and personal growth that countless clients have enjoyed.

Unleashed® Private Advisory Services: Get “Off the Leash” results in your business development with this six-month program to turbo-charge your growth, development, and protection of your company value and personal lifestyle.

Darin“Dan keeps his commitments, develops realistic plans and expectations, and he executes – pure and simple. If you are smart enough to see when it is time to seek a fresh, outside perspective and to engage the assistance of a dynamic, enthusiastic and skilled professional, look no further than Dan Weedin.” Darin Puryear, Area President – Arthur J. Gallagher



“I’d recommend Dan Weedin to any business owner looking to improve their own leadership skills or to have Dan help one or more of your key staff members to help you stay focused on your company goals without distraction. Dan is a pro at asking the right questions, presenting appropriate challenges and remaining steadfast in his accountability expectations for the best outcome possible. He used your goals as the thesis for his regular interactions so every interaction will lead to a positive outcome for the goals set forth at the beginning of the campaign. I set some very lofty goals and told Dan to make a believer out of me. He has accomplished in 4 months what I didn’t believe was possible in a full year.” – Lindsey Carnett, CEO – Marketing Maven PR

Unleashed® Career: A program for individuals who want to unleash their potential in 2019. If you feel stuck. trapped, or bored in your career, or you’re having trouble balancing your work and personal life, Dan will help you break through those barriers. More effective than another list of resolutions that will never be met, this is the perfect gift for yourself, an employee, or someone you care about.

stacie“Dan is an amazing coach. He not only guides to me a level of clarity that has been instrumental in achieving my goals, but also provided a role model for what I hope to achieve in my own business. He is charming and funny but also fearless and sharp. I recommend Dan with the utmost confidence.” Stacie Curtis, CEO – CW Solutions




“Dan has helped make me better at decision-making and engaging others. Being able to hear and take in broader perspectives on opportunities that my company is facing has been very insightful. This all leads to a higher performing company with engaged employees to achieve superior results more effectively and efficiently.” Chris Engstrom, Vice-President – Hall & Company

AlansBirthday“Dan will help you to grow further and faster. He creates positive change with positive psychology, but also creates sustainable results through the mastery of the skills and behaviors required for ongoing success. You need Dan’s help, as so many others have.” Alan Weiss, Ph.D – author of Million Dollar Consulting and over 60 other books on consulting


For an application and more information on investment and commitment, contact Dan Weedin below or by phone at +1-360-271-1592



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© 2018 Toro Consulting, Inc. All Rights Reserved