December is always a great time to look back and reflect on the year.  It’s pretty easy to think about the successes, failures, challenges, and triumphs both personal and professional.  Bit how often do you consider what you put into your head?

Professional development should never stop.  The second you think you know it all, you begin to decline rapidly.  Real professional development is never cheap.  There is always a significant investment of time and/or money.  If you do it right, the ROI is always worth it.

In 2009, I spent well over $11,000 on workshops, colleges, resources, and travel expenses.  I traveled to Providence, RI, Newport, RI, and Las Vegas twice for professional development opportunities.  I purchased teleconferences, systems, books, and CD’s.  I gained knowledge from experts like Alan Weiss, Patricia Fripp, and Darren LaCroix.  I passed the third leg of a five part program to receive a designation in risk management.  And what was my return on investment?  It was huge from a standpoint of current and future income and growth.  My intellectual capital increased thus making it easier for my community to improve.  It’s a win-win-win!

What about you?  What did you accomplish in this area last year?  Where will you go in 2010?

Next stop for me…San Francisco for Alan Weiss’s Mentor Summit!


Newport #3 – Final Night in Newport

Our final night at the Million Dollar Consulting ® College was a group dinner at the White Horse Tavern in downtown Newport, established 1673.  It’s the oldest active tavern in the country.  The food was fabulous – Split Pea Soup as a starter, Beef Wellington for an entree, and Bread Pudding to cap it off.  Incredible!  Great people to share the evening and week with rounds it out.  It’s soothing to hear the wind and the waves outside getting ready to call it a night, just like waking up this morning.

This has been an amazing week.  I’m looking forward to the last day to wrap up the best learning experience of my career.  I spend the night in Providence Friday night and then will meet my friend, Wayne Botha, for breakfast.

Even thought it’s been a week to remember, I’m looking forward to going home to the family.  Next time, they will come out with me.


Newport Journal 2

It’s quite something to wake up to the sound of waves crashing outside your window, rather than an alarm clock.  I think my body is now completely used to the time change, although it makes it more difficult to communicate with my family back home. My daughter texted me late last night telling me she was at Safeco Field for the Mariners game.  I asked how they were doing and she informed that the game hadn’t even started yet!  And I was ready for bed!

It has been a fabulous Million Dollar Consulting ® College and we are only 44% through.  I’ve made fantastic new friends and last night we all went out to dinner to an Italian place that Alan Weiss recommended.  The food was great, the company even better.  There is a camaraderie that develops in teams, military units, and workshop groups when you are all working toward a similar goal.  Even though we are all solo practitioner consultants in different fields, our goal for professional development and growth is the same.  In my experience, these friendships that you make with your peers in small groups become strong and lasting.  I’m sure this will be the case with us.  After all, once you’ve gone through role playing together with Alan, you become a kindred spirit!

I’ve decided that Newport is definitely a place to return with my family.  I’m sure they take great solace in the fact that I took the risk to reconnoiter the area first!  Based on the photos, I think they would fly out here now!

More to come…


Newport Journal #1

I will be journaling my trip to Newport, Rhode Island for Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consulting College ® at Castle Hill.  You will get to see some of the sights and share a few of my thoughts on my trip.

I posted a quick note on Facebook this morning as I was taking the the shuttle at Newark (NJ) airport.  I saw a bus to Allentown and I still haven’t been able to get the Billy Joel song out of my head.

I had a fantastic ride from Providence compliments of Chris at Maxport Limo.  He was kind enough to give me a tour of historic Newport and I am amazed at how much it’s like the Oregon Coast.  Photos to follow.

I’m sitting in the bar as my room isn’t ready yet.  It’s a beautiful spot and I’m excited for the week.  I get a chance to re-charge my batteries after a red-eye flight.  Thanks to technology, I will watch the Seahawks play the Rams this afternoon on the internet with my Directv account.  It is opening week after all!

I hope you will enjoy my notes for the week.


How to Acquire Clients

As I go longer into my career as a consultant, it becomes clearer to me how important professional development and education is to my success.  I just finished re-reading Alan Weiss’ book “How to Acquire Clients” (to purchase from Alan’s web site, click here).

Acquiring new clients takes strategy.  It’s based on win-win situations.  It’s a win for your client when you can help them to improve whatever it is they need.  It’s a win for you from both a financial and professional aspect.  If you don’t take the time to learn the right skills and strategies to acquiring clients, you will end up wasting time, wasting energy, and losing money.  But, if you work through the correct process, you and your clients will reap the rewards of having an improved condition.

If you want to learn how to acquire new clients for your consulting practice, check out Alan’s book.  It gets an A+ grade from me! 



P.S. Another important skill in becoming a successful consultant is presentation skills.  Check out my web site at to see how I can help you become a more dynamic and influential business presenter.