Going from Blue to Blue

I woke up this morning on Day 2 of a cold that I seemed to catch somewhere between San Francisco and Seattle. As I slowly woke up with two dogs laying next to me (Barb was long gone to work), I read my email and checked some news on my iPhone. I was struck by the photos of the victims and missing from the Oso, WA tragic mud slide of last weekend. I know that area well, as it’s on the way to my old hometown and where my in-laws reside. I never knew what kind of danger lurked in that peaceful place. As I pondered the loss, devastation, and frailty of life, I turned to get out of bed and looked outside. My house has a greenbelt behind it and so my view is a landscape of trees and blue sky. Today, there was a visitor.

This beautiful azure jay was sitting on a limb just outside my window. He seemed close enough to touch! I know it’s not a “blue jay,” but I can’t remember it’s species. I see them out and around and I’ve collectively dubbed him Blue. Original, huh?

The timing of this sighting was providential. I was about to rise and start the day in a bad mood – sick with a cold, and sad from the tragedy. Blue changed that with just one look. I was happy he stuck around long enough for me to snap his photo. Fortunately, Captain Jack was still snoring and wasn’t chasing him away. I thought if Blue could lift my spirits, maybe he could add to your day, too…






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Extra Points – Breaking the Shell

Breaking the Shell 

This was THE gull...
This was THE gull…

This past weekend, my wife Barb and I were at out 30-year class reunion. On Saturday morning we met some friends and went down to a cool little cafe on the water to have breakfast. While we were waiting to be seated, I entertained myself by watching a seagull pick up shellfish, drop it on the rocks below, and then go down and take out the good stuff to eat. He would repeat this task several times as he instinctively knew that the easiest way to get through the hard shell to the good stuff was to smash it on rocks. Birds are pretty smart.

We should be so smart. With us humans, often all our good stuff is protected by a hard shell which is tough to get to as dropping us on rocks would be frowned upon. The protective shells we have are different than clams and mussels.  Ours are called pride, fear, anxiety, hurt, trepidation, greed, and bitterness to name just a few. These shells hide the good stuff within us that has so much to offer on a daily basis. The really sad thing is that once our day is done, we don’t get it back and what’s lost can never be reclaimed. The longer and more steadfast we are in keeping our shell intact, the less we give back to the world.

Take a tip from my seagull pal. Understand the principle of getting to the good stuff in the quickest and easiest way possible. Smash the shell and open up your good stuff to your family, friends, colleagues, and clients. That’s what I call going to the birds…

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This week’s quote –
“Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?”
– Rose Kennedy