What Are You Missing?

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch2_001I LOVE getting feedback on my writing…no matter what kind it is. My goal is to always make you think, regardless of whether you agree with me or not. That being said, a very nice comment on a Monday morning is always good for the spirit! This came in yesterday from one of me readers and she gave me the okay to share with all of you…

Good Morning, Dan —
I want to thank you again for the fabulous ‘Extra Points’ transmittal.  I enjoy it so much!
It always brings good thought provoking insights to the laptop to start the week off right–
Hope you are enjoying your Summer —

Best regards,
Mariel Kagan

What are you missing if you’re not reading my work? A great way to make sure you have it is by subscribing to Extra Points and reading Unleashed. If you don’t have it, fear not. It’s available right here!

P.S. My first ever Unleashed Summit is sneaking up in a couple of months. Don’t miss out…register today!

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BREAKING NEWS – Unleashed to be published

I just wanted to share with all of my community some very good news. I received an offer and will agree to a new commercially published book for Unleashed. I begin writing now and it’s set to be released in early 2015. Captain Jack and I are thrilled!

To clarify, the current Unleashed is a self-published compilation of past blogs, newsletters, and columns. I’m very proud of that work, and it was mostly work that had already been available. Now, this will be all new work and in a book format, rather than a compilation. The topics, strategies, and concepts will be the same, just packaged differently. And yes, Captain Jack will have brand spanking new work, too. He will need to get busy!

Thanks to all of you for your support. Keep reading this book and get geared up for the next one!

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Unleashed Book Review

Book signingI was thrilled to have a local book critic critique by new book, Unleashed. Briana Ryan is an up and coming writer and book reviewer for the local book store, Liberty Bay Books. She was kind enough to go outside of her regular genre to give me some feedback. She shared it on her blog.

Here is an excerpt…

“In the end I would recommend this book to business owners, employees, and people from all walks of life. Dan’s humor and ability to always look at the bright side, along the witty and mischievous Captain Jack’s entries, will win you over, and their advice isn’t half bad either! 😉  Any reader is sure to find some story they can relate to and some piece of advice that will change how they look at life and improve their life and/or career when they apply it.”

Read entire critique

I recommend you subscribe to Briana’s blog to learn about what she is reading. She undoubtedly will be famous some day and you will want to say you knew her when!

Unleashed on the Streets of Poulsbo Tonight!

Come by and meet me tonight at Liberty Bay Books on Front Street in Poulsbo. Grab a glass of wine, several hundred books (or at least one), and I’ll be happy to sign it. If you already bought a book, bring it down and I will that one!

Jacks’ appearance will depend on a few factors, the weather being one of them. At this point, it’s 50-50 but you just never know!

Double Dog Dare Days: Buy Unleashed in the next 2 days (through Wednesday the 19th) and you’ll be entered in a drawing for one free month of coaching from me – click here to purchase. This includes today’s book signing at Liberty Bay Books!

Important Note: If you’ve already purchased from my web site, I have your name and you’re already entered. Thanks for purchasing early.

If you bought one from Liberty Bay Books prior to the book signing or at one of my speaking events, send me an email (dan@danweedin.com) and I will trust you!


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Book Updates

As many of you know, I have a couple of book projects running simultaneously. I wanted to give all you a quick update on them as we are reaching a point that you will soon be able to buy them…

Dan Weedin
Dan Weedin

Insuring Success: An insurance professionals guide to increased sales, a more rewarding career, and an enriched life.

This book is being published by Global Professional Publishing (GPP) out of the United Kingdom. The book is aimed at insurance professionals (agency owners, agents, brokers, company representatives and both real and animated mascots). I am down to one final chapter to write and it’s due to my publisher in November, so I’m a little ahead of the game. The goal is to have it available to purchase in early 2014. If you’re in the insurance business, please buy it and tell me what you think. If you’re not in the insurance business, buy it anyway and give it to your agent as a gift. They probably deserve a gift and this would be a good one!


Capt Jack with ballUnleashed: A guide to maximizing your career and enriching your life

The Best of Dan Weedin featuring Captain Jack the Pirate Dog – This is a compilation of the last 5 years of writing that I’ve been doing. Included is my work with Extra Points (my Monday morning mailing); my monthly column with the Kitsap Business Journal; my newsletters and blogs; and of course the musings and wisdom of the indefatigable Captain Jack the Pirate Dog. There will also be new material that has never been read before, called Fresh Fish. This book is completed and I’m in the final stages of editing and reviewing. My goal is to have this available for purchase in time for the holidays. Stay tuned.

Questions: Why would you want to read all my previous works? What value will you receive? Well, why don’t I let my readers tell you!

“I really enjoy reading  Dan Weedin’s weekly “Extra Points” memo.  He can take the simple things that happen in everyday life and write a story about it.  The story always has a point and is relevant in business even when the story is not about business. I find his ability to write stories with creative analogies every week to be simply genius!  Thanks Dan for entertainment and the little nuggets that come with your stories.”– Donna Himpler, Wells Fargo Bank

“Dan has a special knack of simplifying complex business strategies. His column in the Kitsap Business Journal, using everyday analogies relative to the business world, is especially beneficial for daily tactics and team building. His insightful nuggets are great reading for enhancing business success, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporation. I always find some practical take-away to pump up my work.” – Barry Hacker, Group Health Cooperative

Dan Weedin is a rare guy who instinctively finds quick answers to tough issues. I trust him implicitly, and I rarely make that statement. His weekly newsletter–Extra Points–is always relevant and demonstrates Dan’s pragmatism and ability to get to the heart of impactful issues. It would be well worth your while to spend a few minutes with Dan. You’ll thank me for it.”   – Dave Gardner, Gardner & Associates Consulting, Silicon Valley

P.S. If you’d like to be included in a special mailing list to get early announcements and discount opportunities for BOTH books, email me at dan@danweedin.com and tell me you want to be added to the Book Club!

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Million Dollar Consulting

I just finished reading the most recent edition of Million Dollar Consulting on my Kindle reader on my iPhone. Even if you’ve read it before, it’s well worth the read if you’re a consultant. Alan Weiss has added new ideas and commentary with each edition and this one has great information. I highly recommend…

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Books of the Month – January

Books I finished in January…

  • Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) – My daughter challenged me to read it after I mocked it.  Guess what? It was pretty good.  I will probably end up reading the next book.
  • Thrive! (Alan Weiss) – I’ve read a lot of Alan Weiss books.  This is the best.  A must read regardless of your vocation.
  • What Jesus Saw from the Cross (A.G. Sertillanges) – I try to read a book a month on my faith and this was the one for January. Compelling read.

Now reading…

  • A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)
  • Speakers Edge (LaCroix, Tate, Valentine, Brown, and Fripp)


What Are You Reading?

I just read an article in the Puget Sound Business Journal stating that Amazon said it sold more Kindle books than the “old-fashioned” hard cover books.  Read story

What’s your take on this?

Mine is two-fold…

1 – I hope we aren’t seeing the demise of the hard cover book. I’ve seen the Kindle and it’s pretty cool I must admit. However, there is still something special about having a hard cover book in your hands reading. I don’t think that will ever change for me.

2 – I hope this means more people are reading and that young people will keep reading after school. We as a society need to keep reading a variety of subjects in order to maintain and advance our knowledge and being considered “well-rounded.”

I encourage you to read often. My goal is one book a month minimum. Right now, I’m on two books.  One is religious in nature and the other is fiction. I have the next two picked out already – political science and self-development.

What are you reading?


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Book Review – Quiet Strength

Tony DungyI just finished reading  a very fine book by former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy.  Quiet Strength is a book not focused on football, rather spirituality, faith, being a role model, and being a strong person.  There is a lot of football too which works for a fan like me.

That being said, there are many lessons a business person can take from the book.  A head coach in the NFL is basically running a small business.  Coach Dungy’s leadership style is transferable to all walks of life and business.   This book will be a good read from a personal and business sense for you.  Grade – A


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