New Testimonials

I had a great day with the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce folks.  We had about 20 staff members from every department in the organization take part in a half-day Panic to Power session for business.  This is a program you can bring into your business to transform the way your employees present and communicate to your clients, prospects, and themselves.  But, don’t just take my word for it.  Listen to two happy Chamber execs…





Where Do You Get Stories?

Last Tuesday, I held a Panic to Power Boot Camp in Seattle. It was a great camp with fantastic participants.

One of the topics we spent a great time discussing was the use of stories in business presentations. If you’re like me, you get much more out of listening to a story that relates to a solution than just having it told or narrated to you. It has more “stick” in your brain.

Ironically, I had a story from early that morning preparing to go to the Boot Camp that I was able to use as an example. It has definitely become a permanent part of my story file. Below, you will find a video blog from my insurance consulting channel. The story I just mentioned will be given in this blog. You are being given this video to show you how a very personal story can be used as a metaphor for a business solution. In this case, a story about my dog Captain Jack will help my insurance clients learn about the risk management issue of “close calls”. For you, it’s an example of how a personal story will be effective in your business presentations.

Where do you get your stories?


P.S. Want to learn how to transform one of your personal stories into a “can’t miss” winner for your next presentation? Register now for my Storytelling Boot Camp next month. Space is limited so get on board today. You bring one story and we will transform it into a winner! Click here to register or learn more…

Pulling mail out of the box

As if you needed another good reason to use Send Out Cards as your mailing system, I give you a case in point tonight…

I was mailing out a campaign for my parents 50th anniversary celebration.  It is a cool postcard with a photo of them at a party 50 years ago in Bogota, Colombia.  Everything was stated in the card for all guests.  I confidently pressed “SEND” and turned off the computer.  Whoops.

When I got upstairs, the lovely Barb asked me if I’d included the “attire” section.  My Mom is “old-school” and doesn’t care for jeans.  That’s cool and we all agreed to it.  My problem – I just sent out 50 cards without that vital information!

Had I just returned from the Post Office, this would have been a real problem.  As a Send Out Cards person, I simply needed to go back down to my office, fire up the computer, log back in to SOC, cancel the mailing, edit my card, and re-send it out again.  In the matter of 10 minutes, I did what would have put me in jail for a federal offense had I been “old-school” in my mailing habits.

Are you ready to make your campaigns, both personal and business, easier?  Learn how to become a Send Out Cards user by clicking here.   Call me to set up a free gift account at 360-271-1592 or e-mail me at