Protecting Your Income

58842029-Dan+Weedin+Unleashed-43 copyI’m going to be speaking to consultants next week on the power of insurance to protect their business and lifestyle. It’s Disability Insurance Awareness month and small business owners and entrepreneurs are apt to insure for things like fire and wind, and bypass insuring what they most contribute to their family…their income.

This is a seven-minute video detailing a consultant who became disabled after a stroke. As you can see, he’s not elderly; and has children in their teens ready to head to college in the future.

If you are a CEO, President, consultant, entrepreneur, or business owner, you need to protect your income. Call me for a discussion at my cost. I’m happy to help you find solutions.

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Rave Reviews

I am thrilled to have received this morning a new testimonial from a happy client. These are important to me because my goal is never to be an “expense,”but rather an investment for my clients. Everyone has different reasons to utilize my services and often seek to accomplish different objectives. What’s always the same is they seek rapid results. You will see from this client, Lindsey Carnett from Marketing Maven PR, that she realized both quantitative ans qualitative value. Thanks for your kind words, Lindsey!

P.S. After reading this consider that I can help you quickly accomplish your business and personal objectives. Call (360-271-1592) or email me ( to find out how…

When I heard about Toro Consulting I wondered what Dan could offer to me that any other leadership consultant hadn’t already pitched to me. I was already a Vistage member, already a Women Presidents Organization member and had an outsourced business advisor, among other resources. Dan and I discussed using his services not so much for my own personal development but for the development of key staff members who would benefit me from having fewer “freak outs” and staff conflicts, especially when having that key staffer embark on a larger role within my organization.

I told Dan that if he could help this key employee have a greater sense of confidence, set boundaries with needy subordinates, establish appropriate communication protocol with peers who were influencing team morale, and not burden me with what I call “freak-outs” due to a sense of being overwhelmed, I’d give Dan the testimonial of a lifetime.

So here it is: As the CEO of a multi-million dollar, rapid-growth, nationally ranked marketing agency, I owe Dan a heap of gratitude for the headaches I haven’t had to experience over the last 6-months. I can thank Dan for retention of key employees, a key employee who now shares the same values and concerns as me, an improvement in team morale and an improved sense of confidence and drive, two traits vital to success within my organization.

Since I’m the rainmaker, I’ve been able to spend my time focusing on lucrative opportunities to grow my business as opposed to getting caught up in the minutia of interpersonal relationships among junior level and senior level staff.

I’d recommend Dan and Toro Consulting to any business owner looking to improve their own leadership skills or to have Dan help one or more of your key staff members to help you stay focused on your company goals without distraction. Dan is a pro at asking the right questions, presenting appropriate challenges and remaining steadfast in his accountability expectations for the best outcome possible. He used your goals as the thesis for his regular interactions so every interaction will lead to a positive outcome for the goals set forth at the beginning of the campaign. I set some very lofty goals and told Dan to make a believer out of me. He has accomplished in 4 months what I didn’t believe was possible in  a full year.

If you are on the fence, you should give him a try. What do you have to lose?  Stress, headaches, attitudes. Just be very transparent about your goals so he can use these as the guiding lights for his work within your organization.

Lindsey Carnett
CEO & President
Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.


Extra Points: Rolling Bottles

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This Week’s Focus Point: Rolling Bottles

This past week I had to fly down and back from California for a speaking event. I like to sit in the back row aisle seat because I’m right next to the bathroom and sometimes can get first shot at coffee or libations from the flight attendants!

On this particular trip, there was a mother with a young child seated a few rows in front of me on the aisle. As we landed, the momentum of plane hurled the child’s water bottle that was on the floor right down the aisle. As the plane kept braking, the water bottle kept rolling. Everyone chuckled as the AWOL bottle was eventually handed back row by row until reaching its owner.

Momentum is critical to business success because there are daily events that try to put the brakes on your objectives. When these obstacles appear and try to thwart your efforts, you need to increase your momentum just like that runaway bottle on the airplane. The more the brakes are applied by outside sources, the more you need momentum to carry you through. The way to ensure that you can create this force is by making momentum-building a daily activity and behavior in your company and within yourself.

Final thought: Outside forces – most often outside our control and/or contrived in our own brains – will try to put the brakes on in your personal life as well. Look…you only get one life. Don’t allow fear, negativity, or discouragement to create inertia in it; rather set your mind to be resilient and unleash that momentum to thrive.

Quote of the Week:

“Everyone that steps into the ring has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”

~ Mike Tyson

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Guest Blog: How To Quantify the Value of Your Consulting?

betsy-jordynThis is a guest blog by my friend and colleague, Betsy Jordyn. She and I have collaborated on working with consultants to accelerate their business growth. She joins me as a Master Mentor in Alan Weiss’s global consulting community. I’m happy in this week off preparing for my daughter’s wedding, to feature Betsy’s work!

How to Quantify the Value of Your Consulting

By Betsy Jordyn,  Accelera Consulting Group

One of the biggest challenges that new and seasoned consultants both struggle with is: how to quantify the value of their consulting. In other words, they know that what they do makes a difference but they can’t seem to connect the dots between their expertise and the tangible business results that their expertise creates.

If this sounds like you, here are some insights that can help you get started:

  1. Your Track Record: How much time and money have you invested in developing your expertise? In comparison to others, how does those investments impact how well you can deliver to your clients quality, speed and effectiveness?
  1. Typical Results: When a client engages to work with you, what BUSINESS OUTCOMES does your consulting create? If you are a trainer or coach, how do your programs enhance workplace culture and environment and employee engagement? If you are a digital marketing expert, how does your website or social media support create stronger consumer awareness, lead conversion, or product/service utilization?
  1. Project Value: When a client asks for you help with a solution, how does that solution change leadership, employee or customer behaviors? When those behaviors shifts, what difference do those shifts make in terms or tangible business outcomes?
  1. Consultant Contribution: When you work with a client, what INCREMENTAL VALUE do they get? Do you reduce the project cycle time (and all the cost savings and revenue upside that comes along with it?)? Do you create stronger buy-in and reduce resistance (and all the cost savings that goes along with avoiding that dreaded “flavor of the month” syndrome)?
  1. Actualized Results: When you conclude a consulting gig, do you measure the results? Are you able to demonstrate to your client the Project ROI (financial benefits offset by project costs) and their Return on Approach (the incremental financial benefits and intangible benefits offset by your fees) that you uniquely were able to create for them?

Henry Ford once balked at $10,000 bill provided by “consultant” Charles Steinmetz of General Electric whose help was needed to resolve a generator problem. In response to Fords’ objections, Steinmetz sent this: “Marking chalk mark on generator, $1. Knowing where to make the mark, $9,999.” Ford paid the bill.

When you are able to quantify your value, you are able to stand in your worth. When you are clear on why your client really needs you, it will give you the courage to confidently say: “I am not an expense to be managed. I am an investment that will generate a dramatic return.”

Betsy Jordyn is a seasoned consultant and mentor aspiring and thriving consultants. If you want enhance your ability to CALCULATE and COMMUNICATE the value of your consulting, join Betsy in her one of a kind professional development experience “Consulting Skills Practice Sessions Bootcamp.” Through on demand video instruction and LIVE virtual role-play, you will learn EXACTLY how to ask for (and receive) what you know you are worth. Sign up today!

You can learn more about Betsy on her website




Extra Points: Distracted Driving

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This Week’s Focus Point: Distracted Driving

Last week, I was driving through town when the Honda CRV in front of my suddenly (and violently) veered to the right, striking the sidewalk that jutted out and nearly taking out the tree inside of it. The vehicle corrected quickly and went on its way. While I never saw the driver, the incident looked exactly like someone being distracted that lost focus and ultimately control of the vehicle long enough to get the heart pounding and then got back on track. In our world, we have many distractions while driving including text, talking, food and beverage, wailing children, and dogs sticking out of the driver window.

This person was fortunate. It appeared that no damage was done, other than a good scare. The reality is that they could have hit another car or pedestrian, and caused damage, injury, or death. Distracted driving is hazardous to everyone’s health.

Distracted driving of your business or career has severe consequences, too.

While you may never stop to be concerned about your destination when getting in a car to drive away, are you clear of what your destination in your life is? Or, are you driving down your career and business path distracted by the sights, sounds, and “noise” of the world. If you are, you may have passed some pretty important mileposts and never know it!

If you own a business, you’d better have a plan on where you’re going, how long it will take to get there, metrics of success, and an exit strategy. If you get caught up in your day to day “fire fighting,” then it may be too late when your destination is the next exit.The same is true for all of you “employees” that plan to retire someday. Are you paying attention at the wheel?

Bottom line, if you are like so many entrepreneurs and business professionals in the world that are distracted by the days events, you may be surprised when the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train. Rather, why don’t you clean off your windshield, get focused on where you’re going, and enjoy the ride.

Quote of the Week:

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

~ General Eric Shineski, USA (Army Retired)

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Extra Points: In Sync

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40Last week, I had a golf swing analysis done, along with 90 minutes of coaching. My game has been inconsistent for the last several years, and after trying to fix myself, I elected to get professional help. I’d also never performed a swing analysis before, and I was eager to see how it worked.

The result was that the foundation of my swing was very good, but had one major flaw. My weight shift was bad, meaning that my arms were coming through faster than the rest of my body causing inconsistency hits and results. I originally thought I was swinging too hard; in reality I was “out of sync.” The golf pro gave me tools and drills to help me get back that feel back. When I inspected my high school yearbook, I found a picture of my swing from my junior year. It was perfect. I’d managed to inadvertently and unknowingly deteriorate over the years and desperately needed expert help to get back “in sync.”

Have you allowed your business, your career, or your life get “out of sync?”

Too often, in any (or all) of these areas, it’s easy to allow past success and satisfaction to grow monotonous and pedestrian. You don’t even realize your “swing” becoming diminished because it “feels” the same. It’s one thing to have that happen to a golf swing (that’s easy to fix). It’s quite another to let it impinge on your business, career, and life.

Go get your own “swing analysis” on your personal and professional life. Get help in the areas that you want to improve or achieve change. Be disciplined to implement that change. And start shooting better scores in the much more important “game” you find yourself playing daily.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”

~ Auguste Rodin

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How to Exponentially Grow Your Revenue in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day

20 Under 40 20_3My June column for the Kitsap Sun’s Business Journal…

Let’s be very clear about one thing…

The most important function you perform in your company is acquisition of business. Period.

That ends my prepared comments. Questions?

Okay, allow me to elaborate. Without sales to your company (or a company you’re employed with) there can be no employee benefits, no impact to clients and customers, or no charitable donations or good works in the community. Without constant and sustainable revenue growth, your family will suffer, your anxiety level climbs, no one feels satisfaction or reward, and ultimately everyone loses the chance to benefit from what you offer.

You can’t name a business that is successful, philanthropic, or significant that doesn’t count on revenue being generated. That includes every non-profit because without fundraising, they can’t provide much needed help to those who need it.

Are we in agreement? Good. That was the easy part. Let’s discuss how you assure that your business can exponentially grow its revenue with the minimal investment of 30 minutes a day, so that you can exceed your expectations and accomplish much more for your family, employees, and the world around you.

I’m going to provide you a 5-step blueprint to either execute yourself or train your sales team to. While it seems simple enough, I will help you to also overcome critical obstacles to its success.

Step 1: Make a list of every single client you have. Divide them into current and past. Find the name of the decision maker. It doesn’t matter if they are still with the company. Include their phone number and email, as best as possible.

Step 2: Call every one of them systematically. This will be a daily function, so you don’t have to “hurry.” Call the current ones first because they know you best. Your objective is to get a testimonial and ask for a referral. Plan on 10 minutes a call.

Step 3: Once you’ve reached them, ask two main questions. First, what are some of the favorite things of doing business with you? Second, how have they been most impacted by your work together? Ask clarifying questions in return. Quantify their answers. Take copious notes and ask them if you can use their words in your marketing and website. Once you’ve gained permission, take one more step…

Step 4: Ask for a referral. Simply ask whom they know that can also benefit from the same value and experience they did.

Step 5: Add testimonials to all your marketing. Call on every referral.

That’s it. Allocate 30 minutes a day to this function. If you have a sales force, each person should do this.

Sound too simple? While I’ve omitted a lot of key language and other methodology because this is a column and not a book, the process is that simple. The biggest problem is that actually implementing this and sticking to it. Let’s consider the three key obstacles:

  1. Fear. Fear of rejection, of not being liked, of the uncertainty of responses all lead to not picking up the phone and calling (note I said call, not email). Your fear has no basis because these people already like you and want to help you. Stop getting in your own way.
  2. Ignorance. Not knowing how to respond and being unprepared lead to many trying, failing, and then giving up. This is all in the language and influencing skill. While the process is simple, training on the “how” needs to be invested in for the sake of success.
  3. Lack of accountability. Often, everyone is excited at the outset, but “gravitational pull” can easily take hold if someone isn’t holding people (or themselves) accountable.

Let’s fix this. The 5-step process to exponentially growing your sales works if

  1. You seek out help. Find experts through a variety of channels to help you train your sales people (including you) in influential language. This will increase confidence and effectiveness. The better they get, the more fun they will have and the better results you will achieve.
  2. You set accountability. This isn’t a dictatorship with dire consequences for not meeting quotas. Rather, it’s a professional approach to empowering and teaching. It requires a high level of trust and collaboration with the right people at the leadership position.
  3. You make it a priority. That means committing to investing time, finances, and resources.
  4. You make it fun. Whether it’s you or your sales people, the acquisition of business should be fun. You’re providing a great value of service or product to help improve someone else. Which leads to the last one…
  5. You provide genuine value. Sales will never be sustainable if they are manipulative. You must believe that you are providing valuable products and services and helping others. You’re just receiving equitable compensation for the tremendous value you give.

Everyone in the organization must contribute to sales, not for greed or malice, but for the opportunity to benefit others and provide for every employee and their family. Without revenue growth, stagnation sets in and the slippery slope turns into a landslide and takes out everyone that’s counting on your business.

By making the commitment to invest 30 minutes a day to my 5-step plan, you’ll be serving clients, employees, families, and the community.

Now that’s what I call an exponential return on investment!


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Being Memorable

20 Under 40 20_3I was recently interviewed for an article on being “memorable.” This is a quality that is important for any business professional. I thought I’d share my answer to the interview here with all of you…

To be “memorable,” a business professional (or anyone for that matter) must:

  1. Be willing to be contrarian. Agreeing with everything and everyone becomes white noise. Even if one agrees with the concept, they must find a different way of framing it to create interest.
  2. Be a compelling storyteller. If we think about those people that we consider memorable, I bet everyone of them was a great storyteller. Stories stick – you’ll find these in both your professional and personal life – and those people that can match a story with a message are even more notable.
  3. Have a broad vocabulary. In an age where perspicacity around vocabulary seems to be on the decline, those with a strong one stand out. It should never be meant to be snobbish, rather a component of creating a better understanding with the right words.
  4. Have a 35,000 foot view of life. I’m always amazed when people say they don’t like to travel. Travel is the quickest way to broaden your perspective around other cultures and peoples. Those that are able to broaden their own view through things like travel, reading, education, and accomplishments, will transfer that characteristic to to their personality, and lend themselves to being memorable.
  5. Leave something lasting. It might be a book, a speech, a movie, a song, etc. People that leave something as a legacy that comes out of their talent and skills leave a lasting memory.

Read the entire Fast Company article HERE

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Extra Points: Unturned Stones

This Week’s Focus Point: Unturned StonesDan Weedin Unleashed-40

Last week, Kobe Bryant played his last game for the Los Angeles Lakers. He ended his 20-year Hall of Fame career in grand style, scoring 60 points to lead the Lakers to a comeback win. I guess if you’re going to write a script on how to go out in style, that would be it!

After the game, Bryant was interviewed and asked about his career and two decades of brilliance. He said, “I am completely satisfied because gave it everything I had and enjoyed every minute. I got all out of my career that I could. I didn’t leave one stone unturned.”

I wonder how many of us can say the same thing about our careers when they come to a conclusion. Are you turning over every stone? Are you maximizing your potential? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity?

I’m guessing you’re smart enough to know that answer without being given examples. We have stones labeled opportunity, talent, desire, education, experience, resilience, boldness, and fun scattered before us daily. They aren’t always overturned becasue there might be some obstacle in the way. Obstacles include fear, apathy, and simply not being in the moment enough that you walk over the stone without noticing it.

An NBA career is relatively short compared to our expected lifespan. While a business career may be longer in duration, it also goes by amazingly fast. Before you know it, you could be peering back at a trail of undisturbed stones in your path wondering what lay beneath them. Here’s hoping you can confidently proclaim – just like Kobe Bryant did – that you left no stone unturned.

Quote of the Week:

“I’m 75 years old yet I feel like a 19 year old that’s wondering ‘What happened’?”

~ My dad, Don Weedin. I’ve never forgotten these words when contemplating the passage of time. As I get older, they stick with me even more…

If you’d like to hear more about this concept, listen to my live Periscope broadcast today at 10 am PST.

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The Ultimate Goal: Thriving Through Life


Retirement is an ancient and irrelevant artifact. To deliberately stop contributing, creating, and providing value to others is unthinkable (and a slippery slope to irrelevancy and decline).

In the grand scheme of things, life is blazingly short. We condemn suicide, yet we seem to think nothing about throwing life away in part and piecemeal, a little at a time, through inaction and self-doubt. Liberate yourself each morning, like my dogs, charge into the yard and find out what’s new and potentially rewarding for you!

~ Alan Weiss

Last Saturday, I had the tremendous honor of sharing in the birthday celebration for my business mentor, Alan Weiss.I love his recent quote on “retirement” and want to share with you. I tell people all the time that I have no plans to retire. Did George Burns or Bob Hope ever “retire” and stop working?

Find your passion, do what you love, and then have great patience and perspective. The bad things that happen are rarely calamitous. They are most often just minor speed bumps. Speed on.

[ Accelerate your speed to building your business and unleashing your potential ]

Final thought. I work with clients all the time that have built (or are building) a business to then fund their “retirement.” I absolutely endorse that and am helping them accomplish it. The difference is, once they’ve funded the rest of their lives, there is no reason to “retire;” just to discover that next adventure to contribute, create and provide value.

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